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  1. I will take one of the Eternal warrior #4 vf/nm 1st bloodshot at 20% off
  2. Spider Gwen dynamo forces variant sealed 002 vf/nm $10
  3. Deathmate black gold $15 vf/nm
  4. What's the condition on this Deathmate black gold Thanks
  5. Thanks just making sure before I Kung fu fighter 5 $15 vf/nm
  6. What condition is the Kung fu fighter 5
  7. What is the price of Excalibur #1 Jay Anacleto Virgin Variant Limited print run, #683/750, comes with COA
  8. Can I see a picture of Amazing Spider-Man 6 CGC 2.0 Thanks
  9. My Rules: Payment by PayPal only First Take it is the winner despite any ongoing negotiations No probies, HOSers Books can be returned within 7 days of receipt of the book as long as they are in same condition buyer pays return shipping Offers are welcome. I ship out on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays If you have any questions send me a PM! Trying to raise some money to pick up one of my grails will be posting a few more books in modern Book is in a older case and has some scratches not sure if it has been pressed or not Price $375 with free shipping in U.S. anywhere else Pm Will put up some better pics when I get time
  10. I will take these if still available LOT 12: “First Round” DVD: this is a fan-made Punisher short. Signed by creators. Guy playing Wolverine actually looks really good. Overstreet hardcover 44 and Comics Shop (softcover) price guide published by Maggie Thompson in 2010, like new Thanks
  11. Hello! Welcome to the "Comics Market - Forum Only Selling" board! The moderators have asked everyone around here to help educate new comers about the posting rules for this forum so that we can keep things running smoothly. So whenever we see a new thread go up that's missing some of the information required by the rules, someone will generally happen along and post this reminder (by moderator request). You can find the posting guidelines here: Specifically, you should check out #s (1,9 and 11) They are well worth reading, because your posts can be removed from the boards if they don't conform to the guidelines. This will help you to attract more buyers as well, since this is how people expect to have books offered around here. Thanks, and glad to have you here!