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  1. All-Select Comics #11 2.5 - Restoration includes minor color touch to bottom spine of front cover - There is light bug chew on the back cover as well as rusting of the staples - The book has moisture issues throughout - It's low grade but presents nicely in a mylar - Asking $750 OBO
  2. Hello Everyone! First in thread wins it and trumps all negotiations. Time stamp determines winner. Payment via Check/MO only for this one. Payment is expected within 14 days of sale but short term payments plans are available. I have multiple references on these boards if needed. Shipping Is $13 through the USPS. Returns will be accepted on a case by case basis. NO HOSers or Probies! PMs are welcome even if its to just say hi. Enough rambling! Onto the book!
  3. Makes no sense.. I have a Crossover Standard submission that was received from CCS on 6/5 and it's still sitting at Scheduled For Grading..
  4. Moved to Shipped/Safe today. Also had a Modern submission from 6/13/19 (9 books total) go to Grading/Quality Control on Friday. Edit: I got the grades on both today and the Value Tier were higher than what I expected including one that was a 9.0 that I would have graded 7.5/8.0. The Moderns were what I expected but a couple sure 9.8s from what I saw were 9.6s for some reason. Also, one book I had down as a 9.2 with obvious color breaks on the back came back a 9.6. Happy to see movement again.
  5. I was wondering this myself. Shouldn't the grade ranges be something like 6.0-7.5 and 8.0-10? I foresee the overlapping causing issues for buyers on certain books in the grey areas 6.0 8.0 etc.. definitely a cash grab but it could be useful to sellers when selling certain raw books on eBay.
  6. This is my concerns. I'm not as worried about when something gets back to me as long as it gets back safely. They've got a 5 figure book of mine that they didn't even know where it was at in the process between CCS and CGC for over a month. That's not what I want to hear.
  7. I don't think it's impatience as much as expecting a service that has been paid for since day one. I can guarantee CGC isn't behind on processing payments. I find most issues from the company get swept under the rug fairly quickly because of the interests of many on this site and others. The other company got blown up when they were behind on TATs. I feel like CGC should be held to even a higher standard since they're the industry leader?
  8. So walkthru is pretty much what standard tier should be.. something isn't right with the ship.
  9. I don't care how backed up they are this one is unacceptable.
  10. 3/14 here for 5 books. Been in "grading/quality control" for a week. I'd be shocked if I got them back before August..
  11. I feel like some of my older books are held hostage sometimes. I've got 2 Standard crossover pressing/grading submissions I sent in the end of February I've called about a few times and they act like they don't even know what books I'm talking about let alone when I might get them back. Still sitting at Received as of today and when I called they said they just got back from CCS. What do you say to that? It's 4 months into it and I paid for Standard service.
  12. Moved to Grading/Quality Control yesterday. I don't think they're going to hit the TAT mark of 55 business days which is what it was at when I sent them in.
  13. Called about this one yesterday. I was told "a few more weeks."
  14. Last call for this one. Thank you for all the kind words and responses.
  15. $390 shipped on the Slave Girl Comics #1 to close this down! Any takers?
  16. I don't agree with this. The speculation has died down on the series but the writing and artwork to me is just as strong now as the first few issues.
  17. Take 10% off if you buy both books or 5% off if you buy either of them!
  18. Slave Girl #1 3.0/3.5 raw copy great headlights cover! - $450 top staple is detached