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  1. Yeah those Heath Sea Devil covers are sweet. Slow working on a run of them.
  2. Yeah I liked the original series a lot, it was one of few DC series I got back in my Marvel Zombie days. Never was able to get the whole series but the Janus Directive arc was cool. Plan on reading the whole series now that I have DC Universe. Plus other 80s titles I missed out on; Captain Atom, Firestorm, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, The Question, etc.
  3. Well certainly didn't see this coming, I would have thought he would end it around #300. Seemed to me there was a lot more story to tell, though I am sure there will be a spin off series down the road. Image is really going to be hurting in sales without WD and Saga.
  4. Lots of good ones to choose from: DC DKR Watchmen Last Days of the JSA Kingdom Come Crisis on Infinite Earths Marvel Secret Wars Punisher LS Wolverine LS Other Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers
  5. Kinda blah covers this year. I guess I'll take the Joker cover. Number 17 (1987) was my first guide. Sadly I got rid of all my late 80s up to the mid 90s price guides when I had stopped collecting.
  6. I don't own any...unless Superman: The Golden Age, vol 1 counts. Though 7 is out of reach for me, I could maybe do a 13 someday.
  7. What it is not realistic to hang off your burning plane and fire your .45 at your pursuer. I will say nobody better in the era than Heath in realism of the tanks, ships and planes.
  8. Legion of Super Heroes and Teen Titans, best DC reading material of the early 80s.
  9. I like to bend them and eat some greasy food before reading them.
  10. JL Darkseid War was a great read.
  11. I enjoyed it, picked up the Yasmine Putri variant. Though the main cover was tempting too. Should be a fun series.
  12. Authority nice thread! Appreciate your reviews.
  13. Easily done if you have a million or so lying around.