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  1. Since these are all pre-orders, one can't even argue that one particular 9.8 is better than another (different centering or whatever).
  2. When there are multiple sellers with feedback as good or better than the seller with the pricey auction that have the same item available for cheaper, then yes, that's definitely something fishy. Whether it's the seller shilling his own book, or someone running the price up, I can't say, but why bid more for an item when you can hit the BIN on another seller with the same thing?
  3. Hilarious. "I HAVE TO HAVE THE SH!††!E$† COPY AVAILABLE!!!"
  4. You mean we have to open the book to find out if it's wrong?
  5. There are Action Figure variants for Valiant's 4001 A.D. #1-4
  6. Someone really oughta proofread these before they print them.
  7. That was printed during the speculation era. It's going to take a while. Still a good general rule though.
  8. Bumping this up to make it easier to find, as I hope to get back to updating soon
  9. We don't have all of the details yet. I trust that the people involved will put out good comics, considering their track record. Considering that there are going to be people like me, who are big Valiant fans and would want more than one copy (one to read, one to save, at the very least), you probably can't go wrong with ordering your own.
  10. That staircase in the Bronx has become a tourist destination
  11. I Second what RMA said, but if they're really in as good a condition as you're suggesting, maybe be prepared to ship them off to CGC if there's news that someone wants to try a shared cinematic universe with them
  12. Well, I was really up for discussing any aspect of the venture. But I figure until we know more about the books, the business model is definitely something different from how other companies are running themselves, and therefore ripe for discussion I think. I imagine there's more to how they're going to be working that will make a little more apparent sense to comic fans as they reveal more info.
  13. This is awesome. When I was going through multiples in my comic collection, I looked up each issue to see if there was anything of significance to potentially warrant a higher price, or holding onto it for now. I noticed that this was the first appearance of the Time Variance Authority, which I had never heard of, so I assumed it wasn't particularly important, but put it aside anyway.