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  1. I had noticed Berkbridge somehow were getting insider info prior to SDCC and Disney23, whereas certain key books were purchased prior to these events in very high grade on EBay, Likely from this seller, as soon as the event had occurred, the key books of importance were then listed with inflated prices which is what got my attention to begin with and I haven’t stopped watching their listings ever since. It’s a good thing CGC books have serial numbers otherwise what I just said would have little to no significance (there’s a digital sales trail on eBay) and also insider info unfortunately does not apply specifically to buying and reselling of comic books as if they were a stock. Wouldnt we all like to have insider info when it comes to buying and selling comic books ? Id always suspected that this not for profit status on eBay was a bit preposterous- and now it seems laughable. something also about an eBay seller selling out of SanDiego yet registered in Nevada and in Reno? Why not Las Vegas? Aren’t their specific (and dubious, questionable) tax advantages to registering a business in NEVADA? Or is it limited to only the gambling cities?
  2. Having some of the highest grades for that book and seen/ scanned through thousands of them, and having subbed them to CGC you’d get a 5.5 on a good day with an adept or tired grader