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  1. I've got a few horror and crime books listed on eBay;
  2. And only a hundred bucks for shipping; cheap at twice the price!
  3. Unquestionably Shock 9 is damn near equal.
  4. I've always felt that Shock 14 was not only the best read of the series, but qualified as being in the top tier of the entire EC line. Here's mine.
  5. I remember reading this story, in a Fox giant. Unfortunately I returned it to the seller because it had apparently been trimmed (later to discover that many Fox giant story pages also had razor thin vertical margins). Sorry, can't ID which book it came from, since as I'm sure you know, Fox would include several different comics in their recycled annuals. But no question, it was out of a Fox crime book.
  6. Got a few books in yesterday. I liked the somewhat violent car crash on the Crime and Justice cover, and also the colors on the tepidly "horror" House of Mystery.
  7. Just by the sweat on their faces you can tell it's Rudy Palais...
  8. With a 1962 cover date, you're prolly better off asking in the Silver Age forum.
  9. They are DIGGING THEM; look at the smile on every face.
  10. I know the site; use it to advance read certain books I'm considering bidding on. Yeah, you can see the stories there, but still not the same as reading the paper pages. Sorta like, "taking a bath with your socks on", eh eh.
  11. Accepting offers on The Thing, Crime Mysteries, T-Man, and Impact.
  12. Personally I think that issue has the best stories of any Atlas horror book. Too bad he can't read them.