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  1. I don't call something a 9.8 unless I fully expect it would come back from CGC as a 9.8. If it's on the fence, it's a "9.6 or better." Hell, even when I do have full confidence something is a 9.8, I qualify it (e.g. because you never know what CGC is going to see that you don't.
  2. Is that Thunderball from the Wrecking Crew in the last panel? If so, the yellow/magenta plate swap would explain the color change in the mask as well.
  3. Based on the earlier art posted and the latest post with Galactus looking the way he usually does, it seems to me that the yellow plate was run for both yellow and for magenta in the original run. Look at the yellow glow on the latter picture; it's orange/red in the original. (It's also the only obvious bit of yellow in the latter image.) This is an error, but likely one that affected the entire run and not caught at publication time.
  4. Yet you list books that are clearly not 9.8s as 9.8s. Why don't you describe books accurately and target those people who do cherish their 9.0s?
  5. Oh, I certainly think a book *can* be, but I've seen plenty of books that you posted which have obvious flaws that would keep it from being considered a 9.8 by the most respected third-party grading outlet (CGC), or by Overstreet's Grading Guide. If a Divad 9.8 uses different criteria for grading, you should list that criteria in your auctions. Otherwise, you're being deceptive, as people expect that, without qualifying your grade with your criteria, you're employing the accepted industry standards.
  6. The same artist is on the first art of Ninja-K (first issue out today)
  7. Wow. Pretty sure I have to list mine:
  8. I loved the original line, but when you read the new stuff and then go back and read the old stuff it doesn't hold up so well. I would say catch up on all new Valiant before going back and reading the original line. Big tip: every so often, Comixology will have a digital sale of the old stuff at $1 a pop, or there will be a Humble Bundle that includes a lot of Valiant collections. Watch for those as a way to catch up cheap (unless you really like owning the physical copies). And Jump right in with the new X-O series. It's great!
  9. Creators get tired of working in the same place, just like everyone else.
  10. Longshot 1 is still a first appearance and early Art Adams. That's due for a revival. But PWJ, probably not. That's when the market was starved for Wolverine and Punisher appearances
  11. I love Valiant and even I won't touch those (unless it's a gold or VVSS)
  12. And what I find interesting is that while DCBS still has the Quantum & Woody #1 1:50 variants available for pre-order, the 1:20 chase foil variants are not. Those may be one to watch.
  13. When I made my monthly pre-order with DCBS it was already unavailable. I did manage to grab one from a local store (and a couple for fellow Valiant fans)
  14. Eternity #1 1:40 variant:
  15. Valiant did that a few times within the last couple of years. Someone mentioned Faith. I think A&A #1 had the second print ship same day as the first. Perhaps Harbinger: Renegade as well? Regarding the foil question, if that's not a stock that the printer normally carries, they may not have had more on hand, or obtaining the additional quantity needed may have been cost-prohibitive on a per-unit basis to make it economically worthwhile, thus the second print without. Or it could just be marketing, as you suggest as a possibility.
  16. I realize that the barcode would indicate a second print, but it seems like these are actually different variants
  17. Non-keys sell better if they're in a set with keys. You're welcome.
  18. With the prices being seen on some comics recently, I have to imagine that this is being undervalued:
  19. This one is nuts and there's still 4 days left. Might be a good idea to post mine:
  20. Yeah, I saw that too. But I expect that for the error. That was hot out of the gate.
  21. I think I have 20-30 copies of #1. One of the 9.8s, 3 9.6s, a 9.4, and a bunch of raws of the regular cover. A 9.6 and a handful of raws for the variant. I've got the 9.8 and a 9.6 of #3 and a bunch of raws. Waiting for more news…