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  1. Raze

    E.C. Fan Addict THREAD

    Boils and Ghouls...Im baaaaack!! hee hee. Heres a book that has seen the "Frontline" and should solidify yours truly as the "Undisputed King of Low Grade E.C. Books'!!!! Let your eyes Feast on this glorious disaster!
  2. Heres a link to the joe rogan podcast where henry rollins was on the first time and he talks about his travels... and the 2nd time... Also i just finished "Survivor" by Chuck Palahniuk writer of "Fight Club". It was a fun book but some of the writing felt like he was "trying to hard" to be/say something off the wall. But still a fun book.
  3. Raze

    E.C. Fan Addict THREAD

    Cool thanks!!!
  4. Raze


    this is one of my favorite things to do at the show,heres a pic! artist list: front cover tim sale jock joelle jones cully hammer tim Seeley mike perkins riely rossmo tyler kirkham ryan browne sean murphy tom richman back cover Aaron Lopresti ted hack Jim Mahfood Matt Kindt Ben Templesmith jason westlake insidecover:left yale stewart pat gleason eli powell alex ogle chris burnham inside cover:right andy duggan jordan williams frank cho
  5. Raze

    E.C. Fan Addict THREAD

    I have both but they are DESTORYED!!! and does anyone know how many glasses came per book...my issue 1 came with 2 glasses (already detached).
  6. Raze


    Reily Rosso C2E2 2018
  7. I think he was selling it for a friend if i remember from a few months ago?
  8. Raze

    Feedback thread - newshane

    Shane bought a book from one of my sales threads. He was polite and a pleasure to work with! Dan (raze)
  9. Raze

    E.C. Fan Addict THREAD

    i have all the impact books but have only read 1 and 2. and yes "master race" should be up there for one of the best stories! but i really like the prose in issue 1 "thirty dollars"! love at its finest!
  10. Price drops and/or take the remaining for $79