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  1. I have some items on eBay for sale. Please check it out. Some graded books, some raw, 1st appearances, Sigs, Sketches and other stuff... eBay ID: joelzstuff Thanks for everything! -Joel
  2. Hi, Can you add Garfield by Kaboom! 1-36 The series ran from 2012-2015 My CGC Certification #1425418002 Thanks -Joel
  3. Can you add... Set: Todd McFarlane Cover Set Book: Spawn 200 McFarlane Sketch Cover Certification Number: 1119750004 Thanks!!! -Joel
  4. Just some grab bags on eBay that i am selling. Thanks for looking - Joel Click Here to take a Look!
  5. Joelzstuff

    New Grade

    Thats cool. I have 2 comics that are graded a 3.0 by PGX (Superboy 68 & Batman 49). I'm currently getting them cleaned. I hope that CGC gives them at least a 1.8 or better.
  6. This might be the wrong form... I have "Army of Darkness (Dark Horse)" #1 signed by Bruce Campbell and John Bolton (Cover & Artist), it has the score of 132. I see other collections of the same book with just one sig. (Campbell) and it has the same score 132. Is John Bolton's sig worthless in points? Can someone post the link on how scoring works? Or can one of these scores be a mistake? Thanks for the help -Joel
  7. I can you add "Freddy Krueger's A Nightmare on Elm Street" #1 & 2 by marvel comics (1989) to the registry. Thanks! -Joel
  8. I can't find "Freddy Krueger's A Nightmare on Elm Street" #1 by marvel comics (1989) in the registry. Does anyone know where i can find it or do i need to make a request. Thanks for your help! -Joel
  9. Please add or can you tell me where i can find Set: Despicable Deadpool #287 Book: Lenticular Cover 1588123007 Thanks! - Joel
  10. I use Avery Comic Pressing. They can submit your comics to CGC or CBCS after pressing. One thing that i like about them, they show you before and after photos of you comic before they submit it for grading. - Joel