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  1. Had this arrive this week. Litho printed on canvas. It’s stunning in person
  2. Got this from my buddy. He does a lot of Dbz art and I had been wanting him to do a Flash for me for years. Saw he finally did one and I had to get it
  3. Just got this picture back and my 123 is cleaned and pressed. It’ll be sent off tomorrow cgc tomorrow. Really hope this comes back in the 3.0-4.5 range but I honestly don’t know. Just need the top staple to hold on and for the bottom split to not be as bad as I thought. He said it looks nice post cleaning so I’m hopefully
  4. Saw he posted that over the weekend on his IG page. I'm not a superman fan but I do rather like this one.
  5. Just added this flash vinimate to my flash collection. I only have a small portion set out but this was for sure being set out
  6. Facts! Couldn't agree more. two creators I've really enjoyed meeting over the years.
  7. Here was my covid readings over the past two months. I started back full time work on Monday. We had been doing one on/one off so I took advantage and read a lot. I hadn’t read anything for over a year. In total was about 125 issues. It was great to read some stories that I had just on my to read list for years.
  8. Congrats! I always loved this run as a kid. The art always stood out to me back then. I just read through it recently as well during all this stay at home time. Great addition to any collection
  9. Prepping this book to go out tomorrow off for a press and dry clean and then off to CGC. Hoping it’ll come back in the 3.0-4.0 range but with the top staple causing the cover to almost be detached I’m unsure honestly what it’ll come back as. I’ve had it for 3 years and never sent it in (even though the plan when I bought it was to get and get it pressed and then graded). Here’s to hoping for the best.
  10. Question for you all. Yes we all collect silver age flash but we’re also all comic fans. If you had the opportunity to get a small piece from Joe Giella done would you take a flash or a Batman. Also noting that the Batman would have a lot more done to it but both are same in cost.
  11. Indeed I had the 117. I purchased it from eBay last year, I just wasn’t comfortable with it not having the inner well So now that I was back from my deployment I decided to finally send it in and get that fixed. My next book is to either send in my 110 and have it brought over to a CGC case verses it’s current case and then send my 123 in for cleaning and pressing someplace and then off to cgc for grading. Had that one specifically since 2017 I really need to get on that one.
  12. There’s a 2.5 on eBay graded by the other company signed by giella for $95 plus shipping