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  1. October 1974, Vol. 1, No. 55 / Pubescence “COVER: The usual f&uckups. Hendra, Kelly, and McConnachie thought the original model looked too old, so we —continued on page 84.“ (pg. 84 was a full page ad, btw) http://www.femulate.org/2008/07/cover-girl-boy.html
  2. I'm going to guess that the type is much smaller now that there are more entries than it was in the early editions of Overstreet when more was needed to fill the pages. Can't guess why Powermowerman would have been removed as I'm willing to bet there are titles even more obscure that are still listed.....but that's a much more subjective observation. I like your non-committal maybes and I'm eager to read your own theory as to why Help could use a little help these days, as far as general recognition goes.
  3. I found most issues in my run back in the 1970's when Overstreet used to list Help in the price guide. I haven't looked through a copy of The Guide in many years but I do recall it was removed at some point for whatever reason, and maybe that has contributed to it's obscurity. I remember that there was going to be a sort of Best Of...collection done by Greg Theakston around 15 or so years ago that was solicited but never came to fruition. No idea what the reason was, but it's the last big Kurtzman production that has yet to be collected, aside from the 2 pocket size paperbacks and The Executive's Comic Book pb that came out in the 60's and the Goodman Beaver collection from the 80's or 90's. I think it's a very important publication that unfortunately relied on a lot of cheap production gimmicks like fumetti and photos with funny captions. Good luck in your search. I think it's an important publication for all kinds of reasons.
  4. I disagree with that statement, as I feel Help is the real bridge between EC comics and Underground Comix. I was always interested in picking up issues of Help that had early material from UG artists and consider Help an essential part of my UG collection as much as Arcade, Comix Book or Rip Off Review Of Western Culture. Never bothered me that it was a magazine anymore than Swift Premium Comics was a regular paperback book. I just figure that the appeal of Help is quite limited these days due to it's obscurity more than anything else......but there is that Beatles thing I mentioned before. Those collectors are ravenous. I once sold an even more obscure wrestling magazine because the Beatles were mentioned on the cover and there was a small picture on the inside. Wasn't sold to a wrestling enthusiast!
  5. I suspect Beatles enthusiasts and collectors would be the culprits for any apparent increase in value for that issue of Help, if there were to be one, that is!
  6. Perhaps the oldest specimen to fall into this category? Print Magazine Vol. 3 No. 2 1942. EC Comics!
  7. The Streets of San Francisco s03e10 - For Good Or Evil (1974). Is that a Crumb mural peeking out or a clever homage? Either way, it's a nice unexpected surprise, eh?
  8. The Checkered Demon pays a quick visit to a scene from this week's Elementary (s05e17) as a guitar case is being opened. It's the cover illustration from the S. Clay Wilson interview issue of The Comics Journal!
  9. From Tom Spurgeon's Comics reporter site: I can't quite track where the rumors are coming from and how legitimate they are. I think it's from a family or close-friend account on Facebook. The narrative being told is that things to a severe turn for the worse this morning. I'll change this post when I see something that cites an official source or is an official source. This comes right on the heels of Jay Lynch's passing; each man was the other underground cartoonist I would first affiliate with the respective individuals. Williamson was a visually powerful and idiosyncratic cartoonist and when he passes will leave a significant amount of work as testimony to his legacy. Update: At 6:54 PM ET, I received the undated update in my inbox as a graphics file: The original message looks like 6:40 PM ET. More as it comes in.
  10. If you are referring to the photo above, those lines down the back cover look more like the result of humidity than the Fold-In being folded, at least in the light you have illuminated the photo with. I think that's more of a climate issue.
  11. Not just a UG legend, but a Topps God as well. RIP. One of the greats!
  12. Found two copies of this gem this past week. Dated Summer 1942 Contents include the following: Neither copy was the one sold at Ebay last week, but I did choose to use the sellers pix of the interior aspects so as not to gamble with doing any damage to my copies. Quite a nice piece of comic book history! http://www.ebay.com/itm/1942-PRINT-MAGAZINE-with-TWO-RARE-EC-GIVEAWAY-COMIC-BOOKS-M-C-GAINES-ARTICLE-/132092968945?hash=item1ec15abff1:g:eeEAAOSwB-1YnrzI