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  1. Quite the goal, I wish you luck and success in your endeavor.
  2. 130 long boxes coming in at around 30,000 plus.. A couple of hundred Masterworks, around 100 omnibus', 60 short boxes with Trades and some magazines with 28 CGC boxes(around 675 - 700). Just a few of these are Golden Age(15 or so, all slabbed), with the rest being Silver Age forward. There are many complete sets like, Avengers, X-Men, Amazing, Hulk, Marvel Team-Up, Tomb of Dracula, Justice League of America & Flash to name just a very few. Many other titles with near complete runs.
  3. Torchwood

    Shooter’s Valiant

    Those early Valiants were just fantastic. My favorites were X-O, Eternal Warrior, Bloodshot, Rai, Harbinger, Magnus and H.A.R.D. Corps. I liked other titles as well but these were my favorites at least as long as I read them. Lack of time caused me to not read them even though I still bought them. Valiant was better when Shooter was still with the company. I met Shooter and Layton at a sales conference when Shooter was getting Defiant off the ground. It seems to me that it was in St. Louis, I might be wrong on that. I saw Layton about 3/4 years ago at C2E2 in Chicago and would not have recogni
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    Great cover. Hard to find in higher grades 9.4 and above. Yellowjacket is one of my favorite Avengers and it was horrible what they did to him.
  5. Torchwood

    Avengers 93

    Nice book. These are very tough and expensive in the higher grades. I don't believe there is a 9.8 at all.
  6. It takes a week or two as previously posted by Tnerb.
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    One More Auction Win

    Using conventional wisdom, one would think that prices might soften on books. On some of the titles I follow, there has been many that are bringing well above GPA. Additionally, I am seeing some books going at twice GPA or higher. There are others that I can't understand why they are going for some of the high prices that they are being bought at.
  8. Just found this and I was thinking 9.4 the whole time before I saw what it actually was. I thought it was strange that there were some at 7.5/8.0. Good for you on the 9.6