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  1. With Ronin coming out this year, could it be possible that Laird may be doing a couple more signings this year than in the past? I know Steve has said he is gonna be at a show in Texas this year that Kevin is gonna be at, would love to see Peter be there as well. My dream/goal/grail has been to get my 2nd print #1 signed by Kevin and Peter. I could get Kevin's easy by sending it to anyone I know going to a show but I want to get these ones specifically in person.
  2. My only sketch cover this year. Had it about a month just hadn’t been able to post it. From one of my all time favorite artist, Eric Talbot.
  3. Eric Talbot just sent me this update on my commission. He never lets me down when I get commissions from him.
  4. Shredder by Marat Wally by EVS Batman by Tony Daniels Flash by Francis Manapul Flash by Dell Otto
  5. Alright. I’ll give it a shot. Might see if anyone from cgc here would be able to answer if they would as well. I’d absolutely love to add Kevin to it being it has Peters sig on it already What’s everyone’s thought on the going asking prices online for the Eastman/laird tmnt 100 variant. Seeing people/sites asking 200 already for it. That’s the one cover I want but no way I’d could or would pay that for it
  6. i highly doubt they would. For me though as I had said, it's not a big loss. I'm just happy to own a 2nd print again.
  7. Indeed they are on the case but the only I’m sad about is the laird sig since he’s so hard to get. As much as I love Talbots work (I have a turtle drawn by him as a center piece in my tattoo sleeve) he means nothing to this book. The only sigs I personally would want in it are kevin and Peter. Selling my second print is the only thing I regret selling over the last year so when my wife said it was alright to get this I made it all worth it. Now we’ll send it off. I can’t wait to get back from this deployment to see it in person
  8. Well guys I got my second printing. I’ll be sending it in to be recased as it’s cracked. This is an upgrade for me compared to what I had owned before. I’m happy to finally own this book again.
  9. I can manage around the 6-700 if graded in that range. I don't even need it to be graded. I hoping I can come across someone selling one in time. Just gonna set aside for when I do. Thinking of parting out my silverage Flash collection when I get back from this deployment to go towards ones
  10. Dang I can see this has jumped up a lot since I bought mine back in '17. I paid 250 for it then.
  11. What price range can I expect/look for on my search for a FN or higher 2nd print #1? I sold mine last year (along with 1st Prints of 2-4 + Raph one shot) and have regretted it ever since. I'd love to have that set back but more than anything I want to pick up #1 again.