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  1. ... and yet "yellow jackets" protest every week for months! They want their share of everything without doing anything... I would love these 8 weeks of vacation and retiring at 50, but unfortunately it's "only" 5 weeks and legal retirement age is 62 (and probably 65 before I get this age)
  2. - Sale Date: Thursday, July 11, 2019 Some great Bernie Wrightson stuff (but not only)...
  3. What are these 21% tax? Custom fees? That's huge. In France it's 5.5% and it already hurts But regarding Heritage European auction, if you live in Europe, you don't have to pay custom fees as lots are in Europe (France first, then Netherlands).
  4. My apologies, these two upcoming strips did not have a correct date, and because of that the closed auction did not display. It's fixed now, you can check ! And thanks for pointing out this problem. That's probably true! For the very same reason a lot of people don't talk about ComicArtTracker to their friends or on social networks because they don't want to share...
  5. I'm no expert but I would definitely not define this catalog as a strong collection. No A level piece on the European side, and (as usual for European auctions) reserves were high: people don't play the game and want the benefits of auctions without the disadvantages. Usually Heritage auctions have 98%-100% sold art, here we are under 90% on the first session (the one with higher end lots) - which is still quite good for European auctions (Artcurial or Christie's are usually around 70%). 14 out of the 61 lots above 5k€ did not sell because of (too) high reserve prices. Results available for this session here on ComicArtTracker. My opinion on a few pages: the Tintin cover sold for a decent price, not a strong one, for such a piece of european comics history - hope it will end in Philippe Boon's Museum next to the Master Race original pages! the Garage Hermetique page by Moebius went for what I consider a strong price ($87k with BP). I'm really happy for the consignor, he's a friend of mine, but even if aesthetically it's a nice page, it's also a small format and I thought it would sell at 40-50k before BP, not 70k. The two Incal pages also did really well (around $50k) and one of the Blueberry page (also by Gir / Moebius) went for a crazy price ($40k) for a minor page - compare with this page sold two months ago or this one last year, both from the best Blueberry story arc. Sounds like Heritage is a good place to consign Moebius / Giraud art! the Loisel illustration also sold really well, considering that it's "just" a large size commission. Sure it's decorative, but $18k?! Marini's art for Batman still sold well - to be honest a lot of European collectors don't really see why, but hey it seems like some people are ready to pay big money for his pages results for Druillet and Tardi are quite good (for the later we're far from his two most famous series), as well as the David B page (there's not a lot of pages on the market) Nearly all other lots that sold in the higher prices were US art, you probably know better about them than I do! Really liked the Burns pages, his inking is impressive. I'll just add that the Dune page by Sienkiewicz made two happy collectors out of three: the winner and the consignor. I'm the third one. As for the reason, I think there's only one possible reason for such prices on this kind of page: strong nostalgia. Ok there's also a movie coming soon, but I can't imagine the winner to speculate at this price. Anyway, my brain tells me that I was right to stop bidding at $14k, but my heart...
  7. Could not find any topic on this auction, does it mean that it is of no interest to you (by "you" I mean "most of US collectors")? Is it because there is little Marvel / DC pages? Because of higher fees and art shipped from Europe? I went to the exhibition yesterday and there's nice pages to look at. But I'm a European collector
  8. Hello everyone! I just pushed a new feature on ComicArtTracker (I posted a video on ComicArtTracker's Facebook page last week so maybe it's not a surprise for some of you). Notifications allow you to get a detailed view of what has happened on ComicArtTracker since your last visit. Any source adding new art, any auction starting / ending soon, any new art matching one of your favorite keywords, artworks suggested by a friend, news from CAT and more... are all detailed in this Notifications page. Hope you enjoy ComicArtTracker and will appreciate this new feature! Don't forget to join on Facebook:
  9. Mine is a Tarzan the Untamed cover (for Dark Horse). The rendering of the foam on the branches is incredible!
  11. I love the "FedEx ruins priceless artwork" press clipping in the background
  12. I only have pages from Batman Long Halloween / Dark Victory, but really like them!