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  1. Hey guys, I have some newly listed books on ebay. If you are interested in some of the Detective, Iron Man, Avengers, or other books and would like to mix/match the ones you purchase send me a PM and I can put a lot together to fill the holes in your runs. Thanks for looking.

    ASM6 and ASM134
  3. Biggest Regret or Score in the last decade?

    Biggest score: nearly full run of ASM from 11-140, a lot of silver/bronze Batman and Superman, some other small books, and an X-Men 1 that graded out at 5.0 on a Craigslist buy Biggest regret: not getting the X-Men 1 pressed before grading, big rookie mistake
  4. I use blue painting tape on all of my packages, works perfectly and easy to see/remove. I wrap the book in bubble wrap, tape it up, place it in a cardboard mailer, tape it closed, and place it in a USPS priority envelope. Works like a charm.
  5. Statue Collections

    I have to avoid all of the Batman BW statues because I want so many but this one was a must buy.
  6. [CLOSED] closed

  7. Statue Collections

    Valentine's Day gift from my wife! Love it.
  8. Facebookin’

    Not familiar with how IG works. Are there groups like on FB to sell stuff or do you just have to get a following another way?
  9. Facebookin’

    I'm a big fan of selling on Facebook. I usually have 750 or so books for sale at any given time and I can just copy and paste a spreadsheet listing the book, grade, and price into the group and people can pick what they'd like to buy. I make a lot of sales with people who want between 10 and 50 books, all different titles and ages. Bulk sales are way better using this method than, for example, listing Iron Man 100-150 as a run in one listing on eBay.
  10. Comiclink question

    Called and they confirmed they received it so I'm good to go.
  11. Comiclink question

    I paid by check for recent auction winnings and the check just cleared my bank. Is there a place on the website that where I can see on their end that the payment was received or an updated order information page?
  12. Craigslist Impossible to vet these things further in some cases. Most of the people that contact me know absolutely nothing about the books they possess. This person knew just enough to show me 80 books with lower cover prices. Plus I figured with 30 boxes it had to be worth it. Some of the people I deal with are also in remote areas so it is very difficult getting in contact with them due to poor phone and internet service. Gotta take a chance on these things sometimes.
  13. Total cost including gas/food is around $260 for hopefully $1,200-$1,500 of books. Snagged around 300 books and nothing that I will sell for less than $3. Only timesink was the drive there because the drive after was to my hotel for work. I was able to fill in some holes in some of the runs I already have for sale so even the cheap stuff will result in more sales for my existing inventory, added bonus.
  14. Came prepared to spend some cash but only walked away with one longbox out of the 30. The boxes were full of 90s books as far as the eye could see. She had some early ASM in the 100s which was why I made the trip but there weren't many other bronze books. Walked away with 2 infinity gauntlet sets, 6 infinity war sets, 2nd Punisher app, a bunch of Venom Lethal Protector 1s, and some other good stuff. It was worth my while but not the score I was psyched over.