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  1. Seems HOS worthy. He stole money from multiple people. We can speculate all we want as to what might have happened, but doesn't really seem to matter.
  2. One point of clarification. Did he admit to actually making the sigs himself or just that he knew they weren't real? It doesn't change anything for me, but just wanted to make sure we were being as accurate as possible.
  3. If only these poor buyers had some tool where they could look up prices or see if there were other copies for sale.
  4. Just move on if you don't like a price. People have no self control and want to be in everyone's business.
  5. If you have to wear a mask, you might as well wear a sweet Frazetta mask. http://frazettamuseum.com/category/MASK.html?fbclid=IwAR33Q0UHpxSBtT9qE0PhAkxtmO5lLAnmOV3XCNk6w9lqB4mGVOdT6ZuIVQE
  6. 7-1-20: FANTASTIC FRAZETTA BOOK UPDATE We just got word from our Major Bookstore distributor (includes Amazon, Libraries, etc) that, though the book is yet to be released, it is already SOLD OUT (all copies are now committed to pre-orders). Though there have been delays due to COVID shutdown, CONGRATULATIONS to the smart, dedicated collectors who pre-ordered! They will all get their books soon (about 2 weeks). RE ADVANCE ORDERS: The ship has just arrived in USA; the books need to be unloaded, then clear customs, and then trucked to Vanguard, The Frazetta Museum & our Distributors. It will take at least a week until we have them and and can begin filling orders. Thank you for pre-ordering & your patience RE STORES: Though wholesale copies are technically Sold Out as they are COMMITTED, those books have yet to arrive with our distributors. So, Diamond Comic Shops, Amazon, Bud Plant, Stuart Ng, etc will get the books they pre-ordered, just like people who ordered directly from Vanguard or The Frazetta Museum. The "Sell Out" means Vanguard has no MORE copies to wholesale for REorders to Diamond Comic Shops, Amazon, Bud Plant, Stuart Ng, etc. But they will get what they pre-ordered. Because the ship arrived in California this time (instead of New York), our California friends Bud Plant and Stuart Ng will receive copies earlier than they usually do. SECRET STASH: Vanguard & The Frazetta Museum have a SMALL, limited private stash of copies for retail sales to individual collectors only. Check with them for availability. NEW PRINTING: We are beginning to plan a 2nd printing but they will likely not be available until Halloween. VOL II: YES! We have already begun work on a 2nd volume! Any collectors out there with Frazetta oil paintings, a quality high-res photo could get your masterpiece included in the next volume! Please private message me if you have a painting for consideration. Thank you all again for your patience
  7. wombat

    Ebay Deals

    You don't see this every day. 9.8 Creepy 15. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Creepy-Magazine-15-CGC-9-8-Warren-Publishing-6-67-Classic-Frazetta-cover-art-/324217805396?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
  8. wombat

    Ebay Deals

    This is just lazy. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Creepy-Warren-lot-of-13-Frank-Frazetta-Wally-Wood-Berni-Wrightson-Alex-Toth/184350324345?hash=item2aec22b679:g:4VMAAOSwGgZe~i4T
  9. A record of these posts should remain. Deleting everything is not the way to go.
  10. I have most of my smaller stuff in Detolfs. Won't work though for quarter scales.
  11. This is confusing. If this was a mistake (you thought the sigs were real but can't verify or now realize they are not real) you did the right thing. Now if you are saying you knew they weren't real from the beginning that would be a different story. I'm assuming that is not the case.
  12. Seems like Frank thoroughly enjoyed life.
  13. And the books would fly off like prizes. Really, this is a win win.
  14. They look cool. But not $369 cool.