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  1. Superman (with mask) trick or treat... a sign of our times these days ....
  2. what grade do you think your War Comics #11 is in?
  3. yep... buy CGC graded slabs only for high grades and keys .. nobody in the coin marketplace buys ungraded keys or high grade coins as there is way too much risk involved
  4. you have a wide selection of nice comics .. rust kills this one to 3.5...
  5. yeah but the potential new buyer could then flip the 9.4 into a 9.9 !!
  6. looks like a CGC 10 !! or at the very least a 9.9 !!
  7. i would pay $100 for a blue slab of this Archie #10, CGC 1-8-2.0 all day long !!!!