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  1. Anybody ever successfully dealt with Artgerm Collectibles customer service? I've been trying to get my Detective #1000 damaged copy replaced. I've gotten a response from Artgerm Collectibles that a return label will be emailed to me on 5/23, but somehow I've gotten nothing from their end. I've emailed them a couple times about the return label status, but again no response...
  2. If you click on any one of those $40-$45 auctions for the sauce, the seller states that the winner/bidder is paying for information on how to obtain the sauce. Heard majority of, if not all, McDonald's only received 20-30 of the packets per store, which is why the prices are high. I mean look at the posters - they're going for over $200. Sad thing is McDonald's made some bootleg wannabe Rick & Morty promotion and R&M fans are paying so much for it.
  3. 9,000 copies for colored 6,000 copies for sketch 2,500 copies for puddin'