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  1. misterrmystery

    AXMEN's Kudos

    Bought several PCH books from Joe. He's easy to deal with. Books were sent securely packaged and fast. Would not hesitate to deal with Joe in the future.
  2. Yes. They were good people. Dealt with them for many years. Probably bought at least 60 Crippen copies from her.
  3. Yes. Marge owned the store which sadly closed after her husband passed.
  4. Some of the ones I bought had foxing but no water damage. After they were moved, they weren't stored in ideal conditions.
  5. Yes. There's a 6.5 and a 7.5. I owned the 7.5.
  6. misterrmystery

    Stan Lee RIP

    Sad news. A true giant in the comics field. He had a great run. Excelsior!
  7. Thanks. I was looking at GPA, not the census. It's the highest graded copy sold since 2007. I just looked at the census and see some graded higher, including a 9.4. Amazing!
  8. I imagine it did as there were so many out there when he was buying. The books I had contact with were almost all esoteric Golden Age, though there were some Detectives and PCH in the mix.
  9. Look up the Crippen Detective 168 CGC 7.5 on Heritage. My copy sold in 2007 and again in 2011. Unaffordable now.
  10. You chose wisely. I only have one Crippen copy in my collection these days. I owned the 9.2 Church copy once but owning the Crippen isn't bad.