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  1. I'm looking to pick up a Shazam 28 graded in a 6.0 - 7.0 range. I'm wanting to spend around 150 and am Paypal ready. If anyone can help me out, please let me know!
  2. Added this to my wife’s collection today
  3. One for me. One for my daughter. Made my day when she asked for a Shazam figure.
  4. Thats unfortunate. I'll have to pass on that now
  5. Kevin, If I purchase one ticket for the Jim Lee experience, can my wife and both get in? We only want to get 3 things signed, not 6
  6. I’ve been wanting this for awhile now and saw my local comic shop had him so I finally decided to pick it up. Goes with with the n52 bust.
  7. Met Mike grell last weekend at Pensacon and had him sign the only flash cover he’s ever done.
  8. I just want to see this movie happen. The fact I know it's still at least 2 years away kills me.
  9. I continue to find and add random sized Manapul flash pieces to my collection. One day I’ll get my own commission from him haha.
  10. Two more commissions I had done at Pensacon over the weekend. I officially started my Flash sketch book and had these two awesome pieces done. Flash by Derec Donovan Gorilla Grodd by Geoffrey Gwin
  11. Met Mike grell this weekend at pensacon. Had him sign the only flash cover he ever did. He proceeded to tell me that he always hated to draw the flash because you’d have to always draw him so many times unless you just put speed lines behind him 😂
  12. Picked this up from Mike grell this weekend at Pensacon. Got in on his sale during January and paid $75.
  13. Picked up my Mike grell commission from the man himself. Was great to meet him.
  14. Figured I’d share this here all y’all since there isn’t a Bronze Age flash thread. Met Mike Grell this weekend had him sign the only flash cover he did as well as got a head sketch commission from him.