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  1. Here's my I wonder how much of the appreciation in Key GA/SA/Bronze etc is due to white collar professionals and the "wealthy" seeking to diversify their portfolios. I think many investors are looking for alternative investments to increase returns. Stocks by MANY measures are now overvalued, the 30 year Treasury yields are, what, less than 2.3%(!!)? The Fed is doing not-QE to support the repo market which is lifting the stock market. Real estate is still expensive in most major cities. How long this can last, I have no idea but, it can't last forever. So, if there's a 25%-50% correction in stocks, will that spill over to keys? Seems likely if there's not a quick rebound. But, I do expect that rates can't go up (because of the interest due on the national debt) until something "breaks" and then lookout! Tangibles (like comics) might do well. Anyway, the big questions I have: 1) are new people entering the hobby? 2) What are their demographics? Young? old? 3) Why are they entering? Investment? Collecting? I wonder if the big auction houses or large dealers could help answer such questions. Maybe Bedrock or G.A.tor can chime in? Besides low interest rates driving the collectible market I believe there are the following tail winds: - TV and movies making collecting comics at least acceptable if not cool - CGC and the other third party grading services - The Overstreet price Guide - The auction houses - I think Heritage is especially helpful to broaden the comic collecting universe since they are in so many other fields - Mass media showcasing record sales At some point, I suspect, the public is going to get tired of the superhero movies which might be a drag on investment potential Regarding buying the rarest and best. In my experience, that does not always work. Case in point: From the Heritage archives Target Comics #7 MH CGC 9.6 sold for $57,500 in 2003 Failed to sell in 2007 with a reserve of $40,000 I have no idea what happened to the book since then. But, I bet someone probably lost some serious bucks if the book flipped since then. As a Centaur collector primarily focused on Funny pages, Funny Picture Stories, Star Comics and Star Ranger there's been more than a couple of times where I'm pretty sure it's just me and another guy in a bidding war at an auction. If I want the book badly enough, a record price may ensue. This may bring out an additional copy or two locked up in collections and the next price isn't anywhere near as record setting. I've seen that happen a couple of times. But, since I'm more interested in upgrading or finishing a run, while annoying, I'm prepared for that going in. What I'm getting at is there needs to be a large enough pool of collectors chasing specific books to satisfy the supply that comes out of the wood work. As prices escalate, fewer people can spring for it and other stuff looks like a deal in comparison. As a long time L.B. Cole collector, I'm getting priced out of the market. So, I'm not buying as much there as I was a few years ago and am moving on to other things that seem more reasonably priced in comparison.
  2. Here's the Mile High. Can't believe I bought it almost 10 years ago!
  3. Here's my 7.0. One of the first things I bought from Heritage way back in 2002. Wasn't there another 7.0 or something that sat on C'link forever with a ridiculous asking price? Does anyone know if it sold? If so, for what?
  4. Heritage auctioned off the Cover Proof in 2003. I kick myself for not bidding higher. Many (all?) of the L.B. Cole cover proofs have duplicates, so I'm hoping to stumble across one someday.
  5. Giving this thread a bump with this:
  6. I enjoyed going through this thread and thought I'd give it a bump with this: only 2 on census. this and a 3.0
  7. I have a few extra sets of Photo-Journals - All NEW, Unread and still in original Shrink Wrap! Prices below: Golden Age Set (Vol 1 & 2): $115 Marvel Set (Vol 3 & 4): $50 All four volumes: $160 All books are new and unread. There might be some minor bumps and wear. The dust jackets on the Marvel sets have some wrinkling from where the clear plastic coating is delaminating though. However, I will send the best volumes I have! Full refund within 14 days after delivery if you're not satisfied. S/H in the lower 48 States: $9 for the first volume and $4 each additional one. PM for s/h outside lower 48 US. PayPal, Check, M.O. and Credit Cards O.K. Ships from Colorado via FedEx Ground or media mail to PO Boxes. Thanks! - Tim C.
  8. As to how many are missing - it depends on how you count them. There are roughly 88 White Spaces. Most are for a single issue. However, some White Spaces reference more than a couple books (e.g. there's just a single White Space for Jeanie #s 21-27). Then there are some series where there's no White Space but not all issues are shown - this is especially true for some genres like funny animal and romance. Finally, there are some White Spaces for some issues that the hobby is pretty sure don't exist (e.g. Animal Crackers #2). IIRC, Overstreet put a few issues he knew didn't exist into the Overstreet Price Guide to help catch plagiarism. Hope that helps!
  9. Some stickers were printed in issues of Comic Book Marketplace (Man, that was an awesome magazine! I miss it!). Off hand, I don't recall a single set of all stickers. I don't think it would be too difficult to make - just pull images from comics.org Hmmm.... Maybe I should do that!
  10. I still have sets available! I can ship to PO Boxes at same S/H via Media Mail. PM me if you'd like any of the volumes. Thanks!
  11. The show is this weekend! I hope to see *YOU* there!! Cheers, Tim C.
  12. Come check out a great Denver show! Rocky Mountain Con is a Comic, Gaming, Anime, Toy and Sci-Fi convention started by fans in the Denver/Aurora Colorado area to help the victims of the Aurora Theater shooting. We are glad to keep working with other local groups to donate a portion of the proceeds and have them go to the people that need it. Special Guests: Michael Golden (Rogue, Bucky O'Hare, Micronauts, The 'Nam), Mike Baron (Badger, Nexus, The Punisher), Ron Fortier (Green Hornet, The Terminator), Alykat (Cosplayer), Jason Meents, and R.C. Harvey Saturday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM and Sunday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Embassy Suites Denver Stapleton, 4444 N Havana St, Denver CO 80603. Free parking! Tickets are $10.00 per day. For more information and to purchase tickets visit: www.rockymountaincon.com
  13. I still have sets available! I can ship to PO Boxes at same S/H via Media Mail. PM me if you'd like any of the volumes. Thanks!