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  1. I recommended it after I read it!!! It follows Tonys Sister. There is no Rob Guillory on art but Dan Boultwood does a great job in Robs style! Ive never met John Layman at a con and I hope the meet him, Ive met Rob Guillory and he was awesome!
  2. Chew! Then Invincible! Fables is probably in 3-4 spot.
  3. 115-124 Batman Deathblow After the Fire 1-3 I like Azzarello and Bermejo as a team and this was their first teamup. Overall I enjoyed the book, my only complaint was when they did the past events there wasnt much of a difference between past and present. Batman White Knight presents Harley Quinn 1-6 If you are not reading the Murphyverse Batman you should be. I like how he is re-writing the characters in the entire mythology of Batman. Harley Quinn is written by his wife Katana Collins which I thought did a good job. Harley Quinn kind of acts as a detective and rep
  4. Read all 25 tpb of invincible! You will blow right through them! Its my 2nd Favorite series and its awesome!!!
  5. I love Scott Snyder! So lets get that out of the way. Charles Soule is a good writer as well. As to the "forced" team, I can see where you're coming from but in the "letters" pages they do mention that a lot of this story seems close to home with how they are writing it (Sky is a death sentence disease (Covid), boarders (they lock out/in whoever is there/not there when the USA closes its boarders in the book), government (a little is mentioned in this second arc 7-12), crazy president (Trump/Biden in my opinion) and how the USA is "divided" (which its clear that the USA is currently). Im
  6. @OtherEric is this really the first EC Educational Comics? So is Saddle Justice 3 the first EC Entertaining Comics?
  7. 109-114 Undiscovered Country 7-12 I like the series so far. Pretty interesting and cant wait to see where they take it.
  8. Just got this from @OtherEric And this thing is THICK almost 1/2 inch
  9. Ill vote Yes for @Buzzetta he has been a big help a few times!
  10. Heres 3 from a con today! they all look like fun reads!
  11. Boils and Ghouls! I have been wanting a copy of WSF 29 for awhile and have missed 3 copies in the last 2 years. But today at a small con I finally got one! Its a 1.0 The same dealer also had a restored WSF 29 CGC 2.5, Shock Illustrated 2 and a Confessions Illustrated 1 ( I think which I passed on. He wanted $175 and I was focused one the WSF 29) but got the other 2.
  12. I had a good time at a local show today and these are the Atlas books I got, but 1 of these Dosent belong in the collection but its a #1!