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  1. 30-41 Superman For tomarrow all 12 issues in tpb
  2. 26-29 Lobo contact on gawd 1-4...I miss Lobo!!! Ive always liked him and this was fun as hell!!!
  3. Yeah but who IS “Becumca”!!! Also the “Humam Torch”!!!! I guess spell check isnt a priority?
  4. #25 Superman 201 - Clark Kent leaves earth because he felt like he killed someone while trying to protect him, and felt that he almost killed Lois Lane while protecting her as well. So he leaves to another planet with a red Son so he loses all of his powers and tries to live life without powers. recommended by @kav in this thread
  5. 20-24 A Lonely Place of Dying 1-5 Ive always wanted to read this, and found a nice VF/NM set on ebay last year for cheap. It was good and I liked it.
  6. This is awesome and Sayger is a great artist and he is a nice guy to talk to as well. I also believe he will take GA and SA key books for commissions...
  7. Issues 14-19 death bed 1-6 started out fun crazy and wild then grounded itself. Not a bad read. I have always liked Riley Rossmo
  8. Im not sure this answer is a fair one but, I read Tom Kings Batman 1-85 and Im reading Scott Snyders Justice League and it seemed like every other issue(s) was a new artist. Its really frustrating not having some continuity with the art. It takes something away from the book. I know that the reason Those two comics are doing it is because the insane 2 issues a month . It feels like a money grab...
  9. Heres what I found. I might try to go to this. https://m.facebook.com/fountaincitycon/
  10. Do you have a link?! This might be fun. I wife had family in Lenexa but they moved. Nice town with a few cool comic shops! Thus would give me a reason to go.
  11. @DavidTheDavid I heard the Hawkman is good right now? What do you think? I havent read any.
  12. Pics please...or it didnt happen ...but yes Id like to see it!!
  13. @Robot Man Those 2 ECs are among my favorites!