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    Congrats. Tough run to complete

    Gorgeous & classic Fight 40 Rick. Would love to pull the trigger.
  3. JollyComics Kudos Thread.

    Purchased a book I needed on my want list from Michael. He was very easy to work with, the book was exactly as described and the price was fair. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
  4. That Punch 19 is awesome
  5. That's what I've got to do to beat you William. Take and find out it's a 3 year old thread later.
  6. 4 Golden or Atomic Age books Nice!

    Thanks. I had PM'd the seller earlier when he first posted to say I'd take it as long as it was complete, which meant the Schomburg cover. The scan was to confirm that. I miss my Mile High copy so wanted a copy that showcased the Schomburg cover.
  7. 4 Golden or Atomic Age books Nice!

    As per earlier pm take it
  8. 4 Golden or Atomic Age books Nice!

    Take the Fighting Yank 21 pending scan
  9. Awesome copy. So very scarce in high grade
  10. Terrific 5 Classic cover CGC 5.0