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  1. It's been almost three years since I completed my set of 33 DC Bicentennial Comics but I wanted a challenge and a better set, all CGC 9.8 with White Pages. Just before I got the last comic for the set, I was able to swap out a couple of issues with newer CGC 9.8 WP (Detective Comics and Justice League Of America). And, after completing the set, I was able to pick up four more CGC 9.8 comics (Claw, Our Fighting Forces, Richard Dragon, and Our Army At War). The net result is six more CGC 9.8 comics, albeit one at OW/WP quality and +505 points for the set (I finally broke the 3,000 mark!) My total is now 16 x 9.8s, 6 x 9.6s, 7 x 9.4s, 1 x 9.2, and 3 x 9.0s There are two CGC 9.8 issues listed on eBay that I would love to get but the sellers are asking way too much so I'll just have to wait.
  2. Don't really have a lot of room for a proper group shot so this will have to do for now! Mahalo!
  3. Wow, last month I found out that my little niche set of 33 DC Bicentennial comics was awarded one of the Best Bronze Age sets for 2018, a very nice recognition I must say Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) to CGC! And, even sweeter, I just picked up a replacement for one of the issues in the set - going from a CGC 9.0 WP to CGC 9.8 WP and gaining 98 more points! Although it's unlikely I could ever make a complete set of all 9.8 WP issues, I'm hoping to at least upgrade all the 9.0 and 9.2 comics to a 9.4 or 9.6. Attached is a pic of Our Fighting Forces 168. On my way, slowly! Hope everyone is enjoying their collections!
  4. At long last ... I've completed my DC Bicentennial Set! Started almost 10 years ago and I wanted to have a high grade set of the 33 comics that DC published in the summer of 1976 with a red/white/blue banner at the top of the front cover. Most of the copies were easy to find in high grade but as I picked up the issues, the last remaining ones became more and more difficult to find, either as CGC graded or raw. My criteria was simple: nothing less than 9.0 and no worse than Off-White pages. Eventually, it came down to two comics a couple of months ago. I picked up raw high-graded copies of Claw the Unconquered 8 and Our Fighting Forces 168 and submitted them to CGC. When I got them back, the Claw comic was a 9.4 with White Pages and I was ecstatic! But then I saw the other one and it was an 8.0! I immediately went online to read the Grader Notes and it noted foxing on two areas of the back cover. I was bummed. Since I wanted only 9.x copies in my set I couldn't add this one to my set Worse, I wasn't sure where I could find another high-grade raw copy. But I scoured the comic retailers, including those on eBay and finally found another copy months later that was graded by the seller at 9.4. Based on the scans, it looked really good although the cover was a little crooked. So, with much trepidation in my heart, I submitted this copy to GCC. If this one didn't come back at least 9.0 then I was really screwed. I watched the progress as it went from Received to Grading to Shipped/Safe. As usual, I didn't look at the emailed shipping document or the invoice online because I like to wait until it arrives to see the grade. Then it arrived ....