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  1. You know, that Trump's Space Force book really ought to have had pence variants
  2. No, you have a trademark violation if you're trying to sell your own merchandise using the IP (in this case, the Wonder Woman outfit) that another entity owns. The relation of the visual to the merchandise isn't important. It's whether you have the right to use the visual. The only question here would be whether the way they used it constitutes fair use.
  3. Publishing a picture accompanying an editorial would be fine, but using the visual to sell merchandise would be a trademark violation.
  4. We should have seen some of those trees disappear in the woods in Wakanda. I wonder how well out bodies would do with half of the bacteria gone.
  5. Hulk 180 *is* the first Wolvie; it's just not the more desirable book to the average collector. And the other point explains why the hobby has changed so much. A well-written run had value for all books in the run when I was growing up. Those Claremont/Byrne X-Men were always out of my price range. Until Classic X-Men came along, the only way to read any of those stories was to buy all of the books. Whether you wanted to collect them or just read them, everyone was in the same market.
  6. I think if everyone followed the rule "Buy what you like, and don't misrepresent what it is that you're selling" there would be very little to argue about.
  7. Yes, all of those hundreds of thousands of ancillary deaths I mentioned still occurred because baby Stark can't go bye bye
  8. Did they give an exact year of the snap or return though? I know they specified the dates they returned to, but could there be more wiggle room with "now"? Could it be 2016 to 2021? Allow the timeline to catch up with reality? It makes sense why they stopped the Netflix shows. Hard to work that in.
  9. I think the hobby needs to adopt more universal terminology so everyone is speaking the same language. What I would go with: First appearance: This is the first time a character is depicted in creative content. Previously I would have said "story" but the variant cover of Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars feels like a first appearance. So I would include covers and pinups in this category. If necessary, this could be appended to be First Appearance (Cover), First Appearance (Pinup), and First Appearance (Story), when the character appears in something other than a story first. Cameo: e.g. Darkseid in Jimmy Olsen. A brief appearance in which the character is not integral to the main action of the issue Teaser: e.g. Eternal Warrior 4, Amazing Spider-man 299, Incredible Hulk 180. A cameo appearance in which the character is not tied to the story told in the issue, but serves to set up the next issue The following really only need to be called out when it's published before the first appearance: Printed Preview: e.g. Darkhawk in Marvel Age. When there's a preview published of the same content that's published in the first appearance. Printed Advertisement: e.g. Spawn in Malibu Sun. When it's just a depiction of the character Printed Editorial: e.g. Marvel Age 82. There's probably a better example of this out there. When a news mag does a story about something coming up that includes depictions of the characters
  10. But it's in black and white! That doesn't count! (Sorry, just amused by the argument about Spidey's black and white vs black and red costume over in that other thread)
  11. I hope that going forward in the MCU, they don't ignore all of the ancillary deaths that resulted from the snap. An estimates half a million people are flying at any one time. Statistically on a quarter of those planes both the pilot and the co-pilot would have been dust. That's over 60,000 people (a quarter of the passengers, minus the half that the snap removed) that would have perished from crashing airplanes. Similar situations would have resulted from other transportation that suddenly had no driver, pilot, etc. Worldwide the numbers would be in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people that weren't brought back. They should do something with that.
  12. Never. I've been collecting comics since 1987. Before I started collecting comics, I was a Doctor Who fan (since about 1984), and I would go to my local comic show for issues of the Doctor Who monthly mag and novelizations. I started collecting comics when I won a bunch of free comics by answering trivia questions about Doctor Who at their annual trivia contest, and ended up with a stack of comics, and started to explore more. So we're talking about 32 years of comics fandom and 35 years of Doctor Who fandom. And I don't care about Doctor Who comics. It's not even the first appearance of the Doctor in comics. That would be Doctor Who Weekly (which became monthly) #1. Some might argue it's not even the first appearance of the Doctor in comic books (Weekly was a mag) or in US comics either, since there's a Gold Key adaptation of the Peter Cushing movie. (Although most DW fans — myself included — don't entirely accept that the Peter Cushing movies feature the same character, since they significantly changed the Doctor's origin, so it's not really "The Doctor" it's "Doctor Who") But I've got the complete set of the Marvel Premiere run and the comic, so I'd be happy to be wrong.