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  1. My LCS has a bunch of virgin covers and I was assuming they were Vampirella. I had never heard of this Sacred Six.
  2. I think a real mob would be insulted by this comparison.
  3. The majority or people agreeing on something does not mean they are a mob. Using that word makes almost zero sense in this situation given the previous reputation of the seller.
  4. And I appreciate your honest answer. I'm just trying to understand it.
  5. Sorry, left out a really important word in my last post.
  6. I'm not tying to personally attack you, but you just seem to be constantly reaching for some reason why we should give the seller a break. And now you are just wildly speculating they he may have something going on in his personal life that is more important that completing this transaction. And if you really believe what you say about we should all be coming together then best course of action would be to not do anything that pulls us apart in the first place.
  7. Huh? Didn't he just have a big sales thread? I don't understand what you are implying?
  8. Honestly this is what really confuses me. If it is just a blip, why not fix it? It would be really easy. Just sell the book. Why would a seller that is well respected and otherwise untarnished not want to make things right. It makes no sense to me.
  9. I definitely wouldn't want to own a book that reminded me it put me on the PL every time I looked at it. I am curious if STARR thinks he did anything wrong.
  10. I'm curious why your solution to this dilemma is not to have STARR sell the book like he agreed to? Does that not appear to you to be the fairest solution?
  11. There are three recent nominations with a payer who didn't pay. Not a single person defended them and they were quickly added to the PL. Interesting which side of things and who people choose to defend.