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  1. I evacuated from my home for Hurricane Laura and was able to pick up an x-men run from issue 13 to 544 (maybe 50% missing before 100 and no 94 or GSX1). Glad to have a hobby that will help me pay for repairs Not sure why the pic uploads sideways but I don’t have access to a PC at the moment.
  2. I was waiting for an 8.5 sale since that's what I have. Tempted to sell mine now... Noticed his was unsigned. How much of a premium would signed/sketched add on top?
  3. Had to pull my book out after the events of this week. It's slabbed but here's the inside front cover before slabbing:
  4. I think the next sale may not be as high but the book is definitely trending up in the non NM grades.
  6. Most of these people are just clueless and throwing numbers out there. I doubt he looked up more than 1% of them.
  7. Books were low grade. After selling them all I think I grossed around 15K. 4K of that was the X1 which I didn't know was in the box until I got home. So yeah 13K out of the question.
  8. Wasn't ebay but on this forum. I had a Brave and the Bold 30 that I listed and priced as JLA 30. D'OH.
  9. slight/mod rest 6.0 Superman 1 went for 144K. Is that in line with prior sales or is it because it's a possible candidate for resto removal?
  10. Strange Tales 169 - sell on the current Doctor Strange 2 rumor or hold until confirmation (if he is actually in it)?