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  1. Must be true to say nobody cares about the signatures because Campbell made a copy of Steinlen, not Toulouse Lautrec. It is written on the side of the signature.
  2. This cover was listed at $750 on SplashPage a couple of months back.
  3. The original art for this ad was shown last year at the "Art of DC comics exhibition" in Paris. Wonderful art, brings back nice memories.
  4. I am not a Moebius expert but style and lettering look like his. The certificate was issued from Daniel Maghen gallery which is one of the biggest comic art dealer in France so if the drawing matches the certificate, you can be sure it is genuine Moebius art.
  5. The certificate is about four pieces of art published in "l'écho des savanes" issue #12 magazine. As the picture cannot be properly seen, not possible to say if it matches this drawing.
  6. Very sad story, I still can't believe they packed the art so poorly. They should have asked you to use a professional transporter for shipping (like some auction houses asked me to do for valuable items). The package is not better than the one I picked up directly at their offices.
  7. The same day, another Tintin page from the same book sold for 500 000 euros (hammer price) at the Christie's auction.
  8. Great ! Congratulations Sam ! Can be good news for Showcase collectors. Too bad, I have dropped collecting comig books since last year. There must be great things in your undercopies !
  9. Just left watching bids. Opening day seems very agressive but I think it already happened for the latest CLink auctions.