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  1. Getting the first issue of any good comic run is a big deal, but for TFTC it's outstanding, congrats!
  2. There was a Sci Fi film in 1954 entitled, "Riders to the Stars", starring Richard Carlson. I don't remember the story exactly, but IIRC three rockets were sent up into the stratosphere, and one blew up. Carlson's character looked out the window and saw a skull in a space helmet floating by. Eerie coincidence, maybe? Anyway, here's a link to the full movie; Here's a link to the colorized version;
  3. Post code books in the Golden Age forum? For shame, eh eh!
  4. Nothing wrong with L.B. Cole books, but this is the E.C. forum, dig?
  5. If you are buying strictly for the covers, you're gonna pay through the nose for damn near any PCH issue in Fine or better. OTOH if you are buying to read the stories, I would suggest Fa-G to Vg grades.
  6. Welcome to the addict den, eh eh. I wouldn't worry about trying to complete a run to begin with. As with any publishers titles, certain issues are plentiful, and some are rare to come by. Your best bet is to go for issues with covers that attract you, across the genres you say that you like; crime, sci fi, and horror. Then zero in on what really appeals to you. Shock Suspenstories had a potpourri of each, BTW, so a good title to consider. I think #14 is the best read of the run, and 9 is a close contender;
  7. Can you elaborate a little, as in a website, and when any or all of these beauties will be offered up for auction? Although I personally have damn near all of them, always looking to upgrade.
  8. Eh eh, I have absolutely NP scanning slabs, because the books are "jailbroken" as soon as I receive them, so everything is in the raw. Hell, how else could I read them? BTW, I had bought a copy of that JIUW 46 that Rick posted, at the corner newsstand in 1956. A few months later bought a copy of Showcase #4. All given to my little brother who promptly lost them.
  9. GCD says 68 pages with 6 stories;