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  1. Thanks, glad to hear you like it! Still open to best offers, so feel free to send me a pm if you want!
  2. Hi all, Due to an unexpected expense, I need to sell my “Temple of Doom” painting by Paul Mann. Drop me a line if you’re interested. Asking 2800 usd (shipped), which is what I originally paid for it. The logo and credits overlay is included (the frame isn’t). Feel free to send me a best offer if you want to, ‘cause I might take it if I can’t find a 2’8K buyer. Check it out here: Thanks for reading!
  3. Hi all. Auctioning an original page from DC comics' adaptation of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "total recall". Art by Tom Lyle. Original art pages from this adaptation are very scarce. Tom Lyle explained to me that a big part of it was lost in 99, when a large block of his art was stolen, and most of the other pages are in the permanent collection of a collector (they can be seen at the Comic Art Fans site). When I finally found originals from this at auction, it included two pages. I kept one, and I'm auctioning the other. It's the "get your to mars" scene (they didn't include that line on the comic. To avoid gross language, I guess). Thanks for reading!
  4. You might remember that I used to post a WTB once a year, looking for a "total recall" piece... It took me quite a long time, but found one. Tom Lyle explained to me that a big part of it was lost in 99, when a large block of his art was stolen, and most of the other pages are in the personal collection of CAF fellow Allen Richardson. Recently, an auction unexpectedly popped at ebay, it included two pages. I only need to keep one, so this one is available for sale. For now, asking 175 usd (shipped), but if no one comes up I might take a best offer before getting it up on ebay. Drop me a line if you're interested. It's the "get you to mars" scene (they didn't include that line on the comic though). Thanks!
  5. Excuse the off-topicness, but I've been looking for a Struzan sketch for some time and nothing seems to catch my eye on the few galleries and sellers that got stuff. So If you're one of the lucky ones who got a commission a few years ago and feel like parting with it, send me a PM! Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone! Still bringing this up once a year, just in case the right eyes land on it; looking for pages from Now Comic's "Fright Night". Only from the two first issues (the ones that adapted the actual movie) or from the one-shot adaptation of "FN Part II". Been looking for clues about where this ended up, and I've already asked -literally- every artist, writer and editor involved in the making of these issues. No one knows a thing. They're probably lost forever, but doesn't hurt to ask every now and then Thanks everyone! Marc
  7. Hi everyone,Just posted this Batman piece by Babini on ebay, starting at 49 eur, free shipping. Check it out, it's pretty cool and it has a nice vintage feel to it.
  8. Hi all... I decided to try if someone can give me a clue about this... I'm looking for art from Topp's "Last Action Hero" adaptation (it was cancelled, probably due to the movie's epic flop). Yeah, don't ask... I know the movie was crappy... But I have a great collection of movie based art and a soft spot for crappy pop stuff I know Jerome K. Moore worked on 2 covers for the comic, both pretty great (you can find them at Jerome's deviantart page)... But he sold them a long time ago, and there's no clue on who got 'em. And I know Rich Buckler was working on the interior pages (he posted 3 of them on his CAF profile), but Buckler sadly passed away earlier this year. I don't know how many issues this was meant to be, but I'm guessing it was 3 (since one of Buckler's pages had a "to be continued" panel somewhere around 1/3 on the movie plot). Finding the current owner of the covers will probably be impossible, so I don't know where to go next. Anyone knows who should I contact to ask about the Buckler pages? Did he have a rep, or something? Please PM me if you can help me shed some light on this! Thank you very much! Marc
  9. Hi everyone. Here's my yearly bump on this Looking for a page from Tom Lyle's 1990 adaptation of "Total Recall" (DC). I know Allen Richardson has like 2/3 of the book's art, but since there's still more than 20 pages out there somewhere, I keep giving this a try once a year or so If anyone si wondering, yep, I tried to get in touch with Allen. He's been inactive at CAF for years, and none of the emails I got seems to work. Or maybe he's just not answering... In any case I stopped trying to contact him. Anway; drop me a PM if you got some and want to part with it! Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the info Gingus, I'll check if I can find something out about it!
  11. Hi all, After waiting (and waiting) (and then waiting a bit more) for the buyer to pay for it, and seeing he just stopped answering my messages (if you're reading this, shame on you), I'm giving up and offering it for sale again. It’s from Florida SuperCon (Miami, 2013). Inks on blue line, way more detailed than the average Rorschach sketches you can see around. Measures are 21x15 cms (8x6 inches) approx. Taking offers in and out of ebay. ebay link: caf link: Thanks for reading! Marc
  12. After a looong search, I haven't been able to find out anything about the current whereabouts of Jim Somerville. As far as I know, he might've passed years ago... Brian Garvey had a few pages from the book for sale on his site, but apaprently they're nowhere to be found. Might've been stolen, or lost. So I've burnt the last shot and got nothing else to do but ask on the boards; if any of you has a nice page from "Newt's Tale" (ideally from issue #2of2) and he feels like parting with it, I'd LOVE to know! Thanks for your help! Marc
  13. Hi all, Still looking for a page from Now Comics' "Fright Night" (from the first 2 issues, which adapted the Holland movie). You might've heard this before, since I post this once a year to see if something pops up Artists Lenin Delsol / Jeff Dee and editor Tony Caputo don't know anything about it's whereabouts, so any clue would be welcome! Thanks!
  14. Hi Hal, and thanks for the suggestions I already sent Dale Keown a message via facebook, but I got no response (I fear he might've not seen it, since his "friends list" is full, so we're not connected... And facebook deals in weird ways with messages that come from strangers, sometimes they go to that "others" folder and you get no notification). I'll ask a couple of friends to see if anyone has a direct email for Keown though. I saw that Freelanced site too... It definitely looks like him, I thought the same. But I paid their subscription fee (you have to pay 3 bucks per month to send internal messages to other members) and my message still has no response. His profile has no info or images so I think he created it but dismissed the website when it asked him for money. In any case, it looks like did some searching at google to help me out, so thank you very much for it, I really appreciate it!