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  1. Agents of Atlas War of the Realms is starting to move
  2. I know it's not Modern (but then neither are the other Aliens and Predator books being discussed), but any thoughts on the significance of Uncanny X-Men #155, the first appearance of the Brood, which were basically an Aliens rip-off? Aliens/X-Men might be a cool crossover.
  3. There is an entire thread regarding books that were direct-only with a UPC.
  4. My general take on something like this is that a cover appearance on a comic (rather than a new magazine about comics) is Creative content (whereas a cover of a magazine like Wizard or Marvel Age is Editorial or Marketing content), and therefore is generally going to count as a first appearance and be the desired book, regardless of whether the character appears in the story. But that means you're going to have another key book, where the character first appears in the story. For example, Kamala Khan's first appearance as Ms Marvel is desired both on the second print of Captain Marvel 17 and in Marvel Now Point 1. Gwenpool isn't at all related to the story in the comic that she first appeared on the cover of, and that was the hot book.
  5. Here's a fun fact about Bowie, conveyed to me by someone who's worked for the Henson company. During the filming of Labyrinth, Bowie refused to wear the codpiece that the costume department made for his outfit. And in some shots focused on the children, whom he was standing next to, that's apparently quite obvious. You're welcome.
  6. This is nuts:
  7. Considering the misogyny I've noticed in comics fandom, it's not always obvious.
  8. Yeah, I sold off my GOTG #1 CGC 9.6 for a decent amount. Hopefully when we get closer to a third movie releasing there will be another spike
  9. If the charges are legit, I'd hardly say that Ron is the one that's worthy of sympathy.
  10. True. Had that particular issue been selling for a premium?
  11. Any thoughts on why Annihilation: Conquest Star-Lord #1 doesn't go for more? It's the first Groot in continuity, which is the one that popularized Groot. I would think that would be a sound alternative to Tales to Astonish.