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  1. try rubbing alcohol. It might be on the inside of the glass.
  2. Scan a white piece of paper and see if it has that spot.
  3. You mean like the one that Brulato's collection was losing money as each day passed? I quickly skimmed this thread for the 1st time in nearly a decade. Now I know where 10,000 of my 97,000 posts came from.
  4. From a business POV for CCS it's a bold move. If they portray themselves as 'the best in the business' it encourages people to try having books pressed by CCS to improve them.
  5. Can you show a picture of the back cover? Interior page quality won't change as quickly as it takes to fade a cover. Comparing the colors on the back cover will likely give you the answer.
  6. That was my personal copy for years when I had the run. LOVE IT!
  7. Shipping: Certified books, shipping is included FREE within North America, ROW we split it. Raw books, include $10 for shipping within North America. ROW I will split with interested parties.  Who wins: Time stamp seals the deal as to who wins regardless of the form of communication (including PM, in the thread, text or phone conversation). A negotiation is not a deal until both sides have agreed on terms. If there is an unconditional posted (or communicated) it will trump all negotiations unless we have already both agreed to terms before the was posted. In that case, the will have been in vain. Except that it will give you street cred and look cool to passers by. No House Of Shame or Probationary members or any others of ill repute. Returns: I am considered a very good grader among my peers ( Here is a link to my kudos thread ) but since even CGC is inconsistent I will not guarantee a CGC grade. I will guarantee to be within one grade increment in either direction - so if I am calling the book a 9.4 it could go 9.2 or 9.6. If it falls outside of those parameters (and it does happen that they go in both directions), I will offer a refund. But I don't expect anyone to complain if I undergraded it. I will accept returns if item is otherwise not as described. Consider all books pressed. Pricing: I try to price books close to fair market value. I am open to offers but it's not very likely I'm going to be accepting offers at 30% off fair market value.
  8. Gang, there are 3 books left. I am going to close this thread and list them elsewhere but if anyone is interested in these books feel free to message me. Shock Suspenstories #1 CGC 8.0 COW - Electrocution cover. Excellent eye appeal for the grade - Asking $1650 Special Marvel Edition #15 CGC 9.8 White pages - 1st Shang Chi *Signed by Steve Englehart on the 1st page* - Asking price $4500 (edited) Strange Adventures #46 CGC 9.0 White - Asking $1000
  9. OK, I thought you were saying they must have been warehouse finds because they had multiple copies.
  10. None of the books he's selling are rare. They're all available to anyone with money to buy them. I think most collectors who have been collecting for more than just a few years realize this.
  11. Many of those are not warehouse books. They're just popular keys. This sell all_things_comics has been discussed here on this chat forum MANY times and has been accused of using questionable practices.
  12. Gang, this is what's left. I've updated scans with all CGC graded books now. If you're interested in something I'm easy to talk to. Scans are in the thread. All prices include shipping. ---------------------------------------------- Take 15% off all listed prices in this small batch. Amazing Spider-Man 137 CGC 9.8 White - Asking $450 Avengers #66 CGC 9.8 White - Asking $1400 X-Men 102 CGC 9.8 White - Asking $825 X-Men 113 CGC 9.8 White - Asking $500 Shock Suspenstories #1 CGC 8.0 COW - Electrocution cover. Excellent eye appeal for the grade - Asking $1650 Special Marvel Edition #15 CGC 9.8 White pages - 1st Shang Chi *Signed by Steve Englehart on the 1st page* - Asking price $4500 (edited) Superman #73 CGC 8.5 OWW - really nice, fresh copy that I thought was going to grade 9.0 or higher - Asking $975 Superman #75 CGC 9.2 White - Prankster appearance - Gorgeous, fresh copy - Asking $1950 Strange Adventures #46 CGC 9.0 White - Asking $1000
  13. This Tik Tok made me laugh so hard I could hardly breathe.