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  1. Got these back about a week ago from grading. Closer to completing the blues now.
  2. You're incorrect sir. if you're from new york or jersey and or were raised from people who were from those areas, you will most definitely call it Gabagool and NOT "CAPICOLA"
  3. i believe there was one just one ebay this past week. last i checked the bid was at about $1700.
  4. this sounds like a great show. the admission is the perfect price too. i think the wife and i will be attending next weekend.
  5. So was it ever brought to their attention that $15 dollars shipping for standard shipping of the passes was ridiculous? also So far this years lineup seems almost the same as last. kind lackluster really.
  6. Sorry I had a cat 5 hurricane coming towards my home state and my family and home were a tad more important then the actual release date of the book..... but I see your post really livened up this thread. nuts. 🙄
  7. i wanted to jump on this but kind of forgot due to the incoming hurricane that was supposed to devestate florida.
  8. i like them. i don't think they would be worth saying grading, but they are something to hold on to i feel.
  9. Except the whole part about the broward convention center not being able to handle a show the size of super-con. if you ran it the prior year, you should know it was capable of working and it did work. from what others told me was they moved it back to miami because they had gotten the deal they wanted with Miami beach convention center. they really do need to step up the show. it is lackluster compared to say Megacon in orlando or similar shows.
  10. Anyone familar with these ? i just recently got a set and i remember them coming with the 90s Aliens toys from Kenner. i had them all unfortunately i ended up trashing them or my mom threw them out as i got older. As of a few days ago i found these recently for a good price and had to jump on them. i think they're very cool would anyone consider these rare or just rare to a fan of aliens and predators? i know they don't come up to often for sale nor in good shape too often either.
  11. you're incorrect. it was in broward county the past year and it was completely fine. everything they would normally have at any of their previous cons in dade county was there at the broward convention center. i also heard they went to broward due to some financial dispute and the owners of the miami beach convention center didn't want to work with them. supercon is what it is. it's a decent show with usually the same artists and writers appearing every year with a mix of a few others.the celebs are usually decent. i would have attended this past july show but don't like dealing with the facilitators instead of actual CGC themselves. i also know quite a few collectors that feel the same way. i take it your a miami dade resident ? lol us broward folks can't stand the the drive going down there.
  12. they had a facilitator taking books for CGC, i know it doesn't appeal to everyone including myself. without CGC present at the con, i didn't feel it was worthwhile dealing with the Miami traffic and what not. hopefully they step up their game next year and i would definletely like to see it back in broward county. Miami = PITA driveing,parking,etc
  13. You have nothing but talkers on facebook. they all want what you have and some go as far as trying to lowball the hell out of you, some even ask to "hold it til they get paid" and the person never contacts you again. waste of time in my opinion. there isn't any safety for the seller really either. someone scams you that's it. your out of gas...... common sense would tell one to ship only when your receive payment first, however we all know how facebook transactions CAN go down.
  14. when i sell raw comics and slabs, i do it with the intention of just getting rid of books i no longer want in my collection and or think that it will make me some good pocket cash to buy my next fancy book or collectible. being a sheep and buying in bulk whatever CBSI,comicsheatingup or what johnny angelhair claims is the new "it" book might get one stuck with alot of worthless down the line. so DON"T DO IT ! take this hobby with a grain of salt and think before you do something drastic.
  15. i was dying to go but CGC won't be attending... yes, i heard some third party will be there attending so we can give him our books butttt i'm just not really too into that method. so i'll be skipping super-con this year.