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  1. So I don't have a Stan Lee signed book in my collection and am looking to get one. Which ASM do you think would be the best to buy signed? So far I am considering 33, 50, or Annual 1. I'd like to have a signed ASM1 but it seems like the sig premium on that book is insane. I have a 4.0 blue label and am not sure what it would cost if I wanted to trade for a 4.0 signed and add cash or something like that.
  2. Looking to spend under $1500. Please PM me pics and price. Thanks.
  3. his name starts with a T right? Got the same message today. I don't believe any messages like that honestly. The #1 excuse I get for flakes is because their wife won't "let them".
  4. Sounds like a Craigslist scam waiting to happen
  5. Message me with price and pics. ASM 50 and Annual 1 - minimum grade 4.0, max around a 6.0 ASM 33 - minimum grade 4.0. max around 7.0
  6. Definitely. I remember you are selling a big collection as well and this is the way to go for sure. People might want 1 or 2 issues of your Hulk, 1 or 2 Spider-Man, etc, and you end up with 40 books sold across 20 different titles in one purchase rather than 2 from your Hulk only post, for example.
  7. It becomes much easier once someone messages me because I can send the list to your messages. That way you won't lose it or be victim to Facebook's random page reloading kicking you back to the main page and off of the post.
  8. I started selling again on Monday. I posted a list of 2500 books (probably 90% bronze age, 10% silver) in around 18 groups. It was a madhouse. I had over 100 people message me easily. I made around 30 sales and sold close to 400 books this week. That's why I love selling on FB.
  9. The problem with FB is it rarely shows group posts on your main wall unless you frequent the group. In the past it was not like this. It used to show group posts much more often. As a result ads are usually not seen unless someone is browsing the group page. I usually have to message people I've sold to in the past when I want to make quick sales.
  10. Some groups don't allow it I think, such as the "comic book lovers buy sell trade" group
  11. I'll try to remember to post one this weekend. Right now I am in the process of bagging/boarding around 2500 books and then I have to get them in alpha & numeric order in my boxes
  12. I post a list like this: Star Wars 1 FN $55 1st print Star Wars 1 VF $15 Reprint Star Wars 2 FN+ $5 Reprint Star Wars 2 VG- $6 Star Wars 4 VG+ $22 Star Wars 7 FN $7 Buyers then send me a list of the books they'd like and I take photos. I don't really post pics before speaking to the buyer. It allows me to list hundreds of books and don't have to do the actual work until the potential buyer is ready. Since I am taking pics on request I'll also have the books pulled and ready to package if they want them. Works great for me.
  13. I love selling on Facebook. I post my entire inventory and people can message me and pick which books they'd like from every title I have. I'm in around 20 groups and can post in all of them at once. Very little work required compared to eBay.
  14. More like I have 3+ copies of every book in those runs and I am just wondering what everyone else is holding