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  1. "Rob Liefeld just posted on Twitter that he won't sign any comics that carry the new Deadpool Label" Don't understand. CGC is asking him to sign the actual labels before they use them? How can he sign comics that have the label when the only way they can have the label is is they are already slabbed?
  2. Went to G/QC yesterday - 2/21. And for some reason my CC was charged immediately (for all 25 books). Seeing as how this sub has 12 rejects (you can all stop snickering), I think I'm due a refund (and I emailed them - but it's the weekend, so no reply yet). BTW - 3 book Economy submission Received - 2/21
  3. You suck! My 1/6 Modern PS is still at SFG.
  4. This is what mine did, also. The RECEIVED date changed.
  5. Looks like I don't have to make that call. They went to SFG this morning.
  6. Yep. I'll call later this week if there's still no movement (still at received). Oh well, I was batting 1.000 all these years, I was bound to have an issue sooner or later.
  7. Two-Gun Kid #77 CGC 9.0 The Boys #1 CGC 9.8 Tales To Astonish #62 CGC 8.0 Startling Terror Tales #11 CGC 3.0 (restored) Our Army At War #60 CGC 8.0 Batman #386 CGC 9.8 Amazing Spiderman #34 CGC 9.0
  8. This is the first CL auction I've had books in, and I wanted to give a shoutout to Jason Crosby. He's been very patient with me .. answering all my questions and walking me thru the process. My fingers have never been crossed so tight (except for the first time I played the lotto).
  9. So you were daring them to pelt you with eggs? Ah, life in a small town.
  10. Will do. Still at Received as of right now.
  11. My 1/6 modern ps is still at received.
  12. nothing I want to point out that there wasn't one of those stupid stickers on the back of this book. Anyone else notice an absence of stickers?