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  1. Sweet titles Tough to follow up The Girl From Tiger Bay with this geek stuff but this just in. I've been looking for an affordable decent looking 1st print paperback of Stranger In A Strange Land for a looong time. These fat and fragile books got beat to hell when they came out.
  2. I think I posted this one way back but it's a must have for a car buff...
  3. Is this the first app of the story or is the 10 cent the first? I really like this image for the story even though the Dell is iconic.
  4. I'll follow Belarski with an L.B.Cole Croydon I dug up. There are 4 regular size paperback Croydons, all with Cole "romance" covers. I used to have all 4. This is my only one now, I think I'm gonna have to keep my eye out for the others again...
  5. I picked off a few unread Dells recently too. The romance & mystery I grabbed because they are newstand fresh. Jokes is tough unread like this but has a little lamination wear. Hopley is, well, Irish. I had a perfect copy back in the day but this one is pretty good.
  6. Finally found some more Anderson space babe Planets that were in my wheelhouse. These 3 were on my most wanted list. Metal bras, see through uniforms & Bride of Frankenstein hairdo's all rock Oh yeah, Ray Bradbury stories do too
  7. @OtherEric I've picked up a ton of books on the holidays.. here's one I know you'll dig...
  8. Love it! Love me some Charltons too. But much prettier covers on the pbs other than Staton and Ditko on the comics.
  9. A couple more beautiful Monarchs... Paul Barton Harry Shaare Harry Schaare Rafael DeSoto I find this series to have a very "MadMen" 50's/60's advertising vibe. Overt but still very classy.
  10. Been working on the Monarch run lately, lots of incredible GGA covers by Maguire, Barton & Schaare. Crisp draughtsmanship, nice composition, colors that pop and many of them are PBO's.
  11. Populars are probably my second fave small format paperback after the Avons. Lots of dames looking over their shoulders