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  1. Hi Mollie, Could you please add the following 3 books to the following sets BOOKS: 1. Walking Dead #191 - cert #2043469011 2. Walking Dead #192 - cert #2050211017 3. Walking Dead #193 - cert #1574358055 SETS: 1. Walking Dead (2003) 2. Walking Dead (2003 Complete with Variants) Thank you
  2. Hello Mollie Can you please add Book: Spawn Thanks! #nn (cert. 1448022003) to the following: Set: Spawn This book is a collection of covers and does not progress the story line. It is suited for the Complete Set, but not the regular Spawn Set. Set: Spawn (Complete) This book is already available in the Complete Set. It is between "Spawn: Movie Premiere Special Edition 1" and "Spawn: Book of Souls nn" Set: Todd McFarlane Cover Set Thank you!
  3. Looking to add: Sets: Spawn, Spawn (Complete) Book Requested: Crusade of Comics Presents: Spawn #1 Addition Info: Came out in 1992, My cert #1300164023 if that helps. I apologize if this is considered a new addition but I figured it would just go under the existing Spawn and Spawn (Complete). Thank you
  4. Can you please add Invasion by DC Comics. 3 part mini-series with early McFarlane on #1 and #2 and Rubinstein doing inks on all. Thank you