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  1. Oriental Heroes is the Manhua (martial art) master work of Tony Wong who is consider the Stan Lee of Hong Kong. The original version in HK is ultra rare and is very high in demand. I collected and read all of the Jademan Books that came here Oriental Heroes, Drunken Fist, Blood Sword Dynasty, Blood Sword, Iron Marshall and Force of the Buddha's Palm. Quite memorable when it came out in the 90's. Too bad it went under and later on Comic's One came out with some mini series. of The best of my childhood years are collecting and reading these books! Didn't know that it is gaining
  2. Black Panther Hip Hop Variant Lot $100 Black lightning lot per PM
  3. Faster than the flash in shipping and even wrote a handwritten thank you card. Now that's what I call appreciation, Thanks You and highly recommended!