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  1. Haven't posted in awhile... Wanted to see other enthusiasts like myself... Hopefully this thread can be active... Thanks in advance!
  2. It says he will be at the CBCS booth; does that mean he won't be doing CGC subs?
  3. Curious how much does Mr Rubinstein charge for those sharp Black ink Wolvie heads on silver he adds to Wolverine Limited series copies?!?
  4. Just got my sub back from Legends... Very happy! Can't wait to do the same the next one... -Louis
  5. Here is a link to the most recent ComicLink auction result for a Hulk #181 CGC 9.8 Sold for $15,000 Solid!
  6. Very reliable buyer!!! Sold my high end key variant; glad she's going to a good home...
  7. I shot a semi serious offer at the seller for 6500 he was ok with it... I was just scared off by pgx and the possibility of the books edges being trimmed...
  8. havent seen one sell on eBay... So how about comiclink auctions, heritage or etc... Thanks in advance...
  9. He sold you the story, whether or not he needed it to get the comic. His listing on the bay has a different story - buying a new house. Stories? Why can't people just be honest. I checked periodically with anticipation... then now its listed... I'm happy I made a sale... just don't understand the pretense...
  10. That's pretty shady. Was this a board member? Doesn't do much on the boards... Mention him a few pages back
  11. It's the same individual I was asking references for a few pages back; the person vouching for him was like, "He's not going to resell it".... It was 6k cash in hand... Anyhow he said he had a baby due the same day and it was a treasured gift he would pass down to her... It was a solid cash transaction but why all the fluff?!?