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  1. I'm interested in possibly buying, or trading for the cover to Marvel Transformers #64. For trade, I have some G1 toy box art from Action Masters, Micro Masters, and G2 Autobot cars, Skyscorchers, and more. I would also consider involving Marvel Transformers interior panel and splash pages I own. If you own this cover, please PM for trade details. Thanks!
  2. Did anyone here notice the Norem Rampaging Hulk #9 cover that was posted on eBay by nicktiiempo005? First sale: Second sale (best offer of $2500) Everything about this seller seems suspicious to me, but I'm not sure if he's just an amateur at selling art or actually doing something underhanded. The blue-text caveat in lieu of provenance or some attempt to prove authenticity sure seems as if it could be an attempted Get out of Jail Free card for knowingly selling non-original works. Many past listings have a strange sale-relisting behavior. Prices seem to good to be true; I don't have experience with Picassos, but that apparent original sure seems like a screaming deal for $2750. The Hulk cover also seems it's a bargain considering recent auctions such as, Also does anyone know if Norem ever did art on canvas, as the seller claims? I only know of his finals being done on art board, regardless of gouache or oil. Thoughts?
  3. Even if Mike is, as he claims, only having bids placed to win his own consignments, it's still shill bidding, and was demonstrably shown by the federal government to be a crime. I'm still relatively new to comic art collecting, and haven't won much from non-eBay auction sites, but reading HA's Terms and Conditions there's a surprising lack of language condemning shill bidding. eBay is usually the first place you think of for online shill bidding but even they have clear rules against and will ban users when caught. In light of this shilling fiasco I'd definitely like to hear HA reiterate it's not allowed and they'll be actively preventing it.
  4. Pretty typical unfortunately. Enforcement of eBay's own policies is horribly inconsistent, really depending on getting the right customer service person on the phone, and making the correct report. Despite all of us recognizing the obvious fraud, the only policy violation is stealing Burkey's picture and part of his description verbatim. For example, trying to explain the impossibility of the seller having a copy to of the item to a CS rep is futile. Was the focus of Burkey's call? Either way, the only way the fraud listing is going to get taken down is with repeated calls to eBay until action is taken. Other wise, yeah, buyer protection will kick in eventually for a surely frustrated buyer.
  5. Now please make sure to leave the seller negative feedback explaining he's selling fakes. These fakes keep fooling buyers and unfortunately both ducoso and fosworld have great feedback since their scams are sufficiently successful. Buyers reporting these guys and leaving negs is pretty much the only way they're going to be stopped. Also, eBay is soft on fake and counterfeit items, and now we're surely going to see the sketch shanester bought being resold to another victim. It's kind of tricky to do, but the best way to report receiving a counterfeit eBay item is reporting it to Paypal. The policies are a bit stricter and prevent subsequent scams: