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  1. 170-178 Batman Curse if the White Knight 1-8 Batman White Knight Presents Von Freeze One-Shot OK I reallly love the Sean Murphy Batman lore! DC has given him free reign to do whatever he wants and he is nailing it!!! I cant wait for more! Curse of the White Knight is about the Wanye family and where they come from wrapped in a mystery. Taken from mycomicshop.com The Joker recruits Azrael to help him expose a shocking secret from the Wayne family's legacy-and to run Gotham City into the ground! As Batman rushes to protect the city and his loved ones from danger, the mystery of his ancestry unravels, dealing a devastating blow to the Dark Knight. Exciting new villains and unexpected allies will clash in this unforgettable chapter of the White Knight saga-and the truth about the blood they shed will shake Gotham to its core!
  2. @cgcsketcherz have you read any of the Star Wars legacy stories? I read the first 12 issues back when they came out. I remember I liked them but stopped reading them. If not you should hunt them down since you like Star Wars!
  3. Sean Murphy Writer/Artist and Matt Hollingsworth on colors.
  4. 162-169 Batman White Knight 1-8 This is my second favorite Batman story behind Scott Snyders Black Mirror. I love the art and story. Joker takes pills to stay sane and helps Gotham. But he does it in reverse of Batman. Meaning he brakes the law but in a less destructive way to show Gotham that Batman is bad. Ill be reading the Follow up Series next!!!
  5. Thats what I thought...Thanks!
  6. 161 Master of Kung-Fu 100 Ive bever read one of these and it was at a LCS for super cheap and thought it would be a action packed story...nope REAL wordy a lot of text, walls os of it, kinda like Brain Micheal Bendis. It was OK I guess I enjoyed it to some extent. The last part of the story was about Jack the Ripper but not THE Jack the Ripper... Has anyone else read any Master of Kung-Fu books? Are they wordy or action packed? Did I get a so-so issue?
  7. 160 Daredevil 30 This is my earliest Daredevil. The story was OK. I also like covers with Thor swinging his hammer and I think this is the only one I own Also whos “mike murock” Ive seen the name but I dont know how it fits in with DD...is it Matts alter ego???
  8. Fables is great!!! And Black Monday Murders was great as well, Ive only read 1-4 but Im going to read all 8 next month or sooner. Preacher was definitely a fun read as well.
  9. 159 DC presents 29 Recommended by @Readcomix and purchased from @loboagain The main superman/spectre story was good I liked it a lot. Superman flies so fast and breaks all these different barriers that spectre has to intervene Before he flies in to heaven! Fun story thanks Gene!!!
  10. Aww shucks! Thanks! I was surprised that I was able to grab it a few weeks ago! Im super happy!! And it low grade with water damage, I dont know if its apparent or not in the scans.
  11. Aww shucks! Thanks! I was surprised that I was able to grab it a few weeks ago! Im super happy!!!
  12. Title says it all id like it to be a reader copy because Ive been told its a good story and thats what I want it for! Just send a PM.
  13. 158 The Vault of Sham (Sham Comics 5) Pretty funny! I thought it was just reprints but they are not!! From mycomicshop.com Did you ever wonder what happens when copyrights run out? In this case, it means irreverent cartoonist, Tim Fuller, can take public domain funny books from the 40s and 50s and rewrite them with hilarious results. New stories for you, the hip, cynical reader. (You know who you are.)
  14. I got a 2 books from Francisco in his last sales thread at a great price. books were packed well and safe. thanks!!
  15. 157 Haunt of Fear 4 (#1) I never thought Id own one! I liked the last story "man from the grave". The whole book was good. Im glad I finally got one! Not to mention it is the first issue of Haunt of Fear!