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  1. Well, to be fair I only met him in mid 2004 so I don't know exactly when he started talking about it that's why I put a date range. But his reasoning was sound and his time frame was reasonable. Again, he wasn't the only one. As eddly stated, he started a topic on it back in 2005. I specifically remember another thread solely focused on the topic of the housing bubble crash in the Watercooler (circa 2005 or so) but I can't seem to find hide nor hair of it so not sure what happened to it. It was started by a regular board member (trying to remember his online name). These weren't the only people. Small groups of people were decrying what was going on. Peter Schiff was probably the most famous. Like I said, it wasn't a secret. People just didn't want to hear it.
  2. No, it was obvious leading up to 2007-08 to anyone who didn't listen to headlines or get sucked into the massive bubble that was forming. We even had a thread about it started by a boardie before the crash. I had a close friend who was telling me it was going to happen from about 2004-2005 onward and that it was going to happen soon. When it finally happened in 2008 everything he outlined happened. The problem is that most people had rose colored glasses or (like me) just couldn't believe that the status quo could change and that major institutions would either make blatantly poor decisions or even go under. Thankfully, I listened to him. There were others out there that saw it coming but they were heckled because a) it didn't fit the public narrative b) there was lots of money to be lost if it was true c) there was lots of illegal stuff going on if it was true
  3. When I set up in San Diego it was mandatory to register with the BOE in California and submit a sales tax payment for sold items.
  4. What happened in 2008 was obvious if you looked in the right places (rather than listen to mainstream news).
  5. Two books left. Take 15% off.
  6. VintageComics

    The_Gemini_Dominion feedback thread

    Paid quickly on a reasonably sizeable purchase. Thank you.
  7. VintageComics

    Is this a 9.6?

    From the start of the hobby, Overstreet grading standards have always been different for books with larger defects allowed on older era books. This does not stand for all defects but the Overstreet grading standards were generally easier on GA books than SA, easier on SA than Ba, and so on, etc.
  8. Yes, but you need to check the time machine option checkbox when submitting.
  9. VintageComics

    Page quality?

    Your question is confusing. Do mean for each specific book they grade? Yes. Enter the CGC serial number in the 'Verify CGC Certification' feature and it will tell you.
  10. OK, I am going to close down the availability of the raw books and the 1st batch of CGC graded books above. If you want to talk to me about them, send me a PM. -------------------------------------------------------------------- The below books, which were posted yesterday are still available. You can take 10% off the books below. Again, shipping for CGC graded books is free. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Amazing Spider-man #194 CGC 9.8 OWW (1st Black Cat) - Asking $1450 Giant-Size X-men #1 CGC 8.5 OWW - Asking $1300  Nova #1 CGC 9.8 OWW - Asking $800 Star Wars #1 CGC 9.8 White - Asking $900 X-men #129 CGC 9.8 OWW - Asking $1000 -------------------------------------------- I 've also listed some very nice high grade keys in the CA / MA forum. Link to the books in the selling thread in CA / MA
  11. VintageComics

    Torpedo Comics offers an alternative to SDCC

    Most of the dealers (if not all) are already moving everything into Southern California form all over the continent for the SD show. If they are already there in So Cal, wouldn't another show (even if it is a one day show) make the entire trip more profitable?
  12. VintageComics

    2018 Heroes Convention Report

    I personally wouldn't be posting on the internet how much cash I carry around. But seriously... I tend to carry very little US cash (I'm Canadian) and have used Paypal, CC, Checks to pay for purchases.