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  1. Sched. for Grading 6/11? No more Verified? A little unusual...
  2. Dropped off 17 GA/Value tier at Denver Pop Culture Con. Almost no comic vendors, I only saw golden age at one booth. Cgc was great.
  3. I would buy the best copies I could find. Then I probably would never sell, screw the money! Tales of Terror annual #1 Crime Suspenstories 22 Black Cat Mystery 50 Dark Mysteries 10 Out of the Shadows 8 Alt. Reform School Girls
  4. Well packaged, arrived fast, Jim is a great guy to work with! Thank you Mark H.
  5. I've seen qualified green for this type of adv. stickers?
  6. Hutch88

    Turnaround Times

    I use the value tier for my goldenage books. After 60 or so days things move pretty quickly. Also in comics general, a thread on current turnaround times is active.
  7. And Boston Celtic... Double Pro before Bo Jackson
  8. Corner crease & tear top back cover. Super sharp copy... 6.5 to 7ish?
  9. Isn't there a story in Margie Comics #36 where Stan is drawn, with a multi panel role? (1947) This would also predate the Black Rider...
  10. Golden age pg-x 3.5, to a cgc 3.0. Very happy with this result.
  11. Same thing we do every year Pinky, world comic book domination!