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  1. All of that money that people used to spend on going to bars, restaurants, on vacation, or to live events has to go somewhere. Preferably, into my pocket.
  2. I think maybe with a single episode it may have felt rushed. Considering they released the first 2 together, I'm sort of treating that like a single episode, but broken into 2 parts to show that the situation is ongoing.
  3. I ordered them as well, and had them shipped to someone I know in London, but they haven't arrived yet.
  4. It was revealed (in UXM 350 I think?) that Gambit was amongst the Marauders that were responsible for the Mutant Massacre. But I don't remember where that whole storyline went.
  5. With all of the Star Wars books popping, I imagine the next update to this list should look very different. Things have changed a lot since this thread started, when a $1500 book could be in the top 10. I haven't checked the most recent update, so even a $2000 book may not qualify, but even so, one book to watch is the variant for Vengeance #1
  6. It's been a while since I've kept up on what's going on in Marvel continuity. I know Annihilation: Wraith 1 was and still is hot because it's his first appearance. Is this a character with long-term viability? #2 was hot as well but that appears to have cooled off a lot.
  7. Not the only "Vengeance" popping recently.
  8. This was an obvious winner amongst all of the Marvel vs Aliens covers. I ordered 10.
  9. Well, most of the run of Marvel Fanfare have probably seen the dollar bin at some point, so I'm not surprised if there are very few high-grade copies of these available. These are also 4 of the last 5 issues, so I imagine that the print run was pretty low (for the era) on these. Low enough for the title to be cancelled.