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  1. rtsunlimited

    Bob Lubbers Tribute

    Well.... I'm not sure it was a great deal as it's only 8.5" x 11" and not like this that's 16" x 22" (which I won in the Berk auction):
  2. rtsunlimited

    Bob Lubbers Tribute

    Yeah, I picked both up from Heritage in last few months. Too lazy to trim the Heritage text off the bottom.
  3. rtsunlimited

    Bob Lubbers Tribute

    I like Wings 90
  4. Hey Mick! Thanks for the comments! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  5. Hey Dale! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  6. rtsunlimited

    [FOUND] WTB Gerber Photo Journal vol 2

    Hi! Yes, I can do Vol 2. Please PM me. Thanks!
  7. I have a few extra sets of Photo-Journals - All NEW, Unread and still in original Shrink Wrap! Prices below: Golden Age Set (Vol 1 & 2): $115 Marvel Set (Vol 3 & 4): $50 All four volumes: $160 All books are new and unread. There might be some minor bumps and wear. The dust jackets on the Marvel sets have some wrinkling from where the clear plastic coating is delaminating though. However, I will send the best volumes I have! Full refund within 14 days after delivery if you're not satisfied. S/H in the lower 48 States: $9 for the first volume and $4 each additional one PayPal, Check, M.O. and Credit Cards O.K. Ships from Colorado via FedEx Ground so, no P.O. Boxes please. Thanks! - Tim C.
  8. rtsunlimited

    Golden Age Bags?

    I do! Actually here's how I bag and board my comics: I put the comic in a Mylite and tape it closed, then use two boards, and put all that in a polypropylene bag or, for my more expensive books, a Mylar sleeve. BTW, those old Abar bags I've been using don't seem to yellow or turn green and they also don't stick to each other like some other bags do. This is why I'm keen on finding a replacement.
  9. rtsunlimited

    Golden Age Bags?

    In my experience, those "experienced" bags can turn a slight shade of yellow or, worse, green with age.
  10. rtsunlimited

    Golden Age Bags?

    How do these compare to the Abar bags? http://www.bagsunlimited.com/product/5506/bgolden-ageb-comic-sleevebr-7-78-x-10-38br-2-mil-polyethylene-1-12-flap-brfits-pre-1950-comics
  11. rtsunlimited

    Golden Age Bags?

    Nice link!