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  1. I'm guessing that the price is for the full mini (3x5.99=17.97), which I believe is perfectly within the rules. Since one of the Bad Idea rules is that orders for subsequent issues need to be no less than orders for #1, some retailers are only selling the books as a set.
  2. I was just thinking it's not only a time to be picking stuff up cheap, but also grabbing new stuff that looks to have potential. Of course, if the parent company decides that there's not much to gain from the publishing arm of the company, everything will go south.
  3. There's a rule that they must be in the highest traffic area in the store.
  4. Crazy how little that storyline goes for. If Bane is Batman's Venom, then Legends of the Dark Knight 16 is Bane's ASM 252.
  5. Funny, I went to Midtown last week at open. Since I was passing by that way later in the day (2 hour public transportation trip to get the vaccine), I stopped by to grab another but they were sold out (around 5pm).
  6. So you're saying that NFT artwork is the "Name a Star After Someone! It'll be recorded in book form in the Library of Congress Copyright Office" of the 2020s?
  7. When I was doing eBay results searches to update that Comics Since 1988 that are worth $$$ thread, I found that a good number of The Long Halloween issues (I know that the book you sold wasn't technically part of that run, but looks similar) were a bit pricey. I may send mine off to be graded.
  8. I'm the right age to think that either of those things were possible.
  9. If you had given me the choices of a '70s movie or a Zach Galifianakis movie, I would have guessed the latter.
  10. Funny; I've seen this gif plenty of times but never had any idea where it was from. My guess was that it was from some relatively recent comedy that was parodying a Grizzly Adams-type character
  11. Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #1 has one 9.6 sale over 250 (BIN). Auction results have been less than the threshold, but prices of 9.8s suggest there could be more over it coming.