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  1. This guy has 5 posts and every one of them have weird links in them. Something smells rotten.
  2. I see something like this and think I don't care if they slab a million books a day. If QC can't catch something as basic as this it is a total failure. Assuming there is some kind of list QC has (I know, I'm making a big leap here) matching the label to the book would be #1 on the list. So the book either did not go through QC or whoever was doing QC should be immediately fired for not doing the most basic part of their job.
  3. I don't think the scans are saying very much.
  4. I'm going to go out on a limb and say he wouldn't tell us if it was.
  5. Picked up this sweet book today and it got me thinking maybe we should have a dedicated thread for these beauties.
  6. Its one of my favorite movies. I have the extended cut and watch it regularly.
  7. I honestly didn't know much about the Green Lantern/Green Arrow book as I was drawn in by the Frazetta book. But doing a bit of quick searching that is really nice. Very happy!!!
  8. Got my prize from @Blastaar Very happy to have these in my collection. Thanks!!
  9. Wasn't sure where to post this. RIP Julie Strain. Enter Julie Strain. Julie came to the part with a huge history of red-hot films, wearing the well-earned crown as the“Queen of the B-Movies.” Julie Strain brought her already-sizeable fan base to the ranks of the Vampirella fandom, making Vampirella’s devoted legions even bigger and better than ever. Ms. Strain went on to appear on over a dozen different Vampirella covers. She became so popular that Harris Comics launched an exclusive commemorative comic devoted solely to Julie Strain, aptly titled the Vampirella Presents Julie