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  1. Do you know why it had to redrawn to meet code approval? I don't see why one would be approved and the other not.
  2. I guess it all depends. 50% of $1000 is different than 50% of $10.
  3. Just for shiits -n- giggles, here's what TATs looked like earlier this year...
  4. Before I knew what a Bad MoFo was, I knew that Crusher was one.
  5. I believe if you look up a book on the Census, it'll tell you what "key comments" they put on the label. I'm assuming you mean key comments when you say grader notes.
  6. Correct me if I"m wrong... This only tells you if a book has been pressed by CCS, it DOES NOT tell you if a book has been pressed. Correct?
  7. Big change from a few months ago, when I was getting Value slowboat subs back in 2 weeks time.
  8. Was he banned or something? He hasn't logged on since Sunday.
  9. My 5 book Value slowboat from 9/15 is still at Received.
  10. I totally understand that Covid is having an affect. What I don't understand is the dates supplied. If the package left Brown City on the 5th and arrived in Detroit on the 9th, does that mean the truck was traveling at 5 MPH?
  11. I can't speak for anyone else, but $500 is a lot of money to me. Too much to not do anything about it..
  12. So this was a CBCS book? "...but it can be done." Is this true for CGC books, as well?