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  1. FutureFlash

    War Comics

    Pick up at a local con. OAAW 85. Does the side looked trimmed at all to anybody?
  2. FutureFlash

    Batman DAMNED #1

    I lost track are we still talking about the Batpole?
  3. FutureFlash

    War Comics

    Glad you were able to snag a copy. Sweet Grandenetti cover too. Love how the tail gunner is still blasting away as he is falling to the ground.
  4. FutureFlash

    Batman DAMNED #1

    I picked up a copy at the LCS on Wednesday, I thought the story was good, with ahem a surprise inside. I really don't care for the size of the book though (yes the book, not the other thing). I hope all of the Black Label stuff won't be in the oversize format. Otherwise it is trade wait for me.
  5. FutureFlash

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Yeah it is a shame about MD. I was really enjoying it, but lately it is just been kinda meh. I plan on dropping it once this latest arc wraps up.
  6. FutureFlash

    War Comics

  7. FutureFlash

    War Comics

    What a bargain!
  8. FutureFlash

    War Comics

    Recent used bookstore pickup. OFF 117...awesome Kubert cover and has an in story appearance of Mlle. Marie.
  9. FutureFlash

    Russ Heath

    First Big 5 War book I purchased to start the run of all the issues. Heath did some awesome covers.
  10. FutureFlash

    What's up with X-Force #1?

    I sent one of my 8 copies in and it received a 9.4 due to the score/scratch line down the front cover (grader notes). Somehow I missed the score line when I sent it in, but otherwise I believe it should be a 9.8. Unfortunately all of my copies have this score line to varying degrees. After reading this thread, apparently this score line is a manufacturing defect. Why is it being reduced in grade? I though manufacturing issues, got a pass.
  11. FutureFlash

    War Comics

    NIce books! I have a bunch of recent pick ups to share myself. Darn work keeps getting in the way of comic time.
  12. FutureFlash

    War Comics

    Those Tap stamps are pretty cool.
  13. One of my favorite Vertigo series.