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  1. 14 hours ago, RJ MacReady said:

    Venom #3 selling for 300-350 for a 9.8 now. Cates just killed that book. I genuinely have no idea what he was thinking with Dylan. I think at this point the Tynion vs Cates debate can officially be put to rest. Nice to see Hell Arisen #3 selling for 400 for a 9.8 now. Punchline is here to stay. 35k print run, run was cut with a dull knife so tons of corner damage on most of the run. And shops across the board under ordered on it because no one realized she was first full in this book until after Final Order Cut off. Hell Arisen #3 was lightning in a bottle for speccers. 

    Maybe Cates was thinking he cared more about the story than whether people were speculating on a book.

  2. 2 hours ago, PeterPark said:

    I recently bought 3 copies of secret warriors 2 2nd print because I thought it would jump at some point...guess I was just in time because I am still waiting on one...

    I posted this over in the Coppers thread, but since the Contessa Val spec applies to some Moderns as well, figured I'd mention here. While looking into details of some of the early-mid '80s Special Edition reprint books, I noticed that Strange Tales 159 was reprinted in Captain America Special Edition 2. Not a lot of action on it on eBay right now, but certainly there's more interest in reprint books now than there used to be, and it's a nice cover. I'm guessing the first time the 1st appearance was reprinted?


  3. 2 minutes ago, awakeintheashes said:

    I have about 30 books ready to go but have identified about 50 more I was going to spread out and stagger submissions. May just do a 80-100 book submission this week. 

    I had more than 50 ready to go, but since you can put 25/invoice I group them in batches of 25. I'll be busy this weekend — I have boxes to go through to decide the best way to submit — and probably ship out 50-100 more by the deadline.

  4. 8 hours ago, the blob said:

    Interestingly enough, while Invincible key and early issues are selling for hefty prices, most of the rest of the run seems to be selling and listed at $3-5. Indeed, I went through a stack of about 20 issues I have and aside from one $50 book and 2 $10-12 books, it looks like everything else I had falls into that category. In this era that seems awfully cheap, particularly as many of those issues in up through the 70s had sub-20K print runs. I'm just tempted to list all my filler issues at $10-12 each with B/O and wait for the market to catch up, like it did with WD books. Once the cheap copies are bought up (which would take very little as we are only talking about a few per issue).... OR do we think folks interested in reading these are just buying TPBs or reading them online and the filler issues may never see action?

    Around the time #110 came out, there was a digital package of every issue up to then available for I think $75. I bought that at the time and then started getting the new issues monthly. Personally, I prefer reading collections for older books. I tend to only read single issues when they're new and the only way to read a book. It doesn't make sense in my mind playing a premium for a single issue to read, as if it's selling for a premium that says there's value in it, so why chance damaging it?

  5. 4 minutes ago, jdandns said:

    It's a Disney+ series, so it might be a one-season affair.

    I haven't read it but I have the 8 issues + variants. Could they tell whole story in about 8 episodes?

    Just announced: Emilia Clarke from "Game of Thrones" is set to join the cast 

    Any idea what character she might be playing?


    The obvious guess would be Jessica Drew, but for past adaptations of comic stories the MCU has kept the basics of the story and made it work with characters already on the table.

  6. 2 hours ago, awakeintheashes said:

    In a market where US Agent #1 can sell for $15, it may be worth keeping an eye out for the Moon Knight Special from 1992 when you're digging through dollar bins. Features a team-up with Shang-Chi. With both being featured in other media soon, it might be worth snagging for $1-2.  


    I never saw this book before, and I bought just about every Marvel super-hero book at that time. Definitely looks like a good short-term pickup.

    With people speccing on the early Marvel Comics Presents for the Madripoor stories, it's worth noting that there's a Shang Chi story int he first 8 issues too.

  7. 15 minutes ago, the blob said:

    wild that the reprint MK book is on par or more expensive than the original, beautiful, hulks. there have been some strong hulk mag sales recently, but they were mostly comis4less, so who knows?

    The covers are on these Special Edition reprints books are really nice, for the most part, so I can understand in some cases wanting the reprint more.


  8. 31 minutes ago, the blob said:

    are these reprints of the hulk mag stories?

    on a related note, the hulk mags with moon knight are finally seeing some action. overdue.


    I believe so. Marvel did a few "Special Editions" like this is the early '80s. There was a Starlord one that reprinted some of the Magazine stories. X-Men Special Edition reprinted GSX #1, Micronauts reprinted the first dozen or so issues. Doctor Strange reprinted the first couple of issues of his comic. Captain America reprinted some early issues of his Silver Age book (and some really random backups, including — here's a fun find — the first appearance of Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. First time reprinted maybe? : (The Starlord on, oddly, contains some Doctor Who backup story.) You get the picture. There was an FF one, and, I believe, Warlock and Captain Marvel. Probably some others too.

  9. 22 minutes ago, F For Fake said:

    Growing up, I didn't like any Wolverine stories where he wasn't in his X-men costume. Preferably the yellow/brown, but the yellow/blue was ok too. So when the Patch stuff started, I couldn't be bothered. I just thought it looked so dumb, with his big pointy dumb hair. 


    Big pointy mask fins: Awesome

    Big pointy hair: Dumb

    Whenever he took his mask off in UXM, I was like "Ugh."

