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  1. You realize there's a global pandemic happening AND we just went through the busiest holiday season of the entire year? Even Fed Ex Express shipments normally delivered overnight have been taking a week to arrive. I had one packaged go missing for months and show up. It's a weird time. You need to be more patient. Or call the post office for more info if you're worried. But I wouldn't worry at this point.
  2. Man, this thread brings back some memories. When most people were still friends.
  3. One book left at 20% off. As soon as Ternak becomes announced in a movie this will be everyone's favorite villain and it will be a $4000 book!
  4. I appreciate that. One of the reasons I'm peeved about grading inconsistency is it also affects my own raw sales. If you remember that my raw sales thread from June, all of the books i sold were very tightly graded by me but if CGC is going through a tighter period, that means that books that I sold in various grades may not get the advertised grades on some submissions. And that doesn't mean that my grades were 'wrong'. It's frustrating.
  5. Gang, this will be my final discount here. Take 20% off of these remaining books! --------------------------------------------------- Fantastic Four #145 CGC 9.8 OWW - Asking $450 shipping included Giant-Size Chillers #1 (1974) CGC 9.6 OWW - Origin and 1st app Lilith - Asking $650 shipping included Joe Palooka Fights His Way Back #nn CGC 9.8 OW - a CGC 9.8 from 1945! This is a giveaway - Asking $450 Marvel Chillers #1 CGC 9.8 OWW - 1st app of Modred The Mystic - Asking $500 shipping included X-men #96 CGC 9.8 OWW - Asking $1250 shipping included X-men #
  6. Sure, but it makes it tough to run a business when you're relying on consistency. If I'm resubmitting CGC books after having them pressed and MUCH improved and they still stay the same grade, then you KNOW there is a problem and that it's not just my opinion. And I realize that pressing alone doesn't guarantee and improved the grade but the reason I mentioned some of my results up there in that last post is to show that I DO KNOW how to grade. So it's results that I'm getting back AFTER improving a previously CGC graded book AND screening it carefully myself that I really really scra
  7. Don't worry, it's not politics until I post in a thread.
  8. So I've submitted quite a few invoices in the last few weeks and have had some interesting results. I had a very strict invoice a few weeks ago where I stated that the majority of books did not get the expected grades. I felt that the grading was extremely tight on this invoice. Then i had another few invoices come back exactly as expected with a small portion of books that didn't reach the desired grade but most did. I submitted one invoice with 9 books - ALL books were potential CGC 9.9 candidates (yes, you read that right) and I got 5 out of 9 possible CGC 9.9 books. The