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  1. I know they're kinda cheap (right up my alley!), but I was feeling a bit nostalgic earlier this week and ordered the collected reprints of Metamorphosis odyssey/Dreadstar stories.
  2. Me too. You never know when you're getting the ax.
  3. I really miss being a teen in the 70s. I always had time to read lots (and I mean LOTS) of comics at any time I wished. There was a time when I could tell you the history of pretty much all the Marvel superheroes. I read just about all the silver-age Marvel superhero comics. I never really needed those little notations in the stories that went something like "way back in issue #3". You know how you were always told to count sheep to fall asleep? With me, it wasn't counting sheep, it was picturing the covers of FF (or DD, or any Marvel comic) from #1 to the current issue. Nowadays, the only time I can find to read a comic is when I'm sitting on the throne. #reminiscing
  4. Exactly. I don't really care for bowling, and I hate miniature golf (although I think I'm the best in the world at it)...Ebay isn't a job, it's something I do for enjoyment. What $ I make goes towards more comics (and maybe a stack of pancakes at IHOP). I've had a few 'bumps in the road', but not once have they turned my face red in anger.
  5. Did they say anything or did they just remove in silence?
  6. Cool, I guess if I ever decide to sell some books at an auction house, I have to do a little research.
  7. This is the part that would really grind my gears. I recently had a couple of books rejected on the basis of being too explicit. (The Dead from the early '80s - gore editions) But there are some on the census (which means they have graded them in the past) Gears are grinding again.
  8. Different auction houses concentrate more on certain types of books?
  9. More than 6 months for Economy definitely means something is wrong. Call them.
  10. Maybe it's time to start charging a 3% restocking fee.
  11. The way I've always understood is to use the FMV of the raw book you're sending in. If this is right, CoCollect (and GPA) would not be applicable.
  12. Why does the label say 'Top Guns of the West'? Do all the Super DC Giant labels repeat the cover? Super looking books.