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  1. not too many CGC graded TV Guides as of yet .. but this Batman TV series issue is a popular candidate for grading
  2. a graded piece of gum something i had never knew existed
  3. a graded pack and an unopened wax box (gum included in packs)
  4. these creature feature wax packs used to be dirt cheap , worth around a quarter per pack in the 80's now the packs aren't all that expensive $5-8.00 but an unopened box cost around $200.00
  5. both of the movie posters are nice !! a tie for best movie poster !
  6. i don't know about that .... but i love seeing the USMC having a barbecue !!!!!!1
  7. i live an hour away... i won't be going this year but i will miss being there
  8. Australian comic covers are starting to grow on me