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  1. We know now that the bandana was Bishop's covid mask.
  2. I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone mention the name on the uniform that Zemo stole when they broke him out of prison.
  3. Considering that 9.6s are still bouncing around in the $100-$150 range, I'm going to guess that the sports card youtuber that's been posting about dipping into the CGC 9.8 pool is leading to some outsiders coming in and interested in nothing lower than a 9.8, giving those a boost while not doing as much for the lower grades.
  4. I would be ecstatic with the attention on Bishop increasing, as I bought over 20 copies each of 282 & 283 when they came out. Considering that those were the 2nd and third issues of the revamped title though, I'm sure the numbers of printed are an order or two of magnitude greater than the first appearance of Honey Badger, so that would explain the prices. Plenty of Bishop to go around for all who want one.
  5. I have 2 copies that have double inserts. Anyone know if CGC notes that on the label like they do double covers?
  6. A copy of Uncanny X-Men 282 broke $500:
  7. Not sure how much the Spawn popularity is spilling over into Spawn appearances, but I sold a few issues of Ant recently that had Spawn appearances. Comichron-reported sales were under 10K
  8. I brought a scenario like this up in one of the threads discussing Direct vs Newsstand Editions, but here we have a first cover appearance (Direct Edition only) of Mobius, because of the UPC box.
  9. Ironically, people care about the book now, because of the numbers when nobody cared about it.
  10. That's exactly how I'm thinking about this book. I do wonder whether that helps or hurts long-term value.
  11. I just googled "Women in Refrigerators" and clicked on News to see what's been posted online recently. The last page or so confused me because I saw the comment about the last scene in F&WS (which I hadn't finished yet) and I misinterpreted that to be a comment about this issue and not Ultimates. I thought there was going to be a shock ending.
  12. Definitely. It's similar production quality to Valiant's prestige books, and a good number of those have been graded 9.9
  13. Sadly, this DC book could be popping because of a Marvel book.
  14. I think Chuck does, which would explain the current pricing.
  15. 9.8 Newsstand of Marvel Comics Presents 72 sold for $435.
  16. Looks like I'm not going to able to grab any more reasonably priced copies of this from Mile High (one of the few books that wasn't ridiculously jacked up), since they raised the price from $6 to $27, so I might as well let the cat out the bag. With the popularity of Boom's new Magic the Gathering Comic, some of the old Acclaim comics are getting more attention. 9.8s of Shadow Mage (the first Magic comic) have sold for over $300. But there is a preview of it in the Valiant Free View, which can still be found cheaply on eBay, and you know how some people view previews.
  17. Actually I figured out why. Still not sure how you avoid creating a strikethrough formatting tag when you intend to show an S in the copy surrounded by brackets.
  18. I don't know why all of that copy changed to strikethrough, or why I can't fix it.
  19. For the record, my comment about the book not being a key was not meant as an attack, just a clarification of the facts. And I would say that rather than 'Until [CGC] remove that label, it is a "key"' it might be more accurate to say that until CGC remove's that label, some people will treat it as a "key". Either way, thanks for the heads-up on the sales results. I have a few of those around somewhere.
  20. Arguably that's her on the cover, if not actually her in the story.