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  1. misterrmystery

    Forbidden Worlds #1

    This book is always in demand mainly due to Frazetta art. Looks like book has been restapled. 5.0
  2. misterrmystery

    PGM Hulk 181

    I'd be comfortable going with a 6.5 overall, but a 7.0 wouldn't unreasonable. Very attractive book with nice deeply saturated reds. Like the others say, get it graded.
  3. misterrmystery

    House of Secrets #92 CGC 9.4

    Wow! Two HOS 92 CGC 9.4 on the boards in two days. Would love to pull trigger but alas, wallet is empty. GLWTS
  4. misterrmystery

    www.alexgross.com kudos thread

    First time dealing with Alex. Fast shipping and book exactly as described. Look forward to dealing with him again.
  5. misterrmystery

    PGM Avengers #10

    I agree. 3.5 at best. CGC very tough on staining.
  6. misterrmystery

    PGM Showcase #14

    A press isn't going to help all the color breaking creases and stresses, along with moisture staining. I don't think a press would increase the numerical grade. If it's brittle I wouldn't take a chance on further damage.
  7. misterrmystery

    PGM Flash Comics 86

    Looks like a very pretty 6.0 overall, but wouldn't argue with 6.5. Appears to be moderate foxing on rear cover which CGC is tough on. Great score. Congrats.
  8. misterrmystery


  9. misterrmystery


    Your under copy?
  10. misterrmystery

    [CLOSED] Weird Tales Of The Future 5

    Take per pm
  11. Thanks for the info. I've bought from him before and not like him not to answer. Unfortunately the book I wanted was sold. Hopefully he'll post another to cross off my list.
  12. misterrmystery

    Ebay coupon just popped up 15% off

    Thanks for the heads up. Just saved $57 on items I had bought but not paid for yet.