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  1. Honestly not too sure yet. Seems like TMNT1 has seen a recent increase in price so I might hold onto it for a bit into 2018 to see how it goes. I will end up eventually selling it but just not right now. I only collected Batman books in the past but I've started collecting Spider-Man so that'll knock a lot of keys out on that end. The only other book I have remaining is the 4th print, I'll send you a PM.
  2. TMNT #1 Club

    Fresh from CGC!
  3. CCS did a hell of a press job on this book, very happy with the results, also what's up with the old style label?
  4. Yup yup first print, I'll post a pic once it arrives hopefully this weekend
  5. What's the most ridiculous Stan lee SS???...

    This one made me cringe
  6. I currently use the mailers from ( ) because they fit perfectly in a USPS priority envelope but they're a bit much for sending just a couple of books and I am looking for something cheaper. Anyone use anything else with the USPS bubble envelopes?
  7. I just re-uploaded all of the pics. Originally I was trying to join them by taking screenshots with both of the pics open. This time I joined them in Paint and it is much larger. Let me know if you'd like more pics of anything and I can send them via PM.
  8. current turn around rates at CGC

    Weird, definitely isn't going to be for free lol. I do have enough credit on my account to cover the CGC portion though.
  9. current turn around rates at CGC

    CGC received my package for pressing @ CCS then grading on Thursday and the invoice shows up under my submissions but for service it says MECHANICAL ERROR. Anyone ever have this happen? Not too worried because I'm sure it'll get updated but I thought it was weird.
  10. Hey guys, check out my new listings on eBay. If you are interested in anything the price may be negotiable, including the TMNT lot, so feel free to message me.
  11. Thanks man, I submitted the #1 first print to CCS for pressing then off to CGC so I am hoping for good results!