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  1. No problem bc! Great meeting you also and I'll do the same Definitely staying cool as much as possible! Slowly but surely Peace James
  2. Nice meeting you bc, as soon as you mentioned you had just completed the entire PHM series I knew you had to be the guy from the boards! I've been following your progression until you reached your goal....great job! Peace James
  3. Definitely a show worth checking out as you never know what's going to walk in the door, there's something for everybody. And as has already been stated a great group of friends to hang out with and to see some new faces to boot. Peace James
  4. Oh yeah Cavill does a great Superman and Batman was good but still dark n' gritty at times. Without giving anything away there were a few phrases Batman used ala Tony Stark and I was kinda like huh? but still definitely a solid movie worth watching! Peace James
  5. Superman isn't inspiring in this movie, he's awe-inspiring! There were a couple of scenes of Supes that had me saying to myself..."Wow man this is freakin' cool!" For myself it was a great movie and I can't wait for the sequel that's sure to have even more of Superman! Peace James
  6. Well exactly 1 month to the day I paid I got my book with a bonus book included, everything was packaged securely and was intact. Lesson definitely learned but let's hope his situation is resolved and the next time he has a sales thread things will go smoother for all parties. Peace James
  7. I thought it was just me but I see I'm definitely not the only one, I'm pretty patient and understanding as things can and do come up sometimes. But communication is everything and I've had no response in 3 weeks since I paid and also have sent several pm's since then as well. Let's just hope whatever situation he's in can get rectified soon and we can get our packages soon. Peace James
  8. The 6.5 cbcs copy was listed at $83,500 with a "make an offer" option, it probably sold at that price or very close to it, here is the link: https://highgradecomics.com/article.php?dynamic=big_sales James
  9. Purchased a book from Robert in his latest sales thread and couldn't of had a better buying experience with good communication and good shipping. And to top it off I also got some freebies which were awesome! Peace James