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  1. Venom Lethal Protector #1 Black Error CGC 9.6 - Asking $2000 $1950
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #678 Mary Jane Variant 9.4/9.6 Raw Copy - Asking $2000 $1950 Planning on sending this one in to get graded if it doesn't sell here. Only issues is a few small ticks that don't break color on the front spine and one small tick on the back that partially breaks color.
  3. Hello Everyone! First in thread wins it and trumps all negotiations. Time stamp determines winner. Payment via Check/MO or Paypal for this one. Payment is expected within 7 days of sale but short term payments plans are available. I have multiple references on these boards if needed. Shipping Is on me for this one through USPS. Returns will be accepted on a case by case basis. NO HOSers or Probies! PMs are welcome even if its to just say hi. Enough rambling! Onto the books!
  4. 5 Books Value Tier: -Received 3/14/19 -6/18/2019 still sitting at "Scheduled for Grading"
  5. I still love this book as well. I enjoyed it and still have quite a few books that I picked up from my pull list and from this site.
  6. all of these plus the #55 via pm. Thank you!
  7. Hello, I've got a few books I've been wanting that I figure I'd try to look for here before hitting up eBay. Looking for all books in 9.2/9.4 or better shape. I can pay through paypal or check (must have references on the boards.) Here's the list and what I am paying for each.. Ultimate Fallout #4 Djurdjevic Variant (looking for multiple copies) - Paying $350-400 Vengeance #1 Villains Variant - $250 Marvel Now Point One #1 (looking for multiple copies) - $35-50 Green Lantern #55 Lobo Variant - $75 The Savage She-Hulk #1 (looking for multiple copies) - $75-100
  9. I can log in on desktop but no mobile whatsoever..
  10. Nope. Not for me. No log in from my cellphone.
  11. I've pulled the new XO series since the reboot. Solid read. I would definitely recommend it to any valiant fan.
  12. Let's add another book to the mix.. Flash #116 CGC 9.4 OW-W - Asking $7900 $7400
  13. Trades would be considered for the right group of books. Looking for Silver age keys and Golden age greatness! PM me if interested.. Thank you!
  14. The Alex Ross covers of Detective Comics 1000 have really shot up. I figure they would but not this much.
  15. I sell a lot of books to dealers. The main ones I deal with offer a solid amount, pay immediately, and I don't have any hassles with pricing out each book individually. I've bought collections for $3k and sold them to a dealer for $7500 the next day. Yeah I probably lost $1000-2000 in sales but those sales would take me months to make and would take hours upon hours of work. I value my time and freeing up cash to go after something else is worth something to me.