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  1. If you could complete a full run... what would it be?

    But not #881?
  2. Bernie's (second) best...

    Here's my suggestion:
  3. WTB: Black Magic from 1950s Prize Comics

    Do you need a #8? LMK and I can dig it up.
  4. The Exclusive High Grade Dare Devil #7 Club

    Nice one, Rob! Here's mine:
  5. I have this, but sorry, NFS. I suspect that you're correct that most of Dave's work is in private collections. I'm not sure how much he has kept back for himself.
  6. Wise choice. Stay safe, and worry about the other stuff later.
  7. AS #1 CGC 6.5/X-Men #1 CGC 1.8 stolen

    Awful news...I hope the books are recovered.
  8. Cheapest Place To Buy Mylites2 In Bulk?

    Shipping is the killer, so if you know someone locally with a Diamond account, you can order mylite2s through them and get volume discounts.
  9. Sales Tax on Comic Sale

    When I used to set up at local shows, I would report my total sales and essentially eat the sales tax, since it wasn't worth it to me to calculate the sales tax and make change. I haven't sold in eBay in a year now, but when I did, I included a blurb about sales tax is due on sales within CA. Since I have a CA reseller's license, it's my responsibility to collect and remit the applicable sales taxes on all of my intrastate sales. I also selected within eBay the settings that allowed for be charged on my transactions, so if someone hit a BIN or made a best offer that was accepted, the sales tax would automatically be calculated on the final price and applied to the invoice.
  10. JLA #75 is up because of Black Canary, not Green Arrow.
  11. Show us your splash page

    Here's one of my favorites: Tim Sale Riddler.
  12. Show us your splash page

    I was lucky enough to see the Batman #251 splash in person; just gorgeous.
  13. TMNT IDW run

    It's been a while since I looked, but the first few issues (all covers) as well as #5 (Cover A) were all doing very very well.
  14. UPDATE - My basement flooded where my books are

    So sorry to hear about this, but at least the damage was limited.
  15. Golden-Age Variants

    Wow, that's an old post. Maybe one of my first ones on the Boards! I couldn't find the old scan, but I still have the book. Here's a fresh scan of the front cover. I don't recall discussing changes to the artwork, although I think the reprint of the cover for the recent hardcover collected edition has darker coloring on the dress so that the breasts don't show.