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  1. Picked up a couple issues of CSS on eBay recently.
  2. "Swamp Monster" was in another issue, but "Beyond The Door" in this one is pretty good.
  3. I have one, and in fact #301 as well. Since I don't collect superhero stuff though, I have no clue AFA value. I'm sure the OP wouldn't want my 300, given that there is a hint of the upper row of 300 on the right upper corner.
  4. They Never Return - Mysterious Adventures 23 Fate Plays The Violin - Mysterious Stories 2 Ghost Town - Mysterious Adventures 18 The Hangman's Son - Captain Science 7 The Wage Earners - Weird Terror 1 Dream Of Horror - Strange Fantasy 9
  5. Wouldn't steer you wrong, bro! Glad you liked the issue!
  6. Of course not, given that they had to conform to the CCA. But even a watered down EC was better than any of the competition.
  7. Neither do I, but rather a continuation of Weird Science Fantasy, itself a continuation of Weird Science and Weird Fantasy.
  8. I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight...
  9. That's one issue you never see, congrats!
  10. The best way to value a collectible is simply by way of closed sales. eBay of course is the usual path, CL and HA would be another. These books by and large don't come up for sale that often anymore, as they used to. I'm guessing partly because they are sitting in collections, as mine are, and not available for sale. I'm afraid the Overstreet guide is hopelessly inaccurate for the genre.
  11. You can really see the effect the coming code would have. The only indication of foul play is the hat on the water. Even the figures aren't skeletons anymore, totally cloaked.
  12. Not sure what time period you are referencing, but in 1970 I bought a used 1970 Ford Maverick for $1600...
  13. Did you let her have her way with you?