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  1. Mike/Matt: Please add to the "Budd Root Cover Set": Cavewoman: Pangaean Sea Prologue #nn (1516566007) Thanks - Mike
  2. Mike/Matt: Please add to the "Budd Root Cover Set": Cavewoman: Jungle Jam #2 (1115589008) Thanks - Mike
  3. Mike/Matt: Please add to the "Archie One-Shots" set: Archie Christmas Spectacular #1 (2096463016) Archie vs. Sharknado #1 (1321765003) Thanks - Mike
  4. Hi Mike/Matt: Please add to the "Rick and Morty - Miniseries & One-Shots" set: Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It #4 (1585827009) Thanks - Mike
  5. Hi Mike/Matt: Please add to the " Punisher (Complete)" set: Punisher: Official Movie Special #1 (1327844003) Thanks - Mike
  6. @Randall DowlingHi ... just noticed your post ... if you don't mind me asking, where did you obtain your copy? I agree that it is very difficult to search for given the title of the book and I've also spent many. many hours ... If you ever want to sell (or trade), please let me know as I would be very interested - take care - Mike
  7. Matt: Please add to the "Alan Davis Cover Set": Tarot #1 Davis Variant Cover (2103651008) Thanks - Mike
  8. I just noticed that the slot had been created, but I also noticed two new problems: this is clearly Bone #3 Third Printing (Cartoon Books NOT Image) as below and the book is mislabelled as well. Hi @Taxmick1, Please reach out to our customer service team below for instructions on how to have this fixed under our "Mechanical Error" service. The registry team is not able to assist with labeling issues as we can only create registry slots/sets for books in our system. Thank you!
  9. @Matt GJust a gentle reminder re: Bone #3 Third Printing (3748477001) from our message exchange on April 30. The book was added to the Bone (Complete with Variants) set and the title of the slot is Bone (Image) 3 Third Printing . Scroll past the Cartoon Books and you will find it.
  10. Matt: Please add to the "Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six" set: Six Million Dollar Man: Season Six #3 Subscription Edition (2504436001) Thanks - Mike Slot added 5/11/21.
  11. Matt: Please add to the "Bone (Complete)" set: Bone: Halloween Mini Comic #nn (2010) (3748476011) Thanks - Mike Slot added 5/11/21.
  12. Understood ... however, will you be adding Bone #3 Third Printing (3748477001)? Hello @Taxmick1 Yes, we will have this one added today. Thank you!
  13. Other than the Bone #3 Third Printing (3748477001), I don't own any of the other books, but the numbered printings either before or after are already reflected in the set: Example: I've requested that Bone #3 Fifth Printing be added and there is already Bone #3 Fourth Printing and Bone #3 Sixth Printing in the set, so logically there must be a Bone #3 Fifth Printing. Hello @Taxmick1, Unfortunately, CGC has not graded the books that you are requesting which is why they do not have slots in the set. We usually ask for cert numbers so that we can quickly verify the specific title, var
  14. Matt: Please add to the "Hardlee Thinn One-Shots" set: Hardlee Thinn #nn Szerdy Canada "Naughty" Edition (3752489013) Hardlee Thinn #nn Szerdy Canada "Nice" Edition (3752489012) Thanks - Mike Slots added 5/11/21.