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  1. Here's my mail call today, another inexpensive war cover. It's hard to beat a Kuttner/Moore story, and a red DeSoto cover with a GI punching a Nazi in the face, a male harpy and a babe over a futuristic city background. At first I thought the right edge was trimmed but it looks too perfect and appears to be wrapped to the back with an outsized overhang on the rear. Any expert opinion would be appreciated.
  2. Nice color as well. I've really come to appreciate deep colors on pulps. There are so many that look dull and lifeless.
  3. I'll never have all the Weird Tales I want either but I finally manned up and picked up one I had to have. I remember buying Conan 58 off the newsstand as a teenager and me and all my friends fell in love with Buscema's Belit. Brundage, 1st cover with Conan, great author/story line up and nice bright colors. It's a keeper for me.
  4. Picked off a few more Quarter Books. Both are Rodewald covers. I love the color palette on Wild Passion.
  5. Nice! @OtherEric It's an Argosy kind of day as this cool WW2 cover just arrived at my place. I like finding inexpensive war covers.
  6. Wow! Awesome story... there are still finds They looked very fresh overall, not the usual ratty brittle things that are dragged out to auction.
  7. Incredible action on these Black Mask pulps today...I hope we have some winners here today 🙂
  8. Some random goodness just in... A couple of razor sharp Popular Library's from the later gritty art era An unread copy of the 3rd Ace double And finally, a Maguire that you wouldn't know about from the guides because the early printings had a different, much tamer cover. This 16th printing gets the full length Maguire babe treatment. One of many pb's where the later edition is more desireable.
  9. Phenomenal books. Thanks for sharing these. It's a little ominous with the story "Unlucky Larruper"
  10. I took a quick look on the interwebs for some of those Belarski re-uses. There are a ton of them actually. This was 5 minutes of searching Google for Belarski pulp covers - it helps that i've seen so many Pop Libs in my time so when I see a pulp cover that looks familiar I know there's a Pop with it
  11. @Westy Steve I found the thread with the comics & paperbacks covers again - let me see if the link will work again. It's fun stuff. I don't think anyone has compiled the pulp/paperbacks covers like this. The paperbacks start on the bottom of page 8.