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  1. Vampirella #45 looks MINT
  2. Karloff, Dell TV horror and more.....

    The title of this one alone would have scared me to death as a child , i would have had nightmares.... i will never forget seeing a Frankenstein and Dracula double feature at the theatre in the mid 60's as a child and i had nightmares for weeks..... in fact i may have even have seen this "die monster die" movie as a child because my Dad loved them , but it was sooooo scary i repressed it from my memory until just now
  3. Karloff, Dell TV horror and more.....

    The pair sold recently on eBay..... (not so sure about the "rare" part ) Boris Karloff Thriller #1,2 RARE, Gold Key 1962 $55.00 Buy It Now Free Shipping View similar active items Sell one like this
  4. This week in your collection?

    They look like concert tickets !!
  5. This week in your collection?

    Those are too awesome
  6. PGM: Journey into Mystery #10

    i would like to get a JIM 1-10 run some day ... i have none ... #10 is sweet JIM #1 is a holy grail of mine.....
  7. PGM: Journey into Mystery #10

    Great pre-code horror book looks to be a VG
  8. Karloff, Dell TV horror and more.....

    calling @tv horror what is the story behind this comic?
  9. Karloff, Dell TV horror and more.....

    This "throwing her in the pond" scene was censored out upon its 1931 release and subsequently lost until 1980's when it was rediscovered in the collection of the British national film archives.... colorized version...
  10. Dream of Love Club

    The temporary thread derailment is now over , the Frankenstein horror covers have been moved to a new thread in the Silver age.. back to the dream love club .......
  11. A nice "KEY" comic !!
  12. Dream of Love Club

    good idea ,... i can start a new thread,... and i will start it by posting some comics from your list ! ... we can call it the : "Karloff, Dell, TV Horror and more" thread (unless you have a better idea for the thread name?) i will start the thread tonight in the Silver age section.......... we can post movie monsters and all sorts related stuff ! what you think??
  13. This week in your collection?

    do you have the "KEY" Alf comic ????.... the infamous one ??........
  14. Dream of Love Club

    Now this is the "hammy" Vincent Price that i remember and love ...
  15. Dream of Love Club

    @tv horror i bet you might like the British progressive rock group - Allan Parsons 1st album from 1976 called "Tales of mystery and imagination" the whole album has songs about Edgar Allan Poe stories ... and the songs are good !!