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  1. SpeedforceKJ


    my lord, that finch spiderman is beautiful.
  2. SpeedforceKJ

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    This is just beautiful right here. @stinkininkin you did an amazing job on this one.
  3. SpeedforceKJ

    [FEB 12 UPDATE] !RETURNED! - Dell’Otto

    Ryan, I'm very glad to hear you got the piece back and everything is good now. It gutted me when I first heard about this.
  4. SpeedforceKJ

    Flash collectors thread

    I wish. Came back as a 4.0
  5. Upgraded my raw copy to this 3.0.
  6. SpeedforceKJ

    Flash collectors thread

    My raw copy had officially been upgraded. Now I just gotta send it to cgc to have it reholdered as it doesn’t have an inner well.
  7. SpeedforceKJ

    Comic book collecting with a foreign variant focus

    Being in the military I've had the chance to visit local shops in the countires I've lived in or been TDY to, so I try to pick up Flash books from those countires. I've gotten a few pound copies while in the UK, picked up some N52 Flash in Italy (along with an Italian Action Comics #1 Italian Reprint) and a Showcase 4 German reprint.
  8. SpeedforceKJ

    Flash collectors thread

    I should have another arrival today. Upgraded one of my raw issues in my run I'm working on to a 3.0 graded copy. Was stoked to find it and add it to the collection.