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  1. thecollectron feedback thread

    Peter bought a Laugh 25 from me and paid me promptly. Great communication. Will gladly deal with again.
  2. [CLOSED] GA Slabs GGA, Bondage etc

    Roger seems to be quick on the draw tonight
  3. [CLOSED] GA Slabs GGA, Bondage etc

    Of course my internet would go down when this came up
  4. Sparkle City Comics

    I've bought a few raw books from them in the past and found them to be over-graded. Check the scans carefully as they don't match the grade assigned. Would only buy slabbed books from them but rarely a bargain there.
  5. Misterrmystery Feedback/Kudos

  6. Misterrmystery Feedback/Kudos

  7. Misterrmystery Feedback/Kudos

  8. Misterrmystery Feedback/Kudos