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  1. I have this Conan Sunday by Ernie Chan that says on the left : "COLOR: BALD GUY NOT BLACK. ALL HAVE DARK HAIR." I also have this page from Attack of the Hideous Space Monsters by Keno Don Rosa. For the first panel he wrote : "Colour: ring of money (coins) around bin". And on the second half-page he wrote: "Paw is wearing blue denim spacesuit, brown work boots." on the left and "Colour: aliens are a weird colour, NOT green" on the right. Note that the ring of money is yellow/gold in French and white in English (see here), whereas the aliens are a medium dark shade of cyan in French and violet in English.
  2. or: you already have it... just create two keywords not: you also have it, it's "-" (as in kirby -rip ) w/10: what is it?
  3. I just checked and on the last 30 days, there was between 600 and 2000 new art listed every day. On 2020, it's an average of 936 new artworks / day (428 without eBay). So yes, email notifications are great if you don't have time to check 936 items a day
  4. I don't really have stats about users' behaviour, but for sure a good part of CAT users go to the site several times a day. Email alerts are great when you're busy and don't want to spend one hour a day to check all new listed art (far less if you don't look at eBay), and you know what you're looking for. It ensures that you won't miss something that you know you may like. There's clearly a traffic peak during the 30 minutes after the daily email is sent to all users, and it does not even take into account all users that read their daily email but do not click to go to the CAT website. But for all of us with the FOMO addiction, or when you're open to any new art that may catch your eye even if you never heard about the artist, you cannot exclusively rely on a list of keywords *. I like this "discovery" phase. You discover an artwork you like, you add the artist to your keywords just to see what other art could appear later. And there's also the upcoming auctions to browse, as well as the results for the recently closed auctions (or your tracked art page) to check what was the final price for the artworks you followed... * 2 people on 5 have setup one or several keywords. For these users, the average number of keywords is 10, but ~ 100 users have more than 50 keywords and a few of them have more than 200 keywords !
  5. Hi everybody. Sorry to have caused you so much pain. The database server went down and I could not make it work again yesterday. A (not so) good night's sleep seems to have been beneficial, as CAT is up and running again (a big thanks to my friend Google). Crossing my fingers. I'm going to make up for the lost time and ensure that all 300 websites are reindexed in a couple of hours, hopefully before the next daily email.
  6. By default, le system searches for any page with the two keywords... but it systematically removes words considered as meaningless (such as "the", "one", "what", etc.). Unfortunately it seems like the word "beyond" falls in this category, so searching for 'batman beyond' is like searching for 'batman' alone. When adding double quotes, you ensure that the search engine will look for this exact two words together. To not be used for artists names, as you're never sure if the original website with display last name + first name, first name + last name, last name alone, etc. but definitely useful for series.
  7. Why should it devalue the art? It's part of the creation process, Merwan is a complete artist, he probably created the dialogs himself and they have been (slightly) reviewed later, but there you get a part of this evolving process. The balloons are quite "equivalent" in terms of meaning, just some rewording and yes, maybe the published version is better... but you bought the original art (and a very nice one), not a published page
  9. Lanfeust / Trolls de Troy are probably the series that sold best (with a few less interesting spin-offs). You can find original pages for €2k-4k: Skydoll and Ekhö (Alessandro Barbucci) are also quite successful. Barbucci regularly sells sketches from Ekhö, Skydoll pages are not so easy to find (particularly if you want a page colored by Barbaba Canepa, as she only did it for the first issue and something like the 10-12 first pages of the second one. After that is was colored digitally). If you're interested I have a Skydoll page for sale. Universal War One is a great SF series, but Bajram did very few pages manually before working digitally so it's quite difficult to find any original art for this series. This guy has A LOT of pages from Soleil Prod (note that he collects mainly NSFW pages from adult comics), including many illustrations from "Les Filles de Soleil" (which are small illustration books published every year with sexy girls drawn by a lot of different artists, offered when you buy 3 comics).
  10. I should have specified it, sorry (and I edited my initial message)! He told me that anybody can answer the survey, even people with no interest in original comic art. The questions asked in the survey do not require any expertise in European artists, they just want to know if it brings any emotion and if you like the image you see, not if you would buy it (which would require at least a price ^^)
  11. A friend of mine, who is also a comic art collector, is Professor of University in France ("Management and economics research center" - University of Strasbourg). For a few years now he works with some of his students on an academic research project about original comic art. If you have a few minutes to spare, they created a small online survey to get your fillings on a set of original comic art sold these last years (mainly European comic art): . Anybody can answer the survey, even if you don't have any expertise or interest in European comic art, and even if you don't have any interest into original comic art at all! Just give your feelings about the images you see. If you have any question, I'll try to help... or I'll transmit the question Thanks for your help.
  12. So many other languages? What are you talking about? In their T&C they say that they have an English and a Dutch version, but I can't even find them on their website. Maybe you're talking about Invaluable T&C? In all cases, I'm not surprised at all. As I told you they are a really small auction house, maybe you should contact them through their contact form:
  13. Invaluable is just an online platform / third party, it is not an auction house by itself. But Belgium + right now on Invaluable, I would assume it is Septimus. It's a really small auction house created 2-3 years ago. Their t&c state: Which means that you're supposed to take care by yourself about shipping if you cannot come and take the art in Belgium. If I were you, my preferred option if the art is not too expensive would be to find someone in Bruxelles to get the art, check the package (and reinforce it if need be) and ship it by classic ways (up to you to decide if you want to declare the value, don't know if you have custom fees in the US). My second option would be to use FedEx or equivalent.
  14. You can find some OA here: