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  1. Gaard

    Recasing Books

    Don't remove your book from the slab before shipping it. Let CGC do'll keep the same grade - unless it gets abused during shipping.
  2. Wolverine #1 CGC 9.8 direct Wolverine #1 CGC 9.8 newsstand
  3. i wonder if one would get penalized if they marked EX all over their modern submission package?
  4. Hmmm. Not really sure what he's talking about, but it seems weird that 2 books would have them (whatever they are) and the rest don't.
  5. The conspiracy theorist in me wants to convince me that CGC is doing all this 'delivered/received' bs on purpose in order to not raise the TATs too much, but the TATs are already pretty high, so I'm sticking with 'incompetence'.
  6. ComicLink question - Let's say I won some comics at auction. But I also want to buy some books off their Exchange. To save a little $, will I be able to pay for them both on one invoice? Is that an option that I'm not seeing, or do I have to wait until Monday and call them? Now let's say that I won some books at auction (same as last time), but this time, instead of buying some books outright on the Exchange, I want to make a few offers. How will that work? (my goal here is to combine all wins [auction & Exchange] to save on shipping)
  7. Jennifer, You've been very helpful and extremely pleasant on these boards, but please do not feign ignorance on this issue. The original question did not concern a specific occurrence of this problem, but rather if CGC is going to publicly address this very common and concerning issue - that quite frankly has been going on for far too long. CGC's customers have concerns, they should address it ... the silence is deafening.
  8. I was kind of tired while watching it last night, so I can't be certain, but I could swear I heard Batman drop the f bomb.
  9. Are you guys doing anything to to fix/prevent/correct the fact that you're so far behind in 'receiving'? I'm not talking about the TATs, I'm strictly referring to the time between when our packages get delivered and when they get logged in.