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  1. NOBODY wants to answer? No opinions? I simply can't see CGC grading it the way they did, unless cover condition supersedes the overall condition of the book.
  2. HA has this listing; "Slightly brittle pages", and yet it's a CGC 5.O VG/FN. Overstreet grading; 1.0 FAIR (FR): Paper is (no worse than) brown and may show brittleness around the edges but not in the central portion of the pages. So what should the book really grade at?
  3. You guys be sure and tell me if you think I'm posting too many scans, & hogging up the bandwidth...
  4. Just another yummy PCH comic book; lot's of 'em around, but unfortunately now at 65-70 years later "values". Agreed that, "you can't have them all", but the fun and thrill is also in the hunt, and you just never know when the opportunity to bag something you've been after for ages, materializes. This internet thing does make it easier. Remember when all we could do was purchase out of a mailed paper catalog, W/O any pictures? Here's my run of the title;
  5. Like all my books, my copy is raw as well. How can ya read 'em O/W?
  6. He would need to do the first 61 issues for a full pre-code run. I've got most of them, starting with about #19.
  7. Thrilling Crime Cases 49 is the toughest of the run to collect, and that copy is really nice, congrats!
  8. Prices severely dropped on the remaining six EC's.
  9. Not only nice, but somewhat uncommon, as it was out at the end of the pre code era, when fever against "those awful comic books" was running high.