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  1. Ha it was a pretty short one. She contacted me with these photos: You can zoom in and see more astronomical price tags on these Text convo is as follows Me: "How much? Do you have others" Her: "Yes I have more. This just some. Well my dad said use it for college, car , house." Me: "Show me the others please. I see you have post it notes with prices on them. Those prices are about 100 times what some of these are worth" Her: "Yea I kno that’s their price u see anything u can offer" Me: "that spider-man one has a post it with $20,000 record sale on it, how much do you want for yours" Her: "7k" Me: " i can buy a nicer one here for $18 i am going to pass on these, thanks" Her: "Ok that’s cool"
  2. Was offered this one for $7,000 today. Pretty good deal compared to the 20K record sale.
  3. Finally have a book signed by Stan in my collection.
  4. Planning on eventually getting this pressed and graded. Wondering what you guys think it could grade at.
  5. I use these. More expensive than the Geminis but fits in a priority flat rate envelope perfectly and I've only had good feedback from the people receiving them.
  6. Please message me. Would like to be under $2500 on the Annual 1, under $2000 on ASM 50, and under $1500 on ASM 33. Prefer grades over 4.0. Looking for a book only signed by Stan, so if it is signed by Stan and Romita for example then I won't be interested in that. my kudos page:
  7. This change is going to be a huge annoyance going forward. I very rarely have to issue refunds for a return (maybe once/year on 250 or more sales) but I often have to refund people because I will send an invoice, they'll pay, and then will tell me that their PayPal does not have updated information for their address. The resolution that I have found is you refund them, add the correct shipping address to the invoice, they pay, and you are now covered on the correct shipping address. I've refunded over $500 in the past few months alone because of this exact scenario. So in the future that buyer is going to have that fee tacked on to their 2nd invoice or they'll tell me no thanks and I'll have to eat the fee on the original one due to no fault of my own. Here's another great example of why this is unfair that I saw on another topic about this: "One of my friends sell performance car parts and some can't ship to California because of laws. Buyers don't ever read the listing saying this cannot be shipped to California. So someone could buy a $5,000 exhaust and he has to refund them and lose money." Also, I would think a competitor/retaliatory buyer could buy your items on eBay, pay, ask for a refund before you ship, and screw you over. An extreme example but possible.
  8. Unfortunately that is the case
  9. Going through my inventory and deciding what to sell or hold. I don't collect modern books but picked some keys up in a collection recently. What do you guys think of The Boys 1, Immortal Hulk 1, and Immortal Hulk 2? Time to sell now or are they good long term holds?
  10. My nephews (ages 5-12) started collecting over the past couple of years. They receive them rarely because of the distance to the LCS and, well, new comics are relatively expensive. I bought a couple of collections in December 2018 and filled a longbox of late bronze/copper Marvel and DC and let them have at it for Christmas. Comics seemed to be their favorite gift for sure.
  11. Wow, would not be happy if I was the seller.
  12. Bought 150 books this week ranging from pre-code horror to Immortal Hulk and The Boys. Really varied mix but here's some I liked a lot.
  13. You'd think Strange Tales 110 would get a boost now that he seems to be the focus of phase 4 of the MCU. Doesn't appear to be the case so far.
  14. It depends on the person. If it's a person between the ages of 40 and 50 there's a way higher chance that they'll react negatively when I tell them I don't want their books, even for free. Most younger people and older people are way nicer. It's the 40-50 range that is full of angry people