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  1. Title says it all. Looking for a low grade copy 2.0-3.0 raw. @EC ed
  2. You can find them for $60 plus. Ive passed on 4 of them because of price its the last one i need for the run. Good luck!
  3. I learn SO much from the boards! I had NO CLUE what this book was. I thought maybe a Frazetta story but its the first photo cover?! Pretty cool!
  4. Ill see what he says and let everyone know...
  5. Hey boils and ghouls Well your want to be crypt/vault keeper here with a dilemma....its a good one to have i guess but here it is. i can ether pick up a nice EC book ( one ive been wanting) or i can finish off 1 or maybe 2 EC runs. now you’re probably thinking finish off the runs and so am i but i really LOVE the one book! The 2 runs are panic and frontline combat and the one is weird science. so any input would be nice since its one or the other...
  6. it looks bad on the back cover! But yes it “looks” better than most.
  7. Last Book Weird Horrors 3 GD (OSPG denotes "hashish story"), 2"SPINE SPLIT TOP OF BOOK, top cover staple still attached but bearly asking $80
  8. OK @OtherEric ill see you mads and impact,valor and "raze" you weird fantasy 6 AND Weird science 6 AND Weird fantasy 9! Plus ill add one that i scanned for a friend, but ive had for awhile but don't think ive posted it. Picture Stories from World History 2
  9. Thats what I thought but its always nice to see what others think!
  10. @OtherEric what story are you referring to?