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  1. Dunno how I missed this thread, but here's my severed women's head covers;
  2. I don't see no "Approved by the comics code" seal...
  3. Just got in a copy of Weird Mysteries 1, which completes my run, which I posted in the Undead Thread, Pre Code Horror.
  4. Just got in a copy of WM 1, which completes my run.
  5. Get this issue of FAC if you can; best read of the run, with two crime/horror stories. Same with Mysterious Adventures 12; all good horror stories.
  6. Hmmm, apparently TinyPic punked out in displaying my copies, so here they are again; 81 bucks for both, on The Bay some years back.
  7. Hey Jimmers, I have Story's runs of Fight Against Crime, Mysterious Adventures, and Dark Mysteries. A cursory look at a random issue of each title indicated Master comics for Dark Mysteries, and Story Comics for the other two titles, all published in The Big Apple.
  8. Nice collection, Sartrexpress. I too have those issues, but most no where near in the grades your's are. The offset is, I can enjoy reading mine.
  9. I think that a single page from a grail would be more of a risk, but by the same token, could therefore offer a better upside, if that is to be. That said, I myself would go for a full, un-restored in-grade book, as the safer investment.
  10. It is. Story made some rude comics, eh eh. Here's the rest of the run.
  11. Sorry for the late reply, I just now read this last page. That is the lead story in Fight Against Crime #21, September, 1954, Story Comics. Bottom right corner.
  12. Nice pickup and a good read! Hey Jimmers, I think the guy is holding a cotton candy.