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  1. So many holes, looks like a strainer Wrightson's Frankenstein plate, Jeff Jones IDYL page, Jim Starlin's Death of Captain Marvel page, Watchmen page...
  3. Uderzo told in several interviews that all non signed pages were stolen pages. But who knows? They have never been officially declared to the police as stolen, and Uderzo is known for having been very generous with his friends and family in the past. It is said that Asterix the Legionary pages had been given in full. Never easy to determine the truth in these cases. In the same category, a few days ago Hermann posted on his Facebook page ( that a page in the upcoming Artcurial auction was stolen. A few years ago (don't know if it's still true) the widow of Jean Giraud / Moebius also tried to take possession of any art of his husband that was for sale in an auction, saying that this art was stolen if there was no invoice.
  4. Honestly it's FAR from a hefty price for an Asterix page ( A lot of estimates in this catalog are in no way related to the FMV of the lots. But it seems like the new experts (Huberty & Breyne) to work with Christie's decided to show low estimates to attract customers. And European auction houses like to compare results with fees to estimations, to claim that their auction was a big success, so the lower the estimates the better! Unfortunately the buyer will also have to pay the 30% buyer fees and the resale right (4% up to 50k€ then 3% => roughly 5000€). But even if "Asterix and the Secret Weapon" is a late volume (Goscinny was long dead) and far from being a famous one, I do agree that it's a nice page, with all these gauls, the famous image of Asterix after he drunk his potion and Obelix sulking because he's not allowed to drink some, Panoramix/Getafix and his cauldron full of magic potion, Assurancetourix/Cacofonix tied up and gagged, etc. ! And as it's autographed, at least you're sure that this one was not stolen.
  5. 6 lots removed from the October 24 auction, and 104 lots removed from the October 27 auction so far.
  6. Batman / Broken City by Eduardo Risso & Brian Azzarello, where the young Bruce Wayne imagine a new (happier) end to this event that changed his life. I went to the cinema last Sunday to see the new Joker movie, one of the scenes reminded me the first of the two pages...
  7. I'll be your drug dealer
  8. Promethea #20 - The Stars are But Thistles (JH Williams III / Alan Moore) Additional images on CAF: The Walking Dead #14 : No Way Out (Charlie Adlard) Parts of this DPS have been used in 4 of the 9 covers of the first issue of "Walking Dead Magazine" Additional images on CAF:
  9. I only have one. A (published) cover project from Franquin I'm more interested into panel pages, I really appreciate sequential art, original page structure, ...
  10. I only have 3 covers (but I really like them ^^)... respectively from Hellboy (Mignola), Uncle Scrooge (Don Rosa) and Tarzan (Mark Schultz)
  11. Swamp Thing first splash page from $25,600 to $35,000 in 2 months
  12. Pet peeve? People who create a new topic in the "Original Comic Art Marketplace" section, called something like "art for sale" (ok so I have to open it if I want to have any idea of what you're selling?), with just a link to a CAF section (ok so I have to open TWO PAGES, probably to discover that you're selling commissions and pages I've no interest in? seriously?). If you're selling some stuff, it's not so long to add a few keywords / artists names in your topic title...
  13. Sounds like they still have issues... not directly on CAF this time, but on some of the websites they manage. Clicking on sends me to Antony Snyder's website
  14. In Europe (and in fact in many countries but not in the US) we have what is called "droit de suite" ("resale right" in English). Basically it means that when an artwork sells for any price higher than 750€ (with a few exceptions such as the seller bought the art directly to the artist less than 3 years before and for less than 10k€), the seller has to pay a 4%-fee to the artist or his legal heirs, up to 70 years after his death (this 4% fee is degressive for prices above 50k€ and the total fee can't exceed 12500€). This fee is usually collected by the auction house / dealer. More details here:
  15. At least 3 pages with Dream sold this year, and a few more without Dream (the last one from Kelley Jones a few weeks ago on eBay). That's not a lot of pages, for sure ... and the best way to get a page is probably to offer far more than FMV to someone who does not sell, as I did a few years ago.