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    E.C. Fan Addict THREAD

    Ive been watching a 2 book lot on eBay for 8-9 months and instead of the books going down this week he added $30
  2. Sure will what will you have...you should give us a sneak peak!
  3. Yeah Ill offer my This depends on how many days you're going! 1. there is a lot to take in so download the free C2E2 app. In that app you can make a list of people you want to see and where they are. Same thing with panel times which the app will send notifications an hour before time. 2. I don't buy the first thing I see!!!! I take a card and mark what aisle its in and come back later ( unless its limited or its a great deal). remember you don't want to spend all your money on the first day. 3. If you buy comics from dealers/artist its good to have a comic portfolio box (or 2 or 5 like me) which you can by at any LCS or from @HOTFLIPS at the show ( i recommend @HOTFLIPS ive bought from them while at the show and they beat the other dealers there). 4.bring a backpack with snacks and a refillable bottle!!!!! it also carries your comic boxes from @HOTFLIPS Also this is a PRO TIP... if you buy lunch in the cafe and by a fountain soda refills are free ALL DAY! 5.Grab a free program if you don't use the app. it has all the info you need. plus the cover art is by Jason Fabok so get one!!!! 6. Get there early! show starts at 10 so be there at 9...the line sucks especially on Saturday ( boooooooooooo on Saturday to many people, friday is the BEST DAY HANDS DOWN!!!!) 7.Have fun walk down very asile look at all the dorks people in cosplay. 8. stop by and see your cgc friends @MrBedrock @Dale Roberts @jadams @HOTFLIPS and say Hi! ( is this an ad for Hotflips?) SORRY IF I MISSED ANYONE!! these are the only people i know form the boards and they don't know me which is fine! 9.Pay attention to the weather the week of the show. Chicago can have great weather or bad weather this time of year. also coat check is very reasonable! If Ive missed something anyone can chime in or you can PM me and we can talk to and or meet up at the show.
  4. OF COURSE NOT!!!!!! I did wind up looking at that list and there still isn't a lot for me...(just artist I've seen multiple times and ill see again) The only one id like to see again is Ryan Ottley I love him, but hell be busy with the ASM fans. He did my current avatar.
  5. This will be my 6th C2E2 in a row and I'm let down so far by the lack of guests in artist alley which is my favorite part of the show...I know Perez and Wolfman, Silvestri will be there but it doesn't interest me all that much. And for it being the 10 year anniversary for C2E2 I thought there would be more guests. IM NOT and entertainment guest fan AT ALL! and could care less about those announcements. I know the last 2 years they've had Frank Miller, Jim Lee and others but i was hoping for a lot more. OH well now i can just walk around aimlessly (for 3 days), spending abundantly, and EATING LIKE THERE IS NO MORE FOOD!! so it should be fun in my favorite place to go chicago at my favorite comic con C2E2!! PM me if anyone wants to meet up at the show, if not LETS ALL HAVE FUN!!!!!! SEE YOU THERE!
  6. Last one...NO DISCOUNT ON THIS ONE Walt Disneys Picnic Party 6 GD+ spine split from bottom the the top of the "t" 1"tear top cover, 3" total tear on the bottom. Asking $10
  7. Walt Disneys Uncle Scrooge 6 VG-......All Carl Barks....top staple detached Asking $45 now $20 more than 50% off
  8. Walt Disneys Uncle scrooge 8 VG+ ........All Carl Barks........Press and clean might bump the grade....spine roll. Asking $45 now $20 more than 50%off
  9. Walt Disneys Comics And Stories 165 VG ........Carl Barks cover art and 1st story.....spine roll, 3/4" tear back cover, piece missing top spine and bottom back cover Asking $10 $5 after 50%off
  10. Walt Disneys Vacation Parade 1 .5 POOR INCOMPLETE... mycomicshop.com says it has 132 pages and as the scan shows it has 126 so Im guessing its 3 pages missing and one of the pages is the last page of the last carl barks story. Also one of the mazes is complete with pencil. Asking $40 $20 after 50%off
  11. hi everyone! Just a few Duck books! 1. no HOS or PROBIES 2.frist wins over any PM negotiations 3.please feel free to make offers! 4.payment via paypal , MO or Bitcoin to be paid within 5 days of winning an item 5.i will ship outside of the USA but please contact for rates! 6.shipping is $5 for 1-2 books $6 for 3 or more in the USA ONLY. Or we can work together on how you want it shipped. 7.returns within 7 days of getting your items. any questions please ask! so here we go! Kudos https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/351906-razes-kudos-thread/?tab=comments#comment-8171197