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  1. Anyone here own this book and looking to sell?
  2. Thanks. I’ve been on the site many times, they are located a few minutes from me
  3. Is the seller just misinformed? Wonder why they think those are Bakers
  4. Would you want to sell me 2 of those Startling Stories Comical Situations?
  5. Does anyone have this issue for sale? Sports Stories June 1939.
  6. One of the Bakers I bought a few months ago thru Heritage. Haven’t seen this one come up too often.
  7. My favorite in the run. Love the color scheme
  8. I did purchase my first Romance book recently from Heritage last month.
  9. Thanks Dr. Love. Yeah I looked for the Savannah’s but didn’t get any yet.
  10. I was the runner up tonight on the 7.5, I really wanted this book but tapped out at $3100. I also aggressively bid on 2 of the PL books but didn’t get them. I’m just starting to collect romance comics and am looking to purchase my first Baker.
  11. I love this book. Is this the highest graded now?