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  1. Great Escape was a cool store. Lots of toys as well. Nice selection of comics, and they had books and music. I only picked up Daredevil issue 4 of the Chip Zadarsky series. I really liked the general area that it was located too. Thanks for the recommendation!
  2. Hey guys my work is sending me to Sellersburg Indiana. I will be out there today around 4 o’clock 5 o’clock are there any comic book stores that are open and worth stopping by? I am coming from St. Louis so I will be taking Highway 64 east anyone know of any comic book stores along that Corredor?
  3. Alan Moore does the back up stories on these. I haven't read them yet.
  4. @IbukiLord I saw the die!mite book at my LCS, what is it about? any good or just a "hot" book?
  5. Swamp Thing Roots, My LCS said that it was a good read and Im almost have all the Alan Moore run in tpb. JIM KSA 1, No back cover but still a cool first app. of Hercules for cheap! Wyatt Earp 26, Stan Lee stories Jack Kirby art... how much...cheap...OK X-Men 205, BWS cover and Ive heard its a good story. Batman son of the demon, a LCS purchase. Its a first print and I saw that they are pricey on ebay after I got it. Weird.
  6. So I was at a LCS and saw a book that made me laugh. Hot Dog 1! Cover looked silly and I also got it but passed. But then when I got home and looked it up I see that its on ebay for $40 - $60! I can't find much info about the book, as if its rare or has a crazy story. Does anyone know anything about this book? Pic from @mycomicshop .com (Thanks)...I love the site for reference!!!
  7. What is the demand for wolverine 35? I get the GI Joe 26. And what other book have you noticed that I need to look for?
  8. 389,390 Black Cobra 1 I knew/know nothing about this book but it was a fun read. And its the first time that I remember that the Hero lets the bad guy die. War is Hell 9 I want to read more of this series! Cool book
  9. I didnt read your spoiler because I really want to read the whole thing. Ive always heard that the Moore run is great.