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  1. Not used to seeing Galactus wide-eyed.
  2. $25 a few years ago for my used 8250. Keeps on going...
  3. I've never had to file a claim so I can't speak to that. The only thing I've noticed is it seems to be getting slower and slower, but with everything going on out there it doesn't really bother me. What is very frustrating, however, is incompetent employees at the post office (not just during Covid, either). Whenever I go to pick up a CGC package (because I have a 9-5 and I'm never home when the carrier comes), I wait till my turn at the head of line & hand the person my 'pick up' ticket that the carrier leaves. Usually, the person will go to look for it & come back 5-10 minutes later with "Yeah, I can't find it. Come back tomorrow."To which I'll reply, "Did you check the safe? Because that's where it's been the other 5 billion times I've come here." They'll go look, & come back less than a minute later carrying the box Also, please get to know your carrier. Shoot the shiite with him/her on occasion. He'll go the extra mile for you if he knows you. I've had my carrier pull up multiple times late afternoon because he knows I work late "and just wanted to try you again before I went in, and save you a trip to the post office." And please, for the love of all that's holy, tip him well during the holidays. And just curious Tony. What's protocol if the PO pays out & then they later find the package? Does the person have the choice of paying the PO back and taking the box?
  4. Nothing special, but I was in that mood the other night...
  5. So I went over to CL and got a few (cheaper) consolation prizes...
  6. I was actually bidding on this book, but dropped out looong before the final bell.
  7. Hmmm, maybe all of my 10 followers choose to be hidden?
  8. Can someone explain to me (if it's possible) how to see who's 'following' me on Ebay? I go to my homepage and it tells me how many I have, but I can't figure out how to see who they are.
  9. Value has been like greased lightning lately. Two weeks (or less) from received to F/I/S.