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  1. Here's the third of the series now on eBay, ending Sunday; This issue is the most common of the three, and it's a rag, but you won't see another come along for quite awhile.
  2. Never got #1, but I think most or all of the rest. Farrell of course.
  3. Sell the house AND the car, and live in a cardboard box under a bridge, so you can collect EC annuals.
  4. That's 'cuz EC used blood instead of red ink, don'tcha know?
  5. If you like stories about rats, The Thing 14 has a dilly;
  6. Just got this in from Heritage. I hates to tell ya what I paid; far and away more than double of any other comic I own. Will be selling my undercopy though. Debating as to whether to offer that one here or on The Bay.
  7. I would suggest Fight Against Crime #20. Not that it had influence back then, but because if there is an iconic PCH book to be had along with EC's CSS 22 in the current collecting arena, this book would have to qualify.
  8. There was a 1.5 - 1.8 can't remember exactly that sold on CC recently for about $2600+. I was watching it 'cause my copy was about the same grade. Bought it in '73 for 2 bucks.
  9. Yeah, they were common some years back. Had both, but each not having at least one good story, my yardstick for keeping a comic, I sold 'em. Wasn't really into putting entire runs together back then. I know where I can get a #3 for about a C-Note, just don't feel like putting out the scratch to make an almost complete run.
  10. Here's a link, with pics of the interior of the store;
  11. Congrats. That issue is one of the best readers of this series.
  12. Superior could produce reasonably equivalent cover quality to American books, but the interior pages were still lacking in brilliance. I had read somewhere that that was because they used paper printing plates, vs metal metal ones used here. I dunno how accurate that is though. Here are two EC's, one from each country. Can you tell if there's much difference?
  13. Funny thing is, some of the best (lurid) cover art has the absolute worst interior art. Books by Stanley Morse fall into this category, such as Weird Mysteries. AFA Ajax/Farrell/Superior, the printing quality is hands down the worst, but the books were unique in many ways. They were constantly doing "margin violation", by having a character's body extend into lower panels. And as often as not, everyone in a story dies in the end.