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  1. USPS Media Mail Regulations

    People seem to be concentrating on the costs between media and other methods. But is one method safer than the other (as far as risk of damage to the comics)? " I don't know why people are crucified on here for bending the rules where there is some seriously bad stuff going on in the world. " I don't agree with this at all. Akin to saying, "I know what I'm doing is wrong, but what he's doing is worse."
  2. I just watched Ghost Rider 2 last night. Nik Cage is crazy ... reminds me of Gary Busey.
  3. That makes a ton of sense. The other guys don't charge and I've never seen a book that didn't have any (not saying there aren't any, just I've never seen any). Also, this is from CGC's website... " After being examined by a restoration detection professional, the comic books are placed in barcoded mylar sleeves, and separated from their original invoice. This step is taken to ensure that graders do not know whose books they are grading, as a further guarantee of impartiality. The book’s pages are then counted and any peculiarities or flaws that may affect a book’s grade are entered into the computer. Some examples of this would be “a tear on third page,” “a corner crease – does not break color,” “a ¼” inch spine split,” and so forth. When the grader examines the comic, he is not able to see a previously assigned grade, so as to not influence his own evaluation. After determining his own grade for the comic, he can then view the Grader Notes entered by a previous grader, and he may add to this commentary if he believes more remarks are in order. Another restoration check is performed before assigning a grade. If all grades are in agreement or are very close, the book will be assigned a final grade. If there is disagreement among the graders, there will be a discussion with other graders until a final determination is made. The book is then forwarded to the Encapsulation Department for sealing." I was a little confused. The graders aren't supposed to talk about the book while it's being graded. But after it's been graded, it seems then they do discuss it.
  4. I just got off the phone with Dean. I explained it to him, and he said that it isn't unusual at all. That sometimes there is just an internal conversation between graders and nothing is written down. Kinda goes against what I had been led to believe in the past, that there is no communication between graders so there can't be any kind of influence between them.
  5. Miss the days when you could actually trade

    When I was a kid, I traded a dozen or so old X-men for a set of '75 baseball cards. We both walked away happy.
  6. Graded a few days ago - haven't even received the package yet. FF53 graded universal 8.0 with no notes.
  7. I realize CGC isn't obligated to supply notes, but it seems kind of odd that an 8.0 doesn't have any. Surely this isn't typical.
  8. I waited too long for those FF 40's (45 &46). Now, they are at unacceptable prices. I think I must be in the miniscule minority who have absolutely no desire for a Hulk 181. I was never a big fan of Wolverine.
  9. eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    Is it typical to not receive any email alerts for my saved searches for a few days? I have always received about 20 emails (usually around 5:00 am EST), but haven't received any for close to a week now.
  10. And this is why we have insurance.

    Can't remember the last time I took a bath ... always showers. Sorry about your books. Glad it wasn't worse.
  11. sales "pending" at CLINK

    It'd be nice if they listed a 'date sold' for their books.
  12. Not sure if this counts. Blue and purple covers...
  13. Can you explain how you do this (figure out what each grader gives it)? Do you have to call them?

    I'd be too nervous leaving packages out for the mailman to pick up. I have 'questionable' neighbors.