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  1. Using Comichron I was able to find these numbers. I couldn't find any information on the 4th printing, but it has got to be way, way under 6k....crazy 1st print...85,156 2nd print..34,298 3rd print.....6,824 4th print....??
  2. Bought some books from Barton they came as described, well packaged and prompt. I would buy from him again. James
  3. Bought some Tmnt books from Drew, they came with accurate grading along with speedy shipping. I hope to do more business with him! James
  4. Another smooth transaction with Robert!...along with a few freebies thrown in! James
  5. Got a star wars book from Rich it came packaged securely and quick, I would definitely buy from him again. James
  6. Got some books from Frank as described and with quick shipping, hope to do more business with him in the future.