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  1. My dad didn't talk much about his days over in Europe during WWII, but when he did, the stories he told were fascinating. RIP dad. See ya Monday.
  2. I REALLY would like to check this program out. It sounds really useful. Unfortunately, I haven't really kept up with tech stuff. I certainly do not own one of those smart phones. My son was showing me his phone one day and I told him "that's not a phone, that's a device." When/if your program becomes available to the PC, let me know. Did you know toasters, these days, do 4 slices at a time?
  3. It's possible. I can't say whether it's likely or not, all I can give you is my experiences ... I've been submitting to CGC for years - always used the nongraded values (afterall, that's what your sending them, and you can't possibly know what grade it's coming back with) - I've never, not once, been bumped up by them. edit: don't be discouraged by the word 'final' in the post above. Nowhere does CGC use that word.
  4. I attended a seminar recently teaching me how to make buku bucks in real estate.
  5. Yes, bunching is the smart way. And, when figuring out which tiers I can use, I use non-graded values (not what they'll be worth after grading). BTW - the different tiers is bs, imo. Does anyone know if the other grading companies (cards, coins) use the tier system?
  6. I knock on wood whenever I read this thread. I've been buying/selling comics on Ebay for 5 years (been a member since '99) but I have yet to experience anything close to the stories I've read here. Never had a reason to block anyone and hopefully never will. I'm sure it's normal to never be jacked around ... well, either that or I'm blessed.
  7. You can submit any amount of books over 25. I submitted 28 when I did it. I learned the hard way that they only ship books back 25 in a box - so I had to pay shipping to have the other 3 books shipped back to me. Oh well, live & learn. (I wish I would've known, though.)
  8. "I don't agree with your definition of the word 'key', therefore your app is invalid."
  9. Seriously? This guy is being criticized for making this app?
  10. I started buying off the stands in the 70s - same with back issues. Hence, my collection is made up of mostly silver & bronze, which makes them easier to sell. This is a good thing because I reached the top of the hill many moons ago, now I'm heading back down. I have one son, who is an adult now. He has zero interest in comics. I have 5 siblings. They all roll their eyes when I attempt to talk about my collection. I have slowly begun to sell off. For 2 reasons... 1) I would just feel bad leaving such a large burden (and don't kid yourself, it would be a burden) with my family to take care of. 2) I absolutely know for a fact that when I'm gone, my family (lacking any knowledge what-so-ever about comics) would sell them for pennies on the dollar ... or just rent a dumpster. No, I'd rather put them back out there for other kids. It's disheartening to have to play the CGC game, because the kids can't get the same enjoyment from them that I did all those years ago. But when I look at the numbers, I figure I can get more for them if I have them slabbed first. It really doesn't bother me too much to be selling them off. I know that when I'm gone, they won't be around much longer, so I might as well 'reap the rewards' of the comics I bought and saved as a kid.
  11. One of my favorites is Hitman 34 ... Synopsis for "Of Thee I Sing" Tommy Monaghan is sitting atop a roof, reading a magazine about Superman. when Superman lands on the rooftop. Tommy stares, open mouthed. Superman apologizes for intruding and introduces himself. Superman tells Tommy that something went wrong for him tonight, that he failed. When the nuclear space shuttle Yeager's engines overheated in space, Superman was on monitor duty when the S.O.S. went out. Superman saved the surviving astronauts. All but one, who was stuck in the subflooring while the rest of the crew escaped. Before Superman could do anything about it, the shuttle blew up. Superman came to Gotham to talk to Batman about things, but Batman said something typically cryptic and brushed off Superman for some work. Tommy comforts Superman, reminding him what a hero he is. Feeling better, Superman apologizes for taking up so much of Tommy's time, autographs Tommy's magazine and flies away. Whistling, Tommy pulls out his sniper rifle and shoots Figs Kernahan, in his apartment across the street.
  12. I've never dropped books off at a show, but it just seems like getting a receipt would be SOP.