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  1. And a 2nd batch of books coming up for sale as well. As soon as I can scan them they will go up. Amazing Spider-Man #59 CGC 9.6 WHITE - $600 Astonishing Tales #25 CGC 9.8 WHITE - $1250 Batman #254 CGC 9.6 WHITE - $400 Daredevil #35 CGC 9.8 OWW - $875 Daredevil #105 CGC 9.8 OWW - $675 Fantastic Four #97 CGC 9.8 White - $800 Shazam #1 CGC 9.8 OWW - $800 X-Men #11 CGC 9.2 OWW - $1200 X-Men #64 CGC 9.6 OWW - $775 X-Men #70 CGC 9.8 OWW - $2000 X-men #89 CGC 9.8 OWW - $650
  2. I have the following books coming back from CGC and will be listed in the selling forum shortly. Feel free to message me with any questions. More to be added soon. Amazing Spider-Man #146 CGC 9.8 White - $750 Amazing Spider-Man #212 CGC 9.8 White - $425 Amazing Spider-Man #300 CGC 9.6 White - $750 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 CGC 9.8 - $750 Giant-Size X-Men #1 CGC 7.0 COW - $980 X-Men #109 CGC 9.8 White - $1150 X-Men #121 CGC 9.8 White - $550
  3. VintageComics

    Brave and the Bold 85 rare?

    I slabbed one of the 9.8's years ago.
  4. VintageComics

    X-Men 1 Double Cover

    It's just about the chase of something either rare or unusual. Like any other printing defects (or variants from other countries, etc).
  5. VintageComics

    What raw Silver Age book should I buy?

    I wouldn't waste your time investing $350. The return will be minimal and not worth the effort or the transaction costs. Buy something you really like and enjoy it. Ir buy a few Silver or Gold coins for that money and put it away for when the revolution starts.
  6. I miss the old chat forum and the Friday threads that used to seem to go on and on forever. The "Anyone Awake" threads were the best.
  7. VintageComics

    ASM 99 CGC 9.8

    It did?
  8. Thank you, Milady. I'm going to close the thread to move these books elsewhere but if anyone is interested, they know where to find me.
  9. I hadn't heard about Yancy Street but a quick Google search shows that it was already circulating in the mid 1960's (1965 for the copy I saw), showing that fandom was already underway by that time.
  10. I would say that Marvel helped fuel it with those blurbs but they were only capitalizing on something that was already underway by the late 1960's, judging by accounts in this thread.
  11. VintageComics

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Cherry picking your examples. If someone was buying the 9.6 thinking it was upgradeable then the PQ would be irrelevant. Obviously that is what the seller was hoping for when he listed the 9.6 as 'unpressed'
  12. They removed comments from the old labels because they felt that it made some books less desirable than others of the same grade when they felt that a book in a given grade should have been equal to another book of the same grade. It's the same reason they used to list all of the different pre grader grades in the grading notes and now they only list the finalizer grade.
  13. VintageComics

    In Defense of Man of Steel

    I've watched this for the upteenth time (not that many times but I don't remember the exact number) and it seems to draw me in more with each viewing. Just a spectacular film that I think is among the best that DC has put out (along with Dark Knight rivaling it). I think the movie was far better than it's gross would suggest at the box office. It had Nolan's finger tips all over it and should have been the blueprint to build the rest of the DC universe on. Supe's portrayal was majestic. The music fit the movie well. The action scenes were well done. The entire Krypton backstory was well done. Sure, there were a few holes but over all I think it was an A+ movie.
  14. VintageComics

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Oh spare me, despite your obvious attempt to conflate issues (as you so often do), you've never once proven anything. And the reason why you never have is becaus A) it is impossible to either quantify or prove, and B) It is in fact demonstrably false and easily disproven, as I have time and again with countless links that handily dispute your patently false and absurd premise. It's been proven over decades of collectors and literally 1000's of sales. You are literally the only one who disagrees. That in and of itself is telling, but not conclusive. But the proof is in the pudding. Two identical books, side by side, with all other things being equal, the one with the nicer page quality will almost always (mostly) sell for more. Nobody is saying it happens every time.
  15. Just stating a staple has 'rust' is not enough to tell me about a book. A book can be in the NM range if a small amount of rust on a staple. A lot of rust can take a book down into Fine range. As always it's not just what the defect is but how big, and how deep and how long and how wide and how much it affects the book.