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  1. "A seller"........Wonder who that was....... Anyways, couple things have to be considered with pressing a pulp: The interior is stapled like a square-bound Silver age comic and then the cover glued on at the spine. Pressing would be difficult to not let the staple leave an indentation in the cover, and heat could cause the glue along the spine to liquefy possibly. That's why I thought someone like Matt Nelson might have an answer as to if it could be done.
  2. Impulse control is sooooo over-rated, I wouldn't even bother bringing it along.....
  3. I'm looking forward to setting up again at this show as usual. Very excited about the new location and everything that comes with it (fantastic line-up of artists attending!) Going to take a deep-dive into my G.A. offerings to find some sweet, sweet books to bring, maybe even some carpy B.A. Greggy books too. Thank you Terry for putting on the best one day show in all of Southern California!
  4. Just MHO, but some of the books from the early Overstreet lists suffer from the fact that so few copies exist (i.e. Red Raven Comics, Motion Picture Funnies Weekly, If The Devil Would Talk B&W edition, ect.) But then again, the first appearance of Archie in Pep Comics #22 seems to be immune to this way of thinking, so there is that...
  5. The Cap #3 may just be a temporary market situation due to the recent passing of Stan Lee & that issue being his first published work, just MHO.
  6. Hi Jeff, Yep, you got the name right. I haven't been around here much these days, but try to pop-in once in a while.