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  1. This series has been a refreshing take on Hulk. when Hulk changed and the title became "Totally Awesome" i just totally dropped the series and waited until the Bruce Banner version returned. i believe this is one of Marvel's top selling series too.
  2. i would THINK that they didn't notice it perhaps? you could always call and let them know. i submitted a signed book to them a few years back with it COA, i figured it was going to get a green label, which means qualified. they ended up sending it back to me with a universal label. let's be honest they can and do mistakes it happens.
  3. So these came back this past week from Mega-con. A little bummed out with the 9.6 ones though. Oh well, what can you do ? sorry for some of the pics being side ways.
  4. ok and ? Did you specify that in your initial post about submitting during Mega-con ? NO, you didn't. So how would i know that? anyways blue labels are now graded as of today. No movement with my signature series books though.
  5. i assume you didn't pay the extra few bucks for fast track? there's your answer there....
  6. books were submitted saturday May 18th at megacon. they received them 5/30/19, i paid for fast track modern. and they have been scheduled to grade for a few days now.... i know they get swamped during the bigger cons like this, and we know san diego is right around the corner.
  7. unfortunately your info got hacked or something. yea i would straighen that out with feebay ASAP.
  8. all of us feel we can give an accurate grade to a raw book based on our years of collecting and of course experience with submitting to CGC and seeing the results, However none of our considered "professional graders". as for your customers just being happy and accepting your guesstimate, im sure some people don't give a rat's and judge for themselves based on the pictures you provided. i myself NEVER go by what somone guesses, i trust my own eye. if you choose not to deal with any grading companies then that's your own prerogative.
  9. very nice ! trying to piece these together is a mission and a half. i've only been able to find a blue # 1 and a red #1 so far. the rest don't come up as much, and when they do they tend to be when im tight with cash that week or something Anybody think is it worth grading both the gold and platinum mini comics that came from wizard? i kind of want to but not sure if it's worth the moolah.
  10. These books were very fragile for some reason. i have a near mint copy i also had as a child, but for some reason the cover was damn near coming off. Asm #361 is definetly a book to own before they start becoming the next ASM # 300.
  11. just was browsing on ebay and saw the wonder woman variant of this book on there. currently there are 2 of them up, and one is ASKING $2k another $1500 or so..... that is just unbelievable.
  12. just another bit of feedback you can let them know. alot of people weren't too happy with being charged $15.00 shipping for our passes mailed to our front door. especially when they opted for a $4-$5 shipping method in a standard brown envelope. so basically they took $10 bucks away from us and promised a prompted shipping. kind of BS really. once again just some feedback to let the bigwigs know, what WE all noticed happened there.
  13. I don't see the prices going up on both keys and moderns a bad thing. it's bad if your the the buyer, not if your the seller.
  14. People saying Mcfarlane is lazy for reusing ASM 300-301 covers. i say it's well played. it's HIS cover art and he isn't biting anybody. as someone else pointed out Marvel has been stealing his old artwork to sell overpriced "remastered" covers, from a page of old Mcfarlane drawn books, that can easily be found in $1 dollar bins everywhere. so good for Todd telling Marvel to Suck it !
  15. Got these bad boys today from Megacon and submitted them in to CGC for grading.