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  1. @srezvan Can you post some pics of the flippers?
  2. Latests editions to the room. The death dealer shadow box was hand made by my wife. She has started a crafting business and likes to make me things to try stuff out.
  3. You are covering up some of the really good stuff.
  4. Yes it is. Honestly I think that is a huge statue for the price. $650 for a big quarter scale these days is pretty good. It also helps that I had some sideshow reward points to use.
  5. Yeah, my mystery box will not look like that. Just sayin.
  6. Some people just take a long time putting together the perfect mystery box.
  7. Got my mystery box today from @1Cool He did not disappoint. Chock full of magazine goodness and more. Some sweet Frazetta covers and an awesome Terror Tales with amazing colors. Plenty of other goodies as well with some interesting reading. Thanks!!!!!!!
  8. That's a really good deal. If I didn't have mine I would definitely go for that.