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  1. Gaard

    eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    Newb question. Try not to roll your eyes ... I want to buy 2 BINs from a seller who offers combined shipping. How do I buy them without paying the full shipping amount on both items?
  2. A couple of questions from someone who has never had a book signed nor ever owned a yellow label... What's the difference between a facilitator & a witness? What makes one facilitator better than another?
  3. Gaard

    Newton Ring Question

    I included a note with my last submission. Not sure it'll make a difference. "Please do everything you can to eliminate any possible newton rings. Thanks."
  4. Gaard

    eBay etiquette

    Sounds akin to your neighbors anonymously complaining about the height of your grass. (yes, I've received a letter from the city before) I always price my books lower than the rest of the BINs. I'm not looking to set a new high FMV point. I, like you, just want to sell my book. As for other sellers - it's none of their business what price I set on my books. I've never received a message like you, but if I did, I'd probably tell him to go pound sand.
  5. Gaard

    Newton Ring Question

    What can we draw from this?
  6. Gaard

    Newton Ring Question

    Did you make any kind of "watch for rings", or "put in bigger cases"? And if so, I wonder if we can make that request on our forms?
  7. Gaard

    Newton Ring Question

    I haven't tried to reholder books with newton rings, but I have wanted to. A while back I got back two expensive (for me) books with very bad puddling. I contacted Christian, and after sending him some pics, he said that they would reholder them for free. They came back with the EXACT same puddling. Not similar, mind you, they were the same. They transferred the books right from my box to theirs. I remember removing them from the CGC box and thought, "Shoot, they have puddling again. And they're the same the same spot of the book. Come to think of it...". After I got out the pics of the books I had sent to Christian, and my suspicions confirmed, I figured that they just wanted to shut me up. So even though I've gotten books back with excessive amounts of rings (where the WHOLE cover is covered), I haven't even tried to contact them again.
  8. Gaard

    Newton Ring Question

    Will CGC listen if you request no newton rings when you submit?
  9. As was mentioned before, I would (and have) returned a book because of those rings. I understand it doesn't have any effect on the book itself, but if I spend money on something (especially a large amount of money), I want to be happy with my purchase. I guess technically "value" and "sellable" mean different things. But I can't help wonder if people are hesitant to buy CGC slabs due to these rings. I wonder if anyone is buying slabs from across the street because of this? (Can we even say 'across the street' anymore due to the move?)
  10. Do you do this with the newer slabs? You sure about this?
  11. Gaard

    This Week Back From CGC

    Hodge Podge
  12. Misunderstandings are to be expected as long as Paradise remains mute on the subject. Until they offer an explanation, this subject will remain a mystery. Frankly, it wouldn't make any difference in the world to me if this guy was the nicest person in the world. Remaining silent is bad ... whether Paradise Is blameless or not.
  13. Gaard

    eBay's latest stupidity

    I recently bought an X-men 101. I sent it to CGC & it came back B-1. I went to go look at the original listing again, but it's not letting me view it. It takes me to a "recommended" current listing. I think I read somewhere that Ebay does all their upgrades on Thursday. So hopefully this coming Thursday they will have received enough negativity concerning this that they'll put things back to normal.