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  1. You guys aren't making me feel any better.
  2. I just realized I made a total rookie mistake. I did not take scans before sending.
  3. Didn't know these existed. Vampirella Mastervisions prints. From what I can gather there are maybe 36 in total.
  4. I had never seen it before either. Called Dust to Dust. Here is the back cover and some interior shots.
  5. Baltimore and Philly shouldn't even be mentioned together. But if you really want to buy windows or funko pops I highly recommend the Philly show.
  6. I will say one thing that will be very depressing. I went to a smaller local show a few weeks ago. Sticking with the theme of this thread I only bought a few things because the prices are just getting out of reach. I always look forward to Baltimore Comicon every year, but do I really want to spend a day looking at stuff I can't afford?
  7. Saw it tonight in the theater. Loved it. Pretty much got exactly what I was hoping for. Disappointed there was a post credit scene to hint at what was next.
  8. I did think about doing the pressing thing, but at the end decided it just wasn't worth it to me. Didn't want to spend the extra money or wait the extra time. If I try to sell some of these then I can at least throw in the "not pressed" as a selling point.
  9. Not that I'm saying anything shocking here, but the way I see it: Just buying = sucky times Selling and Buying at the same time = neutral Just selling = Bazinga
  10. 2 Eerie 23s, 2 Blazing Combat 3s and 1 Blazing Combat 4. Got me very close to my $150 credit not counting shipping.
  11. I am probably greatly helped with the fact I am totally fine with low grade books for my bigger purchases. While they have increased in price as well, certainly not as much as higher grade books.
  12. Finally got around to this. Just packed everything up and it will go out tomorrow. Wish me luck.