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  1. Go ahead! You don't need a lot of money, only software development skills and a lot of time!
  2. I'll have to add this guy to ComicArtTracker, thanks for the discovery!
  3. Not the same as seeing original art in person, but that's better than nothing "Will Eisner - Graphic Novel Godfather" (schauraum: comic + cartoon) "Enki Bilal" (Fonds Hélène et Edouard Leclerc)
  4. It's a (nice) print signed by Hergé and Tchang
  5. Not to split hairs (^^) but: It sold for €3,175,400 not $3M That's not a question of liking the background or not. The editor thought that this cover was too complex and would be too expensive to print, that's why the definitive version is much simpler. It was a prelim, even if it looks like a finished work. You can see that the face of Tintin is not finished, for instance. Plus Hergé fold the illustration and stapled it to the letter sent to the editor (we can still see the small holes). Who would do that to a final cover?
  6. All comic art oriented content is welcome! I also subscribed to your channel and added a few links to your videos in ComicArtTracker's FAQ / Comic Art Collecting Guide! (more specifically in this entry about what comic art is and this one about storing comic art).
  7. These pages have been bought by the Boon foundation for an upcoming museum in Brussels, we can imagine that they should be able to take care of them and you will be able to view them in a physical museum.
  8. Unfortunately the art I would really love to acquire is now far beyond my reach (b&w Frazetta, Watchmen page, Wrightson Frankenstein page) but I'm still hoping for: - a Jeff Jones published b&w page - a Victor de la Fuente published page - a nice Virgil Finlay illustration - a nice bronze age published page with Galactus - maybe some more published pages from Tim Sale, Darwyn Cooke - some art I'm not aware of yet but would catch my eye
  9. A lot of pieces sold for far more than $50k. A Miyazaki shikishi sold for $31M (roughly $300k) in 2018 (see here). An Astro Boy page by Osamu Tezuka sold for 269k€ (roughly $328k), also in 2018 (see here). @Varanis You sometimes find high-end pieces on Heritage and Artcurial, but as others said, your best chance to find manga-related stuff (such as shikishis) is with Mandarake auctions. They have what they call "Everyday auctions" (similar to eBay auctions but with a 5mn time extension system and no buyer's premium) and "Big Web auctions" (every two months, similar to Heritage auctions -
  10. @Rick2you2 Please PM me if you ever get it again (with a screenshot if you can). @RBerman I just pushed a fix (hopefully). Please tell me if it's ok now! @vodou Same as Rick2You2: please PM me when you get it again, with a screenshot if you can and the URL of the page.
  11. It's not about complaining, it's about helping me to improve ComicArtTracker! If nobody tells me about bugs, they may stay here for a long time. So please send me a message when you find something that looks like a bug. Maybe I won't be able to do anything, but I won't take it personally and at least I'll be aware of it. Regarding your different points: eBay images: Twanj is right about Chrome not accepting anymore to display images that are not served securely on secured websites. That's why you won't see images from some websites on CAT (websites hosted by CAF were also in this ca
  12. Never easy to fix something when I cannot reproduce it. Do you see any suggestion from Chrome on top of the ones from CAT? I mean, do you have something displayed that should not be here and could "catch" the simple click? I ask that because I just saw that, with Safari, I have the default drop-down menu with suggestions from Safari on top of mines (see below). So do you have something similar?