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  1. Just received a FC 178 that I bought from Bob. Very reasonably priced and service was on point. Book just as described. Thanks!
  2. Just received my copy of the new guide and it's awesome. What a massive undertaking! Heritage is selling these for $29.95 right now. Cover price is $39.95. Here's some pics of my well used old guide that's held together with tape. Now I can finally send this one to the graveyard.
  3. I've missed a number of copies but this one looked nice. As they say, "he who hesitates is lost" Good pickup.
  4. I pondered a bit too long.
  5. Plus dazzling white pages, unheard of in pulps. I've owned a few and they're amazing.
  6. I've been a pulp collector for years. Sold my Horror and Spicy collection a few years ago. Still holding on to the Sci Fi.
  7. If these were comics, they'd be worth a fortune. So much rarer too.
  8. Awesome thread. Just wish I could afford a few.