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  1. Jeffreykli

    Bagged comics...the funniest of ironies.

    The best was Ren and Stimpy #1, which came bagged with a secret message on the cover. The secret message is "You eediot! You opened the bag!! Now the comic ees worthless!!"
  2. I don't have any, but have you determined what books were on the newsstands during October 1968? I did that for my birth month, and then saved eBay searches for those books, since a lot of times date stamps aren't mentioned. Every week or so, I'd check out the scans of new listings to see if there was a date stamp. I ended up getting about five from my birth month, including one with a grease pencil arrival date of my actual birthday. Good luck.
  3. Jeffreykli

    Berkeley Comic Con Show Report

    Tim, You're very welcome for the wine, and thanks for organizing. Very fun show, and time flew by. I always forget how much time and effort it takes to set up and do a show. Fun, but as a lot of people will tell you, much more fun to buy comics than sell them.
  4. Jeffreykli

    Berkeley Comic Con Aug. 4, Comics Only! Great old school show.

    Should be fun as always! Mark - Are you compiling a wantlist again?
  5. I seem to recall seeing a stack of these for free at my LCS, but that's about all I remember. I don't think I even grabbed one, and it might have been around FCBD time.
  6. Jason, Congratulations on finishing the run, and thanks for sharing. A beautiful collection of books and a great achievement.
  7. Jeffreykli

    Brave and the Bold 33 (June 2010)

    Pre-Killing Joke and a great, moving story. I highly recommend getting a copy to read (or read in TPB).
  8. Jeffreykli

    If you could complete a full run... what would it be?

    But not #881?
  9. Jeffreykli

    Bernie's (second) best...

    Here's my suggestion:
  10. Jeffreykli

    WTB: Black Magic from 1950s Prize Comics

    Do you need a #8? LMK and I can dig it up.
  11. Jeffreykli

    The Exclusive High Grade Dare Devil #7 Club

    Nice one, Rob! Here's mine:
  12. I have this, but sorry, NFS. I suspect that you're correct that most of Dave's work is in private collections. I'm not sure how much he has kept back for himself.
  13. Wise choice. Stay safe, and worry about the other stuff later.
  14. Jeffreykli

    AS #1 CGC 6.5/X-Men #1 CGC 1.8 stolen

    Awful news...I hope the books are recovered.
  15. Jeffreykli

    Cheapest Place To Buy Mylites2 In Bulk?

    Shipping is the killer, so if you know someone locally with a Diamond account, you can order mylite2s through them and get volume discounts.