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  1. Listing on eBay my CGC 9.0 copy of Ebon #1, the first black superhero comic done by an African-American. It is the second highest graded copy (only a single 9.4 copy is higher). Starting bid is $499.00, which is less than what some raw copies have been selling for. Really need to sell this with a tax bill looming. Thanks for looking!
  2. Here's the photo. Like namisgr said, I was pleasantly surprised to see it is the second highest graded copy of this. I wasn't even sure if someone else had graded one. There are five copies graded total.
  3. It FINALLY has come in. Took over four months to get back, which has pretty much soured me on sending in anything again. It came back at a 9.0, so I'm thrilled with that. No picture yet, as I have to go to the shop tomorrow and pick it up. Just hope the market hasn't totally cooled on this book considering how long it took to get back.
  4. Just had sales tax charged on an item I sold. I had nothing to do with it. Is the buyer going to be pissed at me that eBay charged them sales tax? I wonder if I need to start mentioning in my listings that sales tax may be charged depending on where the buyer is from?
  5. Wow, someone got a hard to find one. I had it on my watch list, but I just couldn't justify bidding with the condition it was in. Probably still a good buy, but it does look like it's ready to fall apart:
  6. Yep, I did buy the black and white copy of Angry Youth Comix pictured above off eBay. I'm not saying the one pictured was the copy I had, but it was that issue. I sold it to someone, I believe it was a friend here on the boards. He can chime in if he wants to identify himself. Any idea of a value on it? I knew it was a rare item, but I didn't mind moving it on to someone who would appreciate it more.
  7. Who else should I worry about? I want to sell my books and sell them at a price I am comfortable with, so what the hell does that have to do with anyone else?
  8. Yeah, that's my eBay sales model, as well. As long as I'm making a decent profit, I don't need to get top dollar. Just need to find more time to list stuff.
  9. First of all, it's hard to see because I only have a old crappy digital camera (I still don't use a "smart phone" with camera). On the left side of the image at the bottom is reflection from the flash. Right above it is something at first I thought looked like a crack, but after looking at it and seeing it on all the slabs I have pulled out for sale, I think it is more of some kind of post inside the slab, not sure what function it would serve, though. Thanks for answering, if someone could confirm that there is some kind of post there, I would appreciate it. Some of my slabs had the letter "A" imprinted right next to where the "post" ends, but not all of my slabs had the "A".
  10. Sorry in advance if this is a dumb question. I don't sell many slabs, but I just listed one. I noticed on the back by the left hand side of the label what looks like it could be a crack. However, when I checked out some other slabs I had, it seems like they all had the same mark, which leads me to think it might just be part of the slab design. My picture isn't great, but maybe someone can tell me what I'm looking at.
  11. I wonder if it's the same seller. I would imagine that there may be more than one shop doing pre-sales on Tuesday. I didn't want to mention them by name as I don't want to hurt their business. This shop also does auctions on Saturday and I'm also surprised by some of the prices they get on books that I would frequently pass by in dollar bins. I guess the secret is generating a "fan base" who don't mind paying more when they buy from you.
  12. Sorry to keep going off topic, but another thing that is reminding me of the last speculator boom and bust is stores asking over cover price for books that just came out. A shop that I have been buying from quite a bit here does a live pre-sale on Facebook of the new books on Tuesday night. There were at least four examples of books being priced well over cover that just came out this week. Probably most ridiculous was the Sonic #0 book that came out. Apparently it was supposed to be a free book before FCBD. Now, no big deal charging for it because I know the shops have to pay for them. I could understanding asking cost or even a little more, but they were charging $3 a pop. I bought nothing from them this week, but did place an order of several books with mycomicshop, as they had all the books I wanted at cover. We often hear support your local comic shop, but it's kind of hard to do when they seem to be going for a cash grab on new stuff that should be cover.
  14. I had a somewhat similar experience as there definitely was some pre-release hype on the Death of Superman. A local shop was offering pulls of all the issues leading into Superman #75. I ordered a set. They did not ask anyone to pre-pay. I remember going in hoping to get my books and was told they decided not to hold the books for anyone, and all the books leading into and Superman #75 itself were already jacked up in price the week it came out. Needless to say, I didn't go there after that and they quickly went out of business once the balloon popped. My Dad bought into the hype and bought a couple copies of Superman #75 black bag for me for $30 each or so. I'll never sell those books, not because I'll never get the money back, but because it meant a lot that he went out and bought those books for me. Those were crazy times and I do see a lot of the same thing nowadays.
  15. Amber Blake #1 1 in 10 variant is doing very well on eBay: Don't have one, unfortunately. Just have the regular cover. I like this series if for no other reason than that it is magazine format. The story is interesting enough, undecided if I want to continue with it.