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  1. put the rest of them in one lot and list them on eBay... there is a bunch of money being thrown around these days so maybe you will get a Benjamin for them all....
  2. nope i would just move on to another hobby, i am just about to get back into coins again.. since i was a young child many of the holy grails in coins (1909 SVDB cent 1916 D Mercury dime , 1877 Indian cent ..etc etc..) now cost less than a 2.0 ASM 14 i always wanted them ( every child in the neighborhood dreamed of a 1916 D Mercury dime where i grew up at, when i was a kid) and now they look dirt cheap with room to grow compared to comics
  3. here is one of my most prized slabs !! 2nd highest graded last i knew (have not looked at the census in awhile)....
  4. could be: Xxax .. the creature who would not die !! from TOS #64 ( i think)
  5. that crossword clue has been around for at least 10 years now.......but thanks for the post !
  6. Nice Fighting Yank spider web splash page back on page 2085
  7. i would never buy big ASM keys at todays crazy prices... even if i was assured of making my money back
  8. coins are looking cheap these days compared with comics and cards