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  1. Got in some beautiful condition 40's mystery titles, including Popular Library #2. You don't see these earlies like this every day Never seen this great Gregg cover before I like when they're so square they stand up by themselves on their side And finally, picked up a decent 1st print of Candide with its whimsical blurbs and cover...
  2. Thanks... the Stork covers are printed on cheap, non glossy, paper so have a lot of condition issues. They all have a "soft focus" look and were all from Cole's "Star" imprints so shared many traits. One was Rodewald, the other was authors. Ralph Carter also wrote "Shadows of Lust", