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  1. just noticed it was rated X but back then even fleeting nudity could garner an X rating
  2. it was correctly priced then leaving a bit of meat on the bone for the buyer !! bravo
  3. i would like to buy one of the great painted covers from one of the Gold Key silver/bronze age series like Twilight Zone or one of the others , those covers are amazing example
  4. that is nice that the Superman Omnibus will eventually reach the 60's issues someday soon !!
  5. 4.0 at best due to the stain... great comic none the less
  6. Whoa !! Cap dies ...final issue i presume .......or was it just a dream within a dream within a dream ....
  7. Thanks i am going start tomorrow !! i can do 60 sec a day !!!!!! and thats a great start !!!
  8. i had this one back in the day ! loved me some Wacky Packages back then