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  1. 5.5 imo and improvable with a press.
  2. Doesn't seem to be much interest. Moving to another venue. Thanks for looking.
  3. Special pre-Christmas Sale tonight only! Sale ends at midnight EST. SALE ENDED Strange Worlds 4 $350 Yankee Comics #2 $995 House of Secrets #92 $1300
  4. House of Secrets 92 This key classic needs no introduction. I just upgraded. One of my favorite Wrightson covers. This book keeps going up so get it while you can. Would make a great Christmas present. CGC 6.0 CR/OW $1300
  5. Yankee Comics #2 1941. Tough Chesler to locate with next to no GPA info. Condition: 2 light dust shadows front and one on rear. 1" tear lower right side cover. 4 small pieces old tape inside cover. One covers the tear noted above. Centerfold detached. Nice spine with tiny tear at top. A few stains inside cover. See scan Supple off-white pages Great color and gloss. It looks FN or better all day but with noted defects, 4.5 due to detached centerfold. Beautiful book. $995.
  6. Strange Worlds #4 Wood cover and art. One of the all time great good girl, sci fi covers. Very solid 2.5 as cover is detached from single staple book. Paper is nice off-white. GPA $340 for single sale in October. A 3.0 sold for $435 in 2019.Very nice for grade. $375 $350
  7. Hi all, One book for sale today and it's an all time classic. Strange Worlds #4 from this great Avon Sci Fri run. I recently upgraded so this one is now up for grabs. I've sold and bought from many of you on the boards and Ebay over the years. Many references and kudos thread is below. If this sells, I may add a few more books. Thanks as always for looking. Adding a few more books 12/05/20. Domestic postage is $10 shipped on raw books, $15 on slabs with signature confirmation. Will combine on multiple purchase. Foreign sales possible. Please inquir
  8. Yeah. This isn't my first rodeo. Now he wants me to send the book and close the complaint so he doesn't get a strike. Had to laugh at that. I put it on a card so not worried about getting my money back.
  9. Everyone seems to be in the same ballpark. I'm returning it as soon as he stops delaying.
  10. I graded it a 5.5. Lower if it was on front cover. Nice looking book but with serious defect. Grading it a VF is ridiculous. Thanks for the assessment.
  11. Thanks for commenting and you are right about the seller. He swears it's a VF and I got a good deal. Not a good deal as a 5.5. I told him it was a 5.5 and maybe improvable to a 6,0-6.5. He disagrees and says he has over 50 years of experience. Now he says he'll take the book back but still hasn't accepted. Not worried about losing my money but the delay will cost me.