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  1. I kinda feel the Psylocke thing was going to happen either way, and Claremont managed to work it into the crossover storyline. In some comics that were tangentially part of the big crossovers of the '80s and '90s, it was painfully obvious that the writer was being forced to shoehorn the crossover into the planned storyline.
  2. Are you certain that store exclusives are distributed through Diamond, and that those books are included in the North American sales estimates? It seems to me if the entire print run of a comic is destined for one store, it's more efficient to ship them out directly from the printer and not involve Diamond at all.
  3. I didn't say that 238 had anything to do with the black suit. I was responding to this: "This book for example is first cover hommage of AF15 and ushered in a new era for Spiderman . A much needed overhaul from a lack lustre Bronze Age." This, and your subsequent comments are about Bronze-Age Spidey, and how 252 revitalized the title. My comment was pointing out that the revitalization was already underway because of 238.
  4. Fair enough. the recoloring and updated trade dress makes the art look more contemporary to when it was published.
  5. I don't disagree with your general assessment that this book is important, but a couple of things you have wrong: 1. Marvel Tales 137 was printed more than 2 years before Amazing 252, and is an Amazing Fantasy 15 cover homage. So 252 isn't the first. (I'm not sure if Marvel Tales 137 is, but it's one example that proves that 252 isn't.) 2. Amazing Spier-man 238 was printed a year before 252 and introduced the Hobgoblin. While I wasn't collecting comics then, when I started a few years after that, the Hobgoblin was pretty much the biggest Spidey villain around, so it can't be said tha
  6. Nah. This series will end with Sam accepting that he has to take on the mantle to protect the legacy. So I think Walker will be around for the whole thing.
  7. Yeah, Vess cover is nice. It was advertised as the only graded copy, so if there were enough for there to be multiple sales, perhaps the price wouldn't be that high.
  8. Actually just checked again and it's Pirates #9 (but not a Newsstand, and the only graded copy). Fixing the list
  9. I basically did an eBay sold search for CGC 9.6 and sorted by descending value and went down the list. So yeah, these jumped out at me, as I don't think I had heard of them. And the fact that there was only one sale.
  10. I don't know if "1st full cover" appearance is a thing, but that would apply to #5. And the first appearance of Maverick, who I understand has just popped back up in the comics. The X-Men #1 Deluxe edition has all of the pin-ups/centerfolds from the regular editions, one of which (Cyclops/Wolverine/Iceman cover) included Omega Red. One would think that the Deluxe edition shouldn't matter so much, since it was released at least a week after all of the other covers, but apparently not.
  11. I had a little time so I went through this thread and combined the books people mentioned with the original list, and added a bunch of other ones. New additions are in bold (although I may have missed a few). @valiantmanif any of the new ones doesn't fit your criteria let me know and I'll edit the post. Action Comics (2012) #9 (only 1 sale above $250) Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1 Adventures of the Super Mario Bros. (1991) #1 (This is an ongoing reprint title, but a first print of this issue) Akira #1 (only 1 sale above $250) Akira (1995) #38 Alf #48 (only 1
  12. I imagine that it's worth the initial price and grading fees, or will be in time. X-Men keys are all a hold right now I think. They should take a jump when they start hitting the MCU.
  13. A NM 98 9.8 Newsstand sold for $4K a few days ago. I wonder how much the fact that Newsstands and Directs aren't broken out differently in the census affects things. Does GPA account for the difference? If not, then the sales of Newsstand at higher prices raises the average price, leading people to price their Directs closer to the average, and since Newsstands are worth more, they sell for even more, raising the average. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
  14. It would be nice for people like this, that have influence over people interested in spending a lot of money on a hobby that they know nothing about, to raise the level of interest in 2nd tier keys so they become 1st tier keys.
  15. Hmmmm… JSA 79 might be worth a pickup, with that sweet Alex Ross cover.
  16. I couldn't tell you what she was like on the cartoon. But she was on the cartoon, and a lot of people that are grown up now and can afford the book were probably kids when the cartoon came out and probably weren't all that discerning of what a quality character was, and have good memories of her.
  17. But there are degrees by which a comic is off. Unlike a card, it's not trimmed on all 4 sides. In the case of a wraparound cover, how do you determine whether it's not centered?