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  1. Sitting on the sidelines, but enjoying the heck out of this thread, Rick.
  2. Spokane's are incredible books. The blazing white pages are a thing to behold
  3. Enjoying the show. What an awesome thread.Thanks Rick
  4. 4 copies of Tec 35. Amazing and one of my favorite covers. Would love to own one but alas, wallet is low on those type of funds. Enjoyed this monumental thread. Thanks.
  5. Best thread I've seen on the boards. Every book is killer.
  6. I used to collect BLB's. So tough to find this nice. GLWTS
  7. Yet their motto is "accurate grading". I've dealt with them many time over the years with mixed results. Most of the problems were with undisclosed resto. These days I stay away from their raw books.
  8. Congrats to both of you. Awesome book.
  9. Wow. Awesome copy. The colors are amazing. GLWTS