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  1. Actually, I'm ok, I do have my Eerie #23 above in the thread.
  2. Not as cool as a stack of Eerie #23’s would be, but I am still happy to have these.
  3. I was wondering if the ug wiki is still able to be updated? Was checking on some new acquisitions, and it says Zap #9 1st has a .75 cover price, but no picture, and says the 2nd print has $1.50 cover. My Zap #9 has $1.00 cover price, I'm pretty sure that is the first printing.
  4. ok, finally have access to my books. There is a 2nd printing. There is a secondary indicia on the first page that states 2nd print.The second print's cover price is indeed $2.00, not $2.50. I actually do not have a first print, I have two second prints, so I need to get a first.
  5. I used to have a scan of WW Funnies #2. In the inside front cover, there was a mention about it being a second printing. I think Photobucket wiped out my account, so that scan is long gone, and I don't have access to my books to scan it again.
  6. I've never seen him sign anything other than the Shooter. I don't think I would have the nerve to tell a creator or anyone else I would want a signature from HOW to sign their name, other than where to place the signature on the book.
  7. Not my experience at all. The Valiantfans message board had several meet ups in New York for various panels and other events. One time several of us sat with Jim at his table, and he told story after story about his time with Valiant and other things. Very friendly, answered all the questions and signed my copy of Adventure Comics #346, probably my favorite signed book in my collection.
  8. at 20% off (from sale in Gold/Silver/Bronze)
  9. Package took 25 days to reach it's destination. Luckily, the customer was very understanding, gave positive feedback and asked which comics to read next (It was a set of the Tundra Crow volumes), so I gave her a nice list of the later Crow minis.
  10. Rima 3 - 9.2 - $3 Rima 4 - 8.5 - $2 Life of Captain marvel 5 - 9.0 - $2 Marvel Tales 98 - 7.0 - $6 Marvel Two In One 2 - 5.5 - $3 Invaders 19 - Hitler sucks - 8.0 - $4 Not Brand Ecch 9 - 8.0 - $4 Uncle Scrooge & Money - 6.0 - $3
  11. Sorry, not the greatest picture, but I can't get to my scanner right now because of a bad back. Did want to share it because this thread inspired me to buy it.