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  1. I would compare Blain with Sean Murphy. Both are (from my point of view) great artists, with a unique and recognizable style. Both created really interesting "non mainstream" (sorry but I can't always put English words on what I would really mean) series, and both saw their prices increase at each new series. The only difference is that Blain produces for a longer time and his rep (Jean-Baptiste Barbier) did a really great job by selling only a few pages of Blain series a year (and not every year), creating rarity and thus high prices. Isaac le pirate was a nice series, but the real game changer was Quai d'Orsay. Definitely one of the best European comics I read these last 10 years, if not THE best. When the first pages sold at gallery Barbier, they were priced 4k€ (except the ones with Darth Vader at 5k). A few years later I sold mine 16k€ to someone who really wanted it and asked me twice a year. I think a "standard" page from Quai d'Orsay would sell at least at 8-10k€ nowadays (see a few high prices here: Back to Blain / Sean Murphy: they now both work on a "mainstream" / well-known series, resp. Blueberry and Batman. Whatever the intrinsic quality of artworks (and I'm really not fond of both of these works), mechanically prices increase heavily. And demand is still strong: 80k and 30k Blueberry covers already sold, as well as 25 other pages - including a few 20-25k€ pages - for a total of nearly 500k€ ... I'm not saying that these prices are fair or not. With 80k€ you can have a strong piece of comic art History. But at these prices pages sell "quite easily". That's a fact. I don't have any artwork from Blain anymore. And at these prices I probably will never have some again. But in my opinion he's definitely an artist worth following.
  2. If you use the top-left search bar (the one saying "Search for art"), you can search by artist (I just tried with "brunner"). But if you use the one just above the thumbnails (the one saying "Search by title, artist or keyword"), it only searches in the artwork title despite what the text says.
  3. Not really comics variant covers, but parts of this DPS were used for four of the nine Walking Dead Magazine #1 variant covers:
  4. Bandwidth cannot be a problem! It means traffic, and traffic is what all websites owners look for. And I prefer a dormant CAF gallery (where I can see great original artworks, even if their real owner changed 3 times since it was uploaded on this gallery) to no gallery at all.
  5. Only one purchase in 2019... seems like I'm slowing down lately!
  6. Hello everyone! I just updated ComicArtTracker. This update is mainly a technical update, so not a lot of new features for you: some new sources (artists and auction houses) GDPR stuff (better late than never), mainly for European citizens - better information and control about data privacy and cookies a better management of "weird" characters (typically for north european countries but not only) However, I rewrote 90% of my whole backend to improve sources management and indexation, and more globally I worked a lot on CAT infrastructure. CAT started small two years ago, but with now more than 280 websites to index and 1.2M of original artworks, it was time to work on a new sustainable architecture. So don't panic if you see a lot of "new artworks" listed today, some of them are not really new! It seems like I lost my SSL certificate during this update (the small padlock displayed with the website address) but I'm working on it. If you see any problem on this new version, feel free to contact me (even if not sure about it to be an issue or not). Hope you enjoy ComicArtTracker and will appreciate this new version! Don't forget to join on Facebook:
  7. My wife never bothered me with my collection, even if I spent A LOT of money on it. But as long as I can provide my share of the money for the family, I can do whatever I want with what's left. She likes me to show her what I bought, out of curiosity. Most of the time she does not has any interest in it. Sometimes she dislikes and sometimes she likes. I remember when I came back from the first Christie's auction in Paris a few years ago. I had bought two lots: a Schuiten illustration and a Mignola / Hellboy cover. She loved the former, and found the later quite ugly. With time I guess she was right, as I still have the former and sold the later It's quite rare but sometimes she can also incite me to spend more In April this year, Artcurial offered in auction some illustrations and covers from Martine, a famous series of books for children, and more specifically for girls ( As all girls from this age, my wife loved these books when she was a kid. It was the first time we went at an auction exhibition together. And she did not stop urging me to bid on a few of them. Prices went really high so I did not. The same with the Dune page that sold recently on Heritage. I suppose I told her a lot of times how much I would love to have it. So when price skyrocketed during live auction, she was the one to tell me that I would probably regret it if I did not bid higher. Even if, in the same time, she was shocked by this price. I also spend A LOT of time on ComicArtTracker. I suppose it can be considered as part of my passion for OA. She's also ok with that as I mainly work on CAT during evenings when our daughter is in bed, nearly never during week-ends (only a few minutes from time to time to check that everything is OK).
  8. Yep I did one in CAT... wow it was already two years ago, times flies by so fast! But with so few participants, I removed the feature when the website evolved (no time to spend on useless features). That's why you won't see anything special by following links. Regarding prizes, I already pay enough every month to have ComicArtTracker work Anyway, I'm also curious to see how it works. Unfortunately they don't tell or show a lot. Created an account, don't know when the next game comes.
  10. So many holes, looks like a strainer Wrightson's Frankenstein plate, Jeff Jones IDYL page, Jim Starlin's Death of Captain Marvel page, Watchmen page...
  12. Uderzo told in several interviews that all non signed pages were stolen pages. But who knows? They have never been officially declared to the police as stolen, and Uderzo is known for having been very generous with his friends and family in the past. It is said that Asterix the Legionary pages had been given in full. Never easy to determine the truth in these cases. In the same category, a few days ago Hermann posted on his Facebook page ( that a page in the upcoming Artcurial auction was stolen. A few years ago (don't know if it's still true) the widow of Jean Giraud / Moebius also tried to take possession of any art of his husband that was for sale in an auction, saying that this art was stolen if there was no invoice.
  13. Honestly it's FAR from a hefty price for an Asterix page ( A lot of estimates in this catalog are in no way related to the FMV of the lots. But it seems like the new experts (Huberty & Breyne) to work with Christie's decided to show low estimates to attract customers. And European auction houses like to compare results with fees to estimations, to claim that their auction was a big success, so the lower the estimates the better! Unfortunately the buyer will also have to pay the 30% buyer fees and the resale right (4% up to 50k€ then 3% => roughly 5000€). But even if "Asterix and the Secret Weapon" is a late volume (Goscinny was long dead) and far from being a famous one, I do agree that it's a nice page, with all these gauls, the famous image of Asterix after he drunk his potion and Obelix sulking because he's not allowed to drink some, Panoramix/Getafix and his cauldron full of magic potion, Assurancetourix/Cacofonix tied up and gagged, etc. ! And as it's autographed, at least you're sure that this one was not stolen.
  14. 6 lots removed from the October 24 auction, and 104 lots removed from the October 27 auction so far.