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  1. Sellers Who Copy Your Item Description

    What do they say about imitation again?
  2. Marvel Pence Price Variants

    Meant for everyone in this thread. I was one of those "teenage comic geeks" back in the mid '70s, but I'm still amazed at the things I had no idea about & how much work (<-- that's what it seems like) people put into gathering/sharing this kind of information. I love reading about the history of our hobby, and the subject of this thread just makes me say 'wow' - not just because of the info, but because people took the time to research it. Mike
  3. Marvel Pence Price Variants

    I just wanted you to know that even though I have nothing to contribute, I find this subject matter fascinating. Thanks for the obviously tedious work.
  4. What was the first comic you ever "hoarded"

    Yeah, but I don't think I knew how to play the speculation game very well ... I still have them.
  5. What was the first comic you ever "hoarded"

    Wolverine limited series #1. Bought 12 copies and felt foolish for doing it.
  6. Lack of communication really grinds my gears.
  7. This Week Back From CGC

    I likes me some mid-grade silver ...
  8. eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    Delivery: varies What's this all about? All my old listings show a date to be delivered ... like this: Estimated on or before Mon. Jan. 08 Now, though, when I try to list something it says ... Delivery: varies edit: nevermind ... once I hit 'List it", it changed from saying 'varies' to giving a date
  9. Bought book off eBay

    I was surfing ebay last night and came across a comic I was thinking about bidding on. Then I noticed the seller was all_things_comics, and decided not to. Funny thing is, they have 100% positive feedback. On topic comment ... yes, "nice" is subjective, but one would think logic trumps subjectivity.
  10. This Week Back From CGC

    There's a joke in there somewhere.
  11. Current Turnaround times at CCS

    I never understood that either. I wonder (besides how they knew they were file copies) if being a file copy adds something to the value?
  12. This Week Back From CGC

    Arrived yesterday.
  13. ALL I DO IS WIN! Post your eBay wins here

    Some recent acquisitions from the bay:
  14. Which Focused auction?

    For you experienced Comiclink sellers... Is there a certain Focused auction that is better than the others?