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  1. Hey Gary! I just pulled out that Enormous #1 SS copy you sold me years ago. Hope all is well my friend.
  2. I've had a couple PMs on this one. If there is anyone on the fence about it let's sweeten the pot.. $1250 shipped takes this one home..
  3. There is very light rust on the bottom staple. Pages are supple and off-white. Here is a shot of the interior pages:
  4. Avengers #4 5.0/5.5 Never cleaned or pressed - $1250 SHIPPED
  5. Hello Everyone! First in thread wins it and trumps all negotiations. Time stamp determines winner. Payment via Paypal or Check/MO. Payment is expected within 48 hours unless other arrangements have been made. Shipping will be $12 to anywhere in the CONUS. Returns will be accepted on a case by case basis. NO HOSers or Probies! PMs are welcome even if its to just say hi. Enough rambling! Onto the book!
  6. It gets tiresome seeing the same argument by the same people in this thread every few weeks to months.
  7. I had 10 copies scattered throughout my .25 boxes 2 years ago. I only sold half of them at the show I was at.
  8. Decent cover. "First appearance." Doesn't take much these days.
  9. Avengers #684 (1st Immortal Hulk) has been selling for $15+ raw and 9.8's are pushing the $150 mark.. Harley Quinn #57 Tedesco Cover has been selling for $15+ and over $100 in 9.8 for a solid month.. The entire Immortal Hulk series has been on 🔥🔥🔥