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  1. well looks like more than a tear , it looks like it was out on a road and was run over a few times
  2. on the old the A-Team show , whenever a bad guys speeding car was about to rear end a parked car, it always just drove up the rear somehow and then flew over it.... usually it did a 180 degree flip in the air and then crashed
  3. i even think Richie Rich's butler , Cadbury could defeat that stuper villain with the 1000 hoops
  4. i think Little Lotta could single handed defeat that hoop villain,
  5. ‘The Wolfman’ Reboot Starring Ryan Gosling Lands ‘Invisible Man’ Director Leigh Whannell Posted on Wednesday, July 8th, 2020 by Chris Evangelista Having already proven he has the goods to bring a new twist to classic Universal Monsters with The Invisible Man, Leigh Whannell is now in negotiations to helm The Wolfman. Ryan Gosling is set to star in the horror pic,
  6. yes you are correct , i just looked the show up on wikipedia and the original run was on CBS but before i was born and i don't remember any reruns , my earliest memories of TV show were - of course i had to watch what my Dad watched - the Quiz Bowl and , Face the Nation (super boring for a little kid but hey ,. it was TV !!)
  7. we didn't get that channel at our house so i have never seen a Sgt Bilko show, we only got two channels 6 (CBS) and 10 (NBC).... channel 12 (ABC) was out of Grand Rapids and that was too far away except for those lucky enough to have a real big antenna on their roof
  8. when i was real young 6, 7 years old i would watch Hogans Heroes and i thought it was a real war show , i didn't get any of the jokes,.. all i knew was that there were germans and during the opening credits there was an explosion , so i thought it was a real war show , when i got older i loved the show , especially Sgt Schultz..
  9. well that list shows a con coming to Flint August 8 , but the link doesn't work and i doubt that one would have any comics , probably mostly just cos play and non-comic related things for sale ...
  10. GREAT COMIC !! 7.0 but get it graded so we know what it really is .....
  11. i read in a music book once that this song is the most sexually explicit song of all time
  12. just to let you guys know how things change ... i got this autograph in person in my league, Royal Scot Lanes. he made an appearance and subbed in the league back in 1988, but before that -in the mid 60's he was one of the highest payed athletes in the world , making around $750,000 in today's dollars in the mid 60's pro bowlers were rock stars back then and the top ones made more than the top NFL NBA and pro baseball players well that was then and now there hardly even is a pro bowler , some dot-com millionaire purchased the pro bowling league and tried to keep it off life support but he is failing , the average pro bowler makes around $30,000 a year now , not even enough to pay for his expenses...