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  1. willybaum

    Set Finally Completed!!!!!

    At long last ... I've completed my DC Bicentennial Set! Started almost 10 years ago and I wanted to have a high grade set of the 33 comics that DC published in the summer of 1976 with a red/white/blue banner at the top of the front cover. Most of the copies were easy to find in high grade but as I picked up the issues, the last remaining ones became more and more difficult to find, either as CGC graded or raw. My criteria was simple: nothing less than 9.0 and no worse than Off-White pages. Eventually, it came down to two comics a couple of months ago. I picked up raw high-graded copies of Claw the Unconquered 8 and Our Fighting Forces 168 and submitted them to CGC. When I got them back, the Claw comic was a 9.4 with White Pages and I was ecstatic! But then I saw the other one and it was an 8.0! I immediately went online to read the Grader Notes and it noted foxing on two areas of the back cover. I was bummed. Since I wanted only 9.x copies in my set I couldn't add this one to my set Worse, I wasn't sure where I could find another high-grade raw copy. But I scoured the comic retailers, including those on eBay and finally found another copy months later that was graded by the seller at 9.4. Based on the scans, it looked really good although the cover was a little crooked. So, with much trepidation in my heart, I submitted this copy to GCC. If this one didn't come back at least 9.0 then I was really screwed. I watched the progress as it went from Received to Grading to Shipped/Safe. As usual, I didn't look at the emailed shipping document or the invoice online because I like to wait until it arrives to see the grade. Then it arrived ....
  2. willybaum

    Have you been sniped posted by Shivabali

    Been there (been sniped) and done that (have sniped). I've both lost and won a lot of auctions due to sniping. First couple of times I lost I was frustrated. Eventually, I resorted to sniping primarily to keep the final cost of the item as low as possible. With age and experience comes wisdom though. Having gone through both extremes many times, I have accepted it as a reality for one simple reason: the other person was willing to spend more. If I put in a maximum bid of what I was willing to pay and got outbid, whether at the last second or the day before, then that simply means the other person was willing to spend more. Frustrating, yes, but unless you're a billionaire, you can't win every auction. Also, I take it as a blessing in disguise sometimes. Somebody out there is obviously telling me not to spend so much money on a hobby. C'est la vie! By the way, nice ditty!
  3. willybaum

    One more to go!

    Aloha abccool2, Yes, that would be great if you could check. I'd be interested in a NM with no worse than off-white pages if possible. Mahalo!
  4. willybaum

    One more to go!

    ComicLink comes through again! I was really wondering if I could ever complete my DC Bicentennial set. After collecting 30 of the 33 titles, I only managed to find a raw high-grade copy of Claw #8. Our Fighting Forces #168 and Weird War Tales #47 were not showing up anywhere and haven't for the last several years! Then I saw Weird War Tales #47 on a ComicLink auction! I was prepared to go as high as possible to win it but fortunately, like most of the titles in my prize set, it's not a comic most people would want and I got it for a steal. Anyway, there's only one title left for me - Our Fighting Forces #168. Crossing my fingers! See more journals by willybaum
  5. I'm trying to finish out my DC Bicentennial set and I need the two following comics Our Fighting Forces 168 Weird War Tales 47 I'm interested in either high grade raw (at least NM-) or CGC 9.0+ with no worse than off-white pages.
  6. willybaum

    CGC'd G.I. Combats posted by richard8158

    Any chance you have a high grade of Our Fighting Forces 168?
  7. willybaum

    Almost there!

    Mahalo! I'll check it out.
  8. willybaum

    Almost there!

    30 down, 3 to go! Yay! Just got back my CGC submission of four raw high-grade comics to add to my DC Bicentennial collection. Now that I have them back - all 9.0+ and no worse than off-white pages (two were white pages) - I'm only three comics away from a complete set! Of the three remaining, I have a high-grade raw of Claw #8 and just need to find copies of Weird War Tales #47 and Our Fighting Forces #168, either raw or CGC. I have the last two on want lists with about half a dozen online comic retailers and I have them as saved searches on eBay but it's going to be really hard to pick up these last two in high-grade. Oh well, 30 out of 33 for a really obscure set ... just having fun here! See more journals by willybaum
  9. willybaum

    29! by willybaum

    Mahalo guys! BTW, my math skills seem to have deteriorated with age. It should be 30, not 29!
  10. I picked up four raw comics for my Bicentennial set and submitted them to CGC for my first grading submittal a few months back. The comics were from four different eBay sellers and were high-grade (supposedly). Got them back and was pleasantly surprised they all were above 9.0 (one was 9.6) which is my desired minimum threshold. At one time I was only interested in White Pages but realized that may be too much to ask for and now will accept W, OW/W and OW. So that makes 25 out of 33. Got four more raw comics coming in and, if they look NM, I'll be submitting them to CGC. Now that CGC has dropped the Modern definition to 1975, it's a lot cheaper for my collection! Mahalo for the interest!
  11. My primary collecting set is the DC Comics from July 1976 which have a red, white and blue banner across the top. I could only get 21 of the 33 issues through various auctions but now I'm trying to pick up the issues raw so I can CGC them. The silly thing is that it costs more to CGC them than either what I pay for the comic or what they're worth. Is this obsessive?
  12. willybaum

    Got my first batch of graded comics!!!

    Aloha and Mahalo to everyone for your commments! Garlanda, the Blackhawk 247 was a Massachusetts Pedigree. At least, that's what it said on the bag when I received it. Good news, I did receive higher-res images after sending a polite email (at least I hope it sounded polite) to CGC. They did mention that they don't normally send high-res images so I have to wonder: why offer the service and charge for it if the customer doesn't get a quality product? Especially since the end-result, a scanned image, is completely useless to CGC and they don't offer it to anyone else. It certainly doesn't cost them anything more to send high-res images instead of a very low-res one. My suggestion: offer scanned images on a pricing tier for different sizes. Also, offer the image for sale to new registered owners of a comic if it has been scanned. It's a win-win for CGC: more money for the same scan. In any case, I'm happy with the results of the grading and know better about the imaging service.
  13. Really happy but .... Wow, anticipation can be stressful. One of my favorite sets to collect is the DC Bicentennial comics of 1976. 33 issues that were adorned with a red, white and blue banner at the top. I managed to pick up 21 issues through auctions, losing some along the way, but I haven't been able to secure one for a while. So, I thought, let's do what everyone else is doing and submit comics for grading! I bought four high-grade (NM) raw copies from four different vendors on eBay (ratings and feedback were the most important criteria for selecting the dealers). I received them and packed them off to have CGC'd and crossed my fingers. Hopefully, all of them would come back at least 9.0 and at least with white or off-white to white pages. Waiting for the comics to be graded was a nail-biting experience. Literally checked my invoice status several times every day until it reported shipped. BUT ... I decided to wait for the package to see the grades. I even filed away the email with the scanned images without looking at it. Finally, I received the books today and was pleasantly surprised. One 9.0, two 9.4 and one 9.6! Yay! And two had white pages although one was only off-white and not off-white to white. So I went back to the email with the scans and .... bummers. The scanned images, for which I paid $20, were so puny (478x750 pixels) and one had a huge glare on the image. And no back cover images. I do have a scanner but I can't fit the whole slab, just cutting off the bottom part of the comic. To sum it up: pleasantly surprised with the grading results from raw comics bought off eBay but not entirely thrilled with the paid scanned images. FYI, the four comics only cost a little over $70 (not including shipping) so this was definitely a labor of love. Guess I'll skimp on the imaging next time. See more journals by willybaum
  14. willybaum


    A Legion of Super-Heroes checklist would be difficult to create. However, I would like to try and get one on the Registry and I invite all other users to make suggestions or changes. I would like to create a Registry Set for Legion of Super-Heroes (Pre-Crisis). While the Legion's original continuity was still there during the Crisis and shortly after, there were too many crossovers and Crisis appearances that I felt they should be excluded but that's just my opinion. Using several online lists (primarily the Legion Publication History on the Legion Wiki at www.legionwiki.com) along with what has been published so far in the DC Legion Archives, I have put together this list which does not include reprints. Action Comics #267, 276, 282, 285-287, 289–290, 298, 319, 332, 378–387, 389-392 Adventure Comics #247, 267, 282, 290, 293, 300–380 All-New Collector's Edition #C-55 Brave and the Bold #179, 198 DC Comics Presents #2, 13, 43, 80 DC Special #28 DC Special Series #21 DC Super Stars #17 Inferior Five #2 Infinity Inc. #22 Justice League of America #147-148 Kamandi #58 Karate Kid #1–15 Legion of Super-Heroes v2 #259–313, Annual #1–3 Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #1–63, Annual #1–4 Legionnaires 3 #1–4 Lois Lane #47, 50, 56 Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes #1–3 Superboy #86, 89, 93, 98, 100, 117, 124-125, 147, 172-173, 176, 183-184, 188, 190-191, 193, 195 Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #197–258 Superman #147, 155-157, 162, 165, 172, 295, Annual #4 Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #47, 50, 56 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #63, 70, 72, 73, 76, 85, 87-88, 100, 106 World's Finest Comics #168, 172, 284
  15. willybaum

    Adams Auction Win #2 posted by john ivic

    That is a really nice issue of Spectre, especially with white pages! I love Neal Adams' artwork. Congratulations!