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  1. How is it that the cape drops straight down, but then there's this large billowing mass at the bottom? I'd like to see this laid out flat, so I can see the shape.
  2. If you're trying to suggests this supports the notion that Venom is the symbiote, note "We'll need a new name." and "We'll call ourself Venom." (Not "You call yourself Venom.")
  3. There's a handful of decent results of the 1980s Doctor Fate mini (better than the dollar boxes you could probably still find them in, anyway), I'm assuming because of the announcement of the Pierce Brosnan casting.
  4. There's no reason to get more than 1 of the Not First Print, unless you're looking to spread them around to be read. They're going to continue to print these as long as there is demand. They've already announced more are shipping out to stores.
  5. In an interview Dinesh said that to be a Bad IDea destination store the store just had to agree to their terms, so it could be that no store in that area did.
  6. This is one that I figure *should* qualify, once CGC 9.6s are available for sale. Hard to find Artgerm cover; raw copy sold for $230. I have one at CGC right now; I figure it's a 9.4 or so.
  7. When Valiant made Unity #1 returnable, after shipping they offered a special variant if books were not returned. That seems like a good idea here as well, especially if stores already made their money by selling all of the incentive variants. You could give the book away to your customers and still do well (or drop them all in dollar boxes)
  8. And you would be correct to argue that. It's the first appearance of Frank.
  9. I'm waiting to get my Not First Print to read it; but Kindt has not disappointed me before.
  10. Since Miles is so popular, if anything, I figure they would change his super-hero name so there's less confusion for potential new readers, like they did with Spider-Gwen.
  11. Has anyone mentioned Gargoyles #1? Not sure if that's usually a pricey book.
  12. I did very well (I think) with some Mortal Kombat sales this weekend:
  13. That's playing it down. He was the main character in a very popular film that won a lot of awards, including an Oscar.
  14. This makes no sense. What is there to gain? It seems more reasonable that they just figured it's better press to acknowledge that they're changing with the times.
  15. Michelinie can't control what Marvel does with it after he's gone, and it probably sells more books for any subsequent host and the symbiote to also be called Venom. Either way, the symbiote by itself is not Venom.
  16. Since I've never been in therapy, I can't say. But keep in mind as well that this seems to be a situation where the relationship isn't your typical therapist/patient relationship. These sessions are a condition of his pardon.
  17. I think it's pretty clear what he's saying. Venom is the combination of the symbiote and the person that it bonds with over a mutual hatred of Spider-man. That host was originally conceived to be a woman, but was changed. Eddie Brock + the symbiote = Venom. The symbiote + a different host = something else.
  18. Some of those Valiant Nintendo books sell for a ton in high grade. There's someone on the Facebook Valiant Buy/Sell group selling up a big batch of them right now.
  19. A covers are basically selling for cover. I bought a few, and was thinking about getting some of the incentives but then I realized that there were far too many variants and it seemed like it was going to be really expensive to speculate on this book. But hopefully the extra copies I ordered will cover what I want to keep for now.