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  1. Last reduce price for Gideon Falls 1 Comicpro CGC 9.8 to $200
  2. Gideon Falls 1 Comicpro Variant CGC 9:8 reduce price to $225.
  3. Torchy 1 nudity cover, but I place black spot to cover the nude. Could be sfw. $200
  4. What if 105 and new mutants 87 sold via PM. Gideon Falls 1 still available and reduce price to $250.
  5. Last reduce for New Mutants 87 And Gideon Falls 1 to $325 each or three CGCs for $600 shipped. If you claim $600 for three CGCs, then the payment need to be complete by tonight. If it doesn't sell, then bummer and will close this thread, but thank you for checking this thread.
  6. Gideon Falls 1 Comicpro variant CGC 9.8 $350
  7. FYI these CGCs has improved with Newton Ring. Looks like they keep comic book in plastic protector as airtight and add air in hard plastic. That actually reduce Newton ring to minor or can’t see in naked eyes. I think it’s a big improvement. All CGCs that I got from them looks much better than before.
  8. Ok, I guess it backfire as one by one. Let me add second one and hopeful someone is interesting to buy them. New Mutants 87 CGC 9.8 $350