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  1. I cracked out almost my entire Golden Age collection when I had it. The only books that were not cracked out were the big 5 figure books and I kept those slabbed simply because it was easier to sell if I needed to sell in a hurry. But I've always preferred handling my books.
  2. OK, just going to publicly post here that everyone who has paid me up until this morning has had their books shipped. I would expect delivery within about a week give or take a few days but based on the pandemic slowing things down I would not be surprised if it took two weeks. Please be patient. The list a few posts above on this page is the most up to date list (regardless of what the rest of the thread says) Feel free to message me with any interest. Fair warning, it might be a bit before I can ship again. And I hope to have another batch of books for sale in a couple of weeks. A bit thank you for everyone's interest and the fun and games, which brought back the spirit of the old chat forum that we all so loved. For the newer members, this was a special place once where everyone was like family. Even the weird uncles who got ornery when had one too many beers added something to this place. It sure has changed in the 16 years I've been here.
  3. That's it for a while, gang. I'm going to invoice everyone up today and if you want your books shipped by tomorrow I'll need to be paid by then. If you can't pay by tomorrow, that's fine. I just can't guarantee I'll be able to ship quickly.
  4. OK, gang. Everything should be caught up and revised in this thread now. I'm going to add / modify some discounts. Scans can be found on the appropriate pages Group A pages 1-4 Take 25% off these remaining books Amazing Adventures #2 7.5 VF- Asking $350 Classics Illustrated 32 4.0 VG - Canadian edition - Matt Baker cover - Asking $20 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Group B pages 5-7 Take 25% off of these remaining books Amazing Spider-man #187 9.8 NM/M - Asking $275 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Group C pages 8-10 Take 15% off of these remaining books Astonishing #4 7.0 F/VF SA - small amount of color touch on front cover - basically a few dots and touches of black - there is a dot at the top and then some color touch on the horizontal line that goes through the center of the book. A gorgeous copy of a tough book that would probably be worth double what it's worth if it didn't have the color touch Asking $700 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Group D pages 16-22 Giant-Size Doc Savage #1 NM 9.4 - Asking $65 Pages 27 - 37 Joe Palooka Fights His Way Back #nn (1945) NMM 9.8 - Asking $400 Marvel Graphic Novel #1 NM+ 9.6 - Asking $275 Marvel Graphic Novel #4 NM 9.4 - Asking $150 Marvel Spotlight #1 NM 9.4 Number Variant - Asking $40 Our Fighting Forces #71 VGF 5.0 - Asking $75 Sea Devils #6 VFNM 9.0 (might be an 8.5 - has some back cover gloss disruption but the book is structurally gorgeous) - Asking $100 Walt Disney Comics and Stories #162 VFNM 9.0 - Asking $100 World's Finest #183 NM- 9.2 - Asking $75 X-men #126 NM 9.4 - Asking $75