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  1. Thanks for removing the temptation
  2. Closed. Remaining books off to different venue. All invoices have been sent out. Thanks to all
  3. I purchased a B&B 54 from them. The deal couldn't have gone better. Great communication and service the entire way. Will gladly deal with again.
  4. I completed the run and this was the last one. Most have split spines due to poor paper quality.
  5. The 54 is amazing and I thought my 7.5 was nice. sheeesh!
  6. Prices have been cut on most remaining books. I'll be leaving thread open until the weekend. A lot of great books left. Thanks for checking out my thread.
  7. Okay that should do it for this thread. Reasonable offers are encouraged as these books are here to sell. Thanks to the buyers and lookers.