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  1. Created a shill account
  2. Aggressive posts, masking, name calling, politics and implied threats.
  3. Continually arguing with other members and excessive moderator notifications
  4. Sales rules violations.
  5. Shill account while on a strike as well as posting links to another site to promote his books.
  6. Politics. Corrected to second strike.
  7. Politics and Inappropriate language.
  8. Politics and Inappropriate language.
  9. Using inappropriate/offensive language after previous warnings about the same topic.
  10. Badgering, continued prolong arguments.
  11. Name calling, overly aggressive posting, and offensive language.
  12. Name calling and use of offensive language after repeated warnings about this behavior.
  13. Insulting of other members, offensive language and comments, and derailing of threads
  14. Politics, continued aggressive/argumentative posts