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  1. SpeedforceKJ

    Francesco Mattina Art Society

    This is hands down my favorite run of covers in such a long time.
  2. SpeedforceKJ

    This week in your collection?

    Officially in my hands
  3. SpeedforceKJ

    This Week Back From CGC

    My buddy got this signed for me at C2E2 this year and just got it back.
  4. SpeedforceKJ

    This week in your collection?

    My buddy got this signed for me at C2E2 this year and just got it back. Really had hoped for a 9.6+ but still super excited to have this book in the collection signed by the man himself. One of my favourite Jock covers
  5. SpeedforceKJ

    Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    so beautiful
  6. will do, thanks for that. and correct, you do see that one. I had that one gifted to me.
  7. Here was the Dragon Ball Z side of the selfs, I can't wait for these to all show up at the new house haha.
  8. i actually need to get one of those. I have the Koto Artfx one but I wanna get one of the actual figures for the collection.
  9. part of my old set up for my Flash collection. It's all been boxed up and on it's way to my next base. I'll be setting it up differently once it arrives.
  10. SpeedforceKJ

    Celebrate Dell'Otto!

    Flash 52 will be mine and I will need a signed copy.
  11. SpeedforceKJ

    Statue Collections

    we got our first sideshow piece in
  12. SpeedforceKJ

    Infinite Signature Thread

  13. SpeedforceKJ

    Flash collectors thread

    I purposed to my wife reading this book to her. It's a very special book to us.
  14. SpeedforceKJ

    This week in your collection?

    These came back to the group I had getting them signed for me, was really hoping for a 9.6 on the flash but very happy with the Batman, I believe I have only the 3rd copy to be SS.
  15. SpeedforceKJ

    Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Thread

    Here's two new additions to the collection