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  1. Just the balance, so $81. in your case. Good luck on your sub!
  2. Best thing is to call cust. service. Very helpful! Good question, i dont think they return bags and boards?
  3. I believe Canada still has a law about crime comics on their books.
  4. I would like to submit the following golden age books for registry points review. (scores seem off based on price & availability) Amazing Adventures 4 (Ziff-Davis) Score updated. Criminals on the Run v4#7 (Novelty Press) Score updated. Dark Mysteries 13 (Master Pub.) Slight bump due to lack of recent sales. Beware 9 (Trojan/Merit) Score updated. Vault of Horror 35 (E.C. Comics) Score updated. Many thanks for your consideration. Mark H.
  5. I would like to request a set addition for Romantic Adventures (1949) ACG. (Cert# 2047745012) Many thanks for all that you do! Mark H. Set created.
  6. Denver Con value sub. Dropped off 5/30 Rec. 6/11 SFG 10/17 Graded-QC 10/31 (All remained universal blue)
  7. CCS will screen it for a $5 fee. Brittle books, staple tears, and embossed are not good cantidates.
  8. Thanks for this... My 6/11 value sub is still at SFG, hopefully movement next week! Is tracking down again for everyone?
  9. DenverCon value sub rec'd 6-11 went to SFG today! Looks like the link for tracking is working again.
  10. ... Good luck hope your book is returned!
  11. I haven't been able to check since Friday. My value from Denver 6-11 (rec.) should be moving soon, back domn to 96 day for value tat.
  12. Any news on when sub. tracking will be back up? Thought it would've been up today.