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  1. I picked this up at Plant comic con this year and just now got around to reading it. I really liked the last story "something to remember you by!" I bought it for the awesome Russ Heath cover! And if you thinking " Wow Raze, you posted a nice mid grade book! We didn't think you had any of those!" Id stay" Well guys the covers detached..."
  2. Hello again my fellow Pre Code fans! I have another book to add tonight! And PLEASE lets all gather ourselves and be calm about this one! I keep getting flooded with PMs asking to sell these Gems, but they will be sitting in my Crypt for awhile...sorry! Anyway enough with my silliness! Hand of Fate 25 the last issue of the run, this book was saved from an estate sell and was getting rained on ( said the person who sold it to me) so I though I should have it at the low price of my 100 foot yacht!!! Now I didn't tell him that it had holes in the bottom and wouldn't float....but thats another story.
  3. @Dino-Mutt hey buddy It was a joke! I was playing around! Hope we are good?? You should enter its fun...I hope we are talking march madness grading tournament? @grebal Yeah those missing corners are tough! Looks like it goes through to the centerfold? Its definitely weird. I made top 12 (not bragging I had a hard time with my last around and I think I lost to the 2nd place boardie) But you've helped me in the past and @CCComics has been awesome to me so I thought Id help him out!
  4. I was thinking 3.0 myself but the back with the cuts looks like half the book (which might be production i don't know) worries me and also throws me off as well maybe 2.5 GD+ but I can also agree with a 3.0. It really depends on the back. hey @grebal what's your call?? Im sure it sells quick here on the boards...come to think of it @Dino-Mutt already laid claim!!
  5. @RockMyAmadeus is right. Get the Overstreet guide to creating comic books. It definitely helps showing you pictures and it also has the texts.
  6. Yes it was, you are correct. I just thought I forgot to post it and share it with everyone.
  7. here's my Psychoanalysis run...low grade of course
  8. @OtherEric I did get my Psycho 1...i though I shared!!! Will do it when I get home. @AJD congrats!!! And yes that psycho 1 tends to be a little more on the the high side...$40-$60 for a 2.0 sometimes. Never really figured out why that book held such a value
  9. Re: two fisted tales 26 I finally read it! And it was good, I didn't think Id like any war books but the very few I have read have been great and hard hitting. Kurtzman was a writer that I didn't give much credit too...but now I get it! He's really great!
  10. I have thought about canceling my pull at my LCS as well. But Ive been going there for almost 25 years and I was having a hard time quitting the new stuff. I mainly collect Batman and a few image titles. One of the reasons I was thinking about canceling was Batman is now twice a month at $3.99. I think tom kings batman is to hit or miss for me and it drives me crazy! Now the reason I havnt stopped is about 2 years ago a new comic shop opened...with a twist...they offer 50% everything on mondays and 50% off new comics (Within 90 days) on Wednesday! so i added a few books. Since I can get 5 books for $11. Now this has caused me to read new books and im getting to many and need to cut back because I dont have the time to read all the new stuff and read my new PCH or others. so im torn on quitting at the moment...
  11. Shhhhhhhhh...I talked him down a lot. And I really love my first born!