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  1. The problem, I think, is that when #11 came came out, one would think, "Oh! So this is first time we're seeing the real Domino!" But you only realize that that's not the case when you re-examine the series up to that point.
  2. It looks like a barcode that they use for Direct Edition *comics*, but maybe not for books. There are a number of prestige format books that went to the newsstand with a direct edition-looking barcode. Maybe the DC version was direct and the Warner version was for newsstand/bookstores? Having quotes for the bookstore version makes sense, because your casual reader may not be familiar with it; they wouldn't be necessary on an edition sent only to comic shops.
  3. Based on the lines I've seen for his table at NYCC, yes.
  4. Here's what I find interesting: the Warner Books version has a first printing indicated as November, 1987. The DC Comics version doesn't indicate a print date. One of them may have been printed first, but which that might be, who can say?
  5. Apparently, yes. There are 2 different first printings, depending on whether you're looking for the DC version or the Warner version.
  6. If I'm not mistaken though, I think there may be a first print with the DC bullet in place of the Warner Books logo on the front cover. I sorta remember seeing 2 versions of this when I got mine. I think I got mine in a discount store that also carried some comics.
  7. Yeah, but A) he didn't write the books, and B) he needed a fill-in artist for #8, cuz he can't stick to deadlines, so it's in his financial interest to get the signing fees for #11.
  8. I'm pretty sure my copy is a first print. I never owned all of the individual issues, so this is how I've read the series several times now, so it's got some wear.
  9. The quality of the Disney+ Marvel shows is on par with the movies, IMO. And the books that are exploding because of the shows are due to speculation of characters that appeared, will be appearing, or of which there are hints that they could appear, where there wasn't really room for that in the movies (except for White Vision, which did see a minor spike when it looked like he might be in the movies). The Disney+ shows are appealing to a wider audience than just geeks. I don't think that the DC shows that featured King Shark did that.
  10. I added this over in the Valuable Comics since 1988 thread. A CGC 9.6 sold for almost $800 a few months ago.
  11. Arguably, since the cover for New Mutants 98 is not a depiction of a scene from the story, the depiction on the cover is of Domino, even though it is another character impersonating her in the story.
  12. The production quality is very good on these. I think we're going to see a fair number of 9.9s.
  13. That hesitation to buy at the higher cover price might be the thing that leads to more people looking to buy a book later, raising the price over that of a "normal" hot book.
  14. The black costume/symbiote is half of Venom. The other half is Eddie Brock, who doesn't appear until much later..
  15. It's always in the last box you end up checking. Once you've found, no sense in continuing to check.
  16. Sales pop for Falcon & the Winter Soldier appearance (in spoilers for those that haven't watched yet:
  17. Considering that the art in the box is blue, and the stroke is so much bigger, it's either an image that does not represent an actual printed product, or it could be some sort of later reprint. Typically the art in the box is black so only the black plate needs to change between the Newsstand Edition and Direct Edition.
  18. Just like Lobo, a few years later. Now there's an interesting crossover…
  19. I imagine the store pays for the return shipping, so they're still losing out there. And depending on where they're located, it my not be worth the storage space to age them for ten years.