    And this is why, even though there have now been 47 movies with "Wolverine" in them, I still don't feel like I've really seen "Wolverine" on screen. Gimme the mask!

    It protected his identity so well, even he didn't know who he was.

  10. 16 hours ago, Plantman said:

    Near mint copies of War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1 were sold for over $50 each this weekend on eBay. My local shops had plenty of supply when the book was released. So far that has not held it back.

    Awesome! I wish I had picked up more of the A cover instead of the connecting variant. But I have a few of each. 9.8s of the A cover selling for over $300.

  11. 22 hours ago, adampasz said:
    • The John Walker arc isn't landing for me. Sam and Bucky spent the first 3 episodes killing people indiscriminately, and faced no consequences. Yet suddenly the show makes a big hoopla about Walker killing one of the bad guys in an act of revenge for his friend's death. Is it only bad because he was caught on camera by dozens of bystanders?
    • I'll admit I was tired when I watched, but I didn't really get the details Walker's punishment. They stripped him of being Captain America, but he gets to keep his military rank and loses his pension? I feel like the show is trying to make some points, but it's very muddled.

    There's killing in the heat of battle, and then there's killing a subdued opponent that isn't actively trying to harm you. Big difference.

    Regarding Walker's punishment, he's a soldier. His position is that he did everything that he was asked to do as a soldier. But they gave him a (if I remember the dialogue correctly) "less-than-honorable discharge." From his perspective, he was betrayed by the country that he chose to serve.

  12. 51 minutes ago, @therealsilvermane said:

    Nothing in the comics or the MCU has ever said that a normal human being can't throw and catch the Shield. Being a super soldier was never a prerequisite for wielding it. Wakandans use Vibranium weapons with deadly accuracy and force and they're not super-powered. And if you consider that the Shield is just a glorified frisbee or Olympic discus, just a little bigger and maybe a little heavier, then it works with the same laws of classical mechanics and Newtonian laws of motion in physics, allowing for a little leeway as it's a comic book action movie.

    I'm willing to suspend disbelief, because the show isn't about the physics of the shield, and would quickly become a parody if it followed the laws of physics and Cap had to go retrieve his shield EVERY TIME he threw it. That said, if we're meant to believe that the shield, when thrown at enemy combatants, can incapacitate them, but it doesn't if you manage to catch it with your normal human fingers, then that's a little bit of a problem. For me, the show is doing a great job of character-building and establishing the motivations of all of the different parties involved that makes you sympathetic o all of them when considering their side, so I'll overlook the shield, because that's so baked into Captain America that you've got to let *something* go if you want to see comics on the screen.

  13. 8 minutes ago, TupennyConan said:

    Well said. This seems to be precisely what the creative team behind the show intends to demonstrate by the show itself. In this sense, therefore, the show itself breaks the fourth wall in pursuit of a real life political objective.  

    On the flip side, someone posted a link in the Milestone Comics Fans group on Facebook (which – until they're regularly publishing a line of comics again, I suppose – consists mainly of news and promotion of comics that feature people of color) of the upcoming black female Captain America in the United States of Captain America mini, and one of the comments on that was "A darker skinned person like me defending a white concept? really?" 

    Let's face it; this country has a history of racism, and we're not past that now. A person of color is going to face hurdles that a white person doesn't (on top of all of the ones that a white person does). Not directing this specifically at anyone or in response to any specific position. 

  14. 3 hours ago, fmaz said:

    Your opinion on the strength of the episode is obviously your own so no one can (or should at least ... I forget this is the internet LOL) dispute that). 

    But as for the shield tossing?  Let me at least present the way I saw it, and maybe my background in athletics brings a different perspective.

    What I saw them doing in the beginning was “having a catch”.  Everyone here, regardless of athletic ability has probably at one time or another had a catch with a baseball or softball with a parent or friends. Casually thrown a ball around. It’s not that difficult to do.

    But what Sam was then doing on his own was the equivalent of full-blown practicing/training for game-speed competition.  Which is wholly different. Bucky had experience with the shield, plus he’s enhanced .... I think they were having a catch to sort of introduce Sam to things to get him comfortable ... and then when he decided to commit he went into the full on preparation.

    If you failed to see that, perhaps it was a failure on the part of the ---script/director in conveying it. But I do feel relatively certain that was the intent. 

    This is exactly what I was thinking. And I'm a little surprised that people have such an issue with this, and no issue with the idea that the shield ricochets perfectly in a straight line from one object to the next, when an object obeying the laws of physics wouldn't do that.

  15. 16 minutes ago, awakeintheashes said:

    I’ve wondered about that as well. I guess the only thing that would limit it, somewhat, is the fact that the floor for your future orders is set based on orders for the previous issue. 

    Actually, that might help stores. If by holding back copies of the first issue, the store creates the sense that demand is even greater, then that might help them sell out of the subsequent issues as they're released.

  16. 2 hours ago, Wolverinex said:

    Agreed.  It's excellent stuff.  Tankers 1 was also a fun read too. 


    If they maintain this quality,  I'll keep buying.   Also love they require retailers to keep the cover price for the first 30 days.... 



    Kudos @dinesh_s

    I do wonder whether there are retailers that held back a portion of their order for back issues so that they could benefit from the secondary market prices after 30 days, and what that could do to the prices.