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  1. Lanfeust / Trolls de Troy are probably the series that sold best (with a few less interesting spin-offs). You can find original pages for €2k-4k: Skydoll and Ekhö (Alessandro Barbucci) are also quite successful. Barbucci regularly sells sketches from Ekhö, Skydoll pages are not so easy to find (particularly if you want a page colored by Barbaba Canepa, as she only did it for the first issue and something like the 10-12 first pages of the second one. After that is was colored digitally). If you're interested I have a Skydoll page for sale. Universal War One is a great SF series, but Bajram did very few pages manually before working digitally so it's quite difficult to find any original art for this series. This guy has A LOT of pages from Soleil Prod (note that he collects mainly NSFW pages from adult comics), including many illustrations from "Les Filles de Soleil" (which are small illustration books published every year with sexy girls drawn by a lot of different artists, offered when you buy 3 comics).
  2. I should have specified it, sorry (and I edited my initial message)! He told me that anybody can answer the survey, even people with no interest in original comic art. The questions asked in the survey do not require any expertise in European artists, they just want to know if it brings any emotion and if you like the image you see, not if you would buy it (which would require at least a price ^^)
  3. A friend of mine, who is also a comic art collector, is Professor of University in France ("Management and economics research center" - University of Strasbourg). For a few years now he works with some of his students on an academic research project about original comic art. If you have a few minutes to spare, they created a small online survey to get your fillings on a set of original comic art sold these last years (mainly European comic art): . Anybody can answer the survey, even if you don't have any expertise or interest in European comic art, and even if you don't have any interest into original comic art at all! Just give your feelings about the images you see. If you have any question, I'll try to help... or I'll transmit the question Thanks for your help.
  4. So many other languages? What are you talking about? In their T&C they say that they have an English and a Dutch version, but I can't even find them on their website. Maybe you're talking about Invaluable T&C? In all cases, I'm not surprised at all. As I told you they are a really small auction house, maybe you should contact them through their contact form:
  5. Invaluable is just an online platform / third party, it is not an auction house by itself. But Belgium + right now on Invaluable, I would assume it is Septimus. It's a really small auction house created 2-3 years ago. Their t&c state: Which means that you're supposed to take care by yourself about shipping if you cannot come and take the art in Belgium. If I were you, my preferred option if the art is not too expensive would be to find someone in Bruxelles to get the art, check the package (and reinforce it if need be) and ship it by classic ways (up to you to decide if you want to declare the value, don't know if you have custom fees in the US). My second option would be to use FedEx or equivalent.
  6. You can find some OA here:
  7. Yes, maybe! I did not think about that.
  8. Unfortunately the guy does not focus on the original art we can see on the walls, but that's a quite impressive collection!
  9. You can give a person a fish...
  10. Click on the "sold" filter:
  11. Thanks for your suggestion and your support. Today all art for sale on CAF and any other website within the CAF marketplace (Romitaman, Moy & cie) is provided by Bill Cox through a specific interface between CAT and CAF. So yes, I guess he could change this interface to also include art that is not officially for sale but has a status saying "for sale" / FS / etc. But I don't see any reason for him to do it, and I would not ask him to do it, as access to the CAF Classified section is one of the main reasons for people to sign up for a premium account. The same applies to 2DGalleries or any other marketplace where you pay to list your art for sale (and 2DGalleries is much tougher regarding people using their platform to sell art without having a premium account: they already deleted accounts, without any warning sometimes, from people who added a "for sale" or equivalent text to their description, or even from people who simply advertised on comic art-related boards about art for sale and linking to their non-premium 2DG page). I already thought about a related feature, which would allow you to add any CAF or 2DG art to your tracked art, so that you can keep all your "bookmarked" art in one single place on CAT and be reminded to check the status of this art (or send a message to the owner) from time to time. But for sure that's not as useful as an automated daily search on specific keywords, and thus it's not on my priority list.
  12. Here in France we have been confined to the house for a month, and the confinement is extended for at least another month. I only go out once a week to fill the fridge. So this page from Batman: Dark Victory seems like the perfect match. Unfortunately our apartment is "slightly" smaller...
  13. My favorite inexpensive artwork is European art, so it would probably mean nothing to you. My favorite inexpensive *comic* artwork is this "What if" page by Pat Broderick and Mike Esposito below. I love the overall structure of the page with these big Spidey faces, and how they played with panels from original AF#15 by Ditko. See additional images on my CAF:
  14. You can find an overview of the Prop Store auction results on ComicArtTracker :
  15. I would compare Blain with Sean Murphy. Both are (from my point of view) great artists, with a unique and recognizable style. Both created really interesting "non mainstream" (sorry but I can't always put English words on what I would really mean) series, and both saw their prices increase at each new series. The only difference is that Blain produces for a longer time and his rep (Jean-Baptiste Barbier) did a really great job by selling only a few pages of Blain series a year (and not every year), creating rarity and thus high prices. Isaac le pirate was a nice series, but the real game changer was Quai d'Orsay. Definitely one of the best European comics I read these last 10 years, if not THE best. When the first pages sold at gallery Barbier, they were priced 4k€ (except the ones with Darth Vader at 5k). A few years later I sold mine 16k€ to someone who really wanted it and asked me twice a year. I think a "standard" page from Quai d'Orsay would sell at least at 8-10k€ nowadays (see a few high prices here: Back to Blain / Sean Murphy: they now both work on a "mainstream" / well-known series, resp. Blueberry and Batman. Whatever the intrinsic quality of artworks (and I'm really not fond of both of these works), mechanically prices increase heavily. And demand is still strong: 80k and 30k Blueberry covers already sold, as well as 25 other pages - including a few 20-25k€ pages - for a total of nearly 500k€ ... I'm not saying that these prices are fair or not. With 80k€ you can have a strong piece of comic art History. But at these prices pages sell "quite easily". That's a fact. I don't have any artwork from Blain anymore. And at these prices I probably will never have some again. But in my opinion he's definitely an artist worth following.