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  1. A great pick up at a great price. Planet 14 is one of the best. Only 17 blue labels on the census, at least 7 copies securely in the hands of collectors I know of and unlikely to be sold anytime soon, and somehow 2 of the remaining 10 copies were offered here today in the same thread! Awesome stuff.
  2. I’m both happy and sad to see that you won’t sell all your rivets . Happy for my checkbook and happy for you for keeping them! Sad I won’t get a shot at them. Still, I will be tuning in tomorrow, excited to see which lovely interstellar books you will be offering.
  3. As of today, I’m lucky enough to have 2 copies of one of my favorite Jungles! Zolnerowich forever!
  4. Wow, super cool signature story, and if it’s really the oldest CGC recognized signature, then sounds like this should sell in a heartbeat! Good luck with the sale. Amazing stuff.
  5. I also think 6.5 is in the right ball park
  6. Thanks for all the feedback. Here is the result!
  7. Thanks for all the feedback! Here is the result
  8. Just got these back from CGC today. I’m extremely happy with the results, especially on the 10 (and I knew the 3 was restored before I submitted it).
  9. Book is on its way back from CGC so get in your guesses!
  10. Book is on its way back from CGC, get in any last guesses if you have them!
  11. It’s absolutely no secret that Rick is into bondage.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I do fear the possibility, even if it’s small, that something goes wrong and the book decreases in grade. I probably will end up pressing it. Should I go through CCS or use someone else? Also, that’s too bad about the Newton Rings arising again. I have some books at CGC now!
  13. A question for the Planet collecting community. To press and resubmit or not? I’ve never pressed a book before. I have heard rumors for years that grading was stricter in the early days of CGC, don’t know if that’s true. My Planet 7 is an old label 6.5. It has a pressable crease by the “P” in Planet. It also has a small crease bottom right corner and a dust shadow along the bottom edge. I have wondered if it could grade higher with a press. Also, even if I don’t press I want to get it reholdered. The older holders are just not as clear and I like to see the brighter colors which are visible in newer holders. So really the question is, should I press and resubmit or just get it reholdered? Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Dang! Beat me to it. Nice!
  15. Matt is a class act. He very generously helped me add a rare book to my collection, that I had desperately needed, at a great price. He has also purchased several books from me. I will absolutely deal with him again.
  16. I’m very happy to check all the rivets off the list. Apart from the two of you, I’m not sure how many others there are. Maybe jhutton still has his? I know of 4 or 5 other boardies that are super close to all the rivets. Now I must be patient in assembling the rest of the run.
  17. Wow! Some amazing, tough books coming to auction on Heritage! Good luck boardies Planet Comics 1 CGC 3.5 Planet Comics 12 CGC 5.5 Planet Comics 14 CGC 6.5 (2nd highest graded) Planet Comics 15 CGC 4.0
  18. That is one great looking 4.0, so glad it went to a good home! 66 is just one of those epic covers.