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  1. Leader , reading your reports, i know you look for upgrades but at least you picked up some nice comics back in the 70's !!
  2. PGM: Dr. Strange #1

    CGC 6.5
  3. Please grade this Batman #69!

    presents nicely and i could see a GA bump to 4.0
  4. Golden Age Goodies

    How many different GA runs is ComCav working on ????
  5. Great reading for me on a cold wintery day Mr Leader i can almost smell those comics !!
  6. Old School Detroit Collectors - Classic Movie & Comic Center

    what a great place to have as an LCS !! those were the days !!
  7. PGM: Action 321 with vertical fold

    Big Frankie on the back cover is awesome !!
  8. PGM: Action 321 with vertical fold

    almost every subscription crease book i have ever seen graded was a CGC 4,5 or so.....
  9. for eBay Store owners

    Great job in shedding 40 lbs ! not easy to do !!
  10. Chris Evans is a good guy!

    Thanks for a heartwarming post Baru !!
  11. My Grail May Exist!

    maybe by some miracle it is in the registry and you can message the owner ?? good luck with your grail ....
  12. What are your comic collecting goals for 2018 ?

    You can get this Fantasy 15 for less than an arm and leg..
  13. What are your comic collecting goals for 2018 ?

    that is the frustration and joy of collecting GA comics... they just are not readily available, one needs money AND more importantly... patience !!!
  14. What are your comic collecting goals for 2018 ?

    My goals are actually not too hard i just need to save up some money for a HOM #2 and #3 to complete my 1-10 run , (i eventually want 1-20) HOM 2 and 3 are readily available at all times it seems. i need a couple more Sugar and Spikes to finish off my 1-20 run and i am always looking for the "leave it to Binky's" that i need but they have been drying up...
  15. What are your comic collecting goals for 2018 ?

    You must have the finest Tech collection in all of Portugal !!! (and Spain) !!