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  1. No denying it's a nice page and a fantastic Morpheus, but some rando page from a forgotten book of an unremarkable series. Meh. Then again, people are willing to throw their money away on $1k Jim Lee sketchcards, so anything is possible I guess.
  2. One of the marketing people was posting in some of the Facebook communities that they would be changing the URLs for the prints, to make it a more "level playing field". I.e. they basically just added the product ID to the URLs, which also made it super convenient to pull out those IDs and pre-cart most stuff (thanks guy). It got me close to some Durieux classics, like Here Comes Trouble and Rear Window, but ultimately I had a few too many windows open and the site had a meltdown on checkout so missed them both. Still managed to get the Moss/Shaw TLoU; Jock's Halloween; Stan & Vince's Creature prints; and a few others. Agree with the general sentiment though, the past couple years have been pretty weak and they've lost a lot of that initial strong art direction.
  3. I'm not sure if you mean this page (16)? Which as I recall was listed on eBay for months around $3-5k before finally making it's way into a CLink auction where it fetched around ~$1.2k.
  4. Can you clarify this? These came directly from Duncan and in fact it was actually my reaching out to him earlier in the year which prompted him to locate them. He was supposed to followup with me when he found them (apparently being held in storage), as well as finalise the details around a commission I was setting up. Alas he ghosted me and then a month later they popped up on Hake's. To my knowledge/research I've never seen them posted before.
  5. Is there an online service (e.g. similar to GPA) which stores data around comic art sales? If so, are Comic Link auction results saved? There are a couple of auctions I'm interested in revisiting to remind myself what the final price was and the more precise date they were auctioned but clink apparently doesn't see the value in storing any of this data!
  6. I'd call it a fail-flip personally. Dell Otto Batman pieces are a dime a dozen. But then again there could be a small few who cannot be bothered doing any research or are unknowledgeable so will just grab it.
  7. Ben Oliver - Henry Hill (A4 - mixed media) £450 Ben Oliver - Lobster Johnson (A4 - coloured pencil) £300
  8. Making space for new pieces, so out with the old. UK based collector with experience shipping internationally. Prices are in GBP, if you are elsewhere in the world just shoot me a message and I'll assist with the conversion. Shipping and fees are extra but without further ado... Alesandro Vitti - Batman (11"x14" - coloured pencil) £120
  9. For sure but I only knew after. As I didn't know anyone in the community at the time and couldn't find any details on them. They're both wonderfully pleasant enough through email, but I wouldn't rely on them as the best man to my wedding. 10 years?! Good grief! I have to ask, but how did that turn out?
  10. I made the decision last week I'm quitting commissions. I'm burnt out. The year started by putting in a request with Marc Hempel. From what I see, an artist who isn't even doing published gigs or that many (if any) commissions these days. Was supposed to be delivered in February. Then a month after that, thinking I was on a roll, reached out to Teddy Kristiansen. That was fun. Every 2-3 weeks he would send me an email out of the blue that he was "starting this week." I never chased him. I would just get odd excuses. The final count was 7. I wouldn't have minded waiting, but found it incredibly rude he kept behaving like that. He refunded but complained that "commissions are not a business but favours." Which was a highly odd statement to make given he took money for it. Then of course you have the commissions that are completed... But are too embarrassing to share or even look at in your collection. I've got a few. I do hope things work out for you. I think they will. Just tread lightly and try to do research in the future would be my advice, as it can lead to bigger headaches down the line.
  11. Adding a Guillem March Catwoman vol.4 (2011) #5 p.5, 11x17, penciled, inked and signed by Guillem. $225 $15 shipping in UK; $30 shipping everywhere else
  12. Picked up a Michael Cho Batwoman recently so looking to move this piece on which I got earlier this year. Batwoman by Ken Lashley, 8.25" x 11.7" full figure $110 (at cost) $10 shipping in UK; $20 shipping everywhere else CAF LINK
  13. ISO J.H. Williams III artwork from Batman; Batwoman; Detective Comics; or Sandman Overture. Will also consider sketches.