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  1. Looking for a copy for someone. Message me with interest.
  2. Actually, I mentioned 2 years ago when the book sold as a 9.0 that I had looked at buying it because it looked like it had a very strong shot at upgrading to 9.2. Just ask Jaydogrules, because he didn't believe me back then.
  3. Giant-Size X-men #1 CGC 9.8 White pages Asking $13,500 SOLD!
  4. Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 9.6 White pages Asking $14,250 SOLD!
  5. Shipping: Certified books, shipping is included FREE within North America, ROW we split it. Raw books, include $10 for shipping within North America. ROW I will split with interested parties.  Who wins: Time stamp seals the deal as to who wins regardless of the form of communication (including PM, in the thread, text or phone conversation). A negotiation is not a deal until both sides have agreed on terms. If there is an unconditional posted (or communicated) it will trump all negotiations unless we have already both agreed to terms before the was posted. In that case, the will have been in vain. Except that it will give you street cred and look cool to passers by. No House Of Shame or Probationary members or any others of ill repute. Returns: Raw books: I am considered a very good grader among my peers ( Here is a link to my kudos thread ) but since even CGC is inconsistent I will not guarantee a CGC grade. I will guarantee to be within one grade increment in either direction - so if I am calling the book a 9.4 it could go 9.2 or 9.6. If it falls outside of those parameters (and it does happen that they go in both directions), I will offer a refund. But I don't expect anyone to complain if I undergraded it. I will accept returns if item is otherwise not as described. Consider all books pressed. Payment: Paypal, Bank Wire, Check or MO.
  6. Mostly on BA books where the cover stock is thin and the red (actually magenta) ink seem to bleed easiest under the right conditions. I've also seen it on mid 50's GA with paper covers (no gloss).
  7. Actually, it depends on the book. GA and many SA books had much stronger paper quality than many BA and modern books. But you also need to take into account the fact that an improperly handled package can damage anything. CGC slabs are not meant to be bomb proof or insufficiently_thoughtful_person proof. They're just meant to be protective under normal handling circumstances. If someone abuses a box with a slab in it, you greatly increase the changes of damage. Also, in that book pictured above, the rusted staple and rust migration into the paper GREATLY compromises the structural integrity of the book. It would be like having a spinal column with a nearly disintegrated disc in your spinal column. It wouldn't take much of a bump to do serious damage.
  8. It's hard to say because you have almost 2 decades of a market that has already been programmed to look for two different colors. As Bob just stated, many people didn't even realize that they were putting restored books into the same labels as unrestored books. There are also many other factors to take into account, one being that CBCS is the 2nd major company to enter the market with certification. But I do believe it would have been entirely different if they came out of the gate that way 20 years ago.
  9. I think that Stan gave Kirby the issue to do, with Kirby not realizing it was going to be cancelled. I can't remember if specifically handing SS to Buscema or it was giving Kirby the last issue that was the 'final straw' but yeah, I am pretty sure that it was the Surfer in general that did it.
  10. I think Stan gave it to Kirby to appease Kirby, who was ticked that Buscema was drawing the title. Something along those lines. Kirby's vision of the Surfer differed with Stan's and it was a bone of contention for Kirby.
  11. I was going to go with soft / medium / firm but that is a perfect reply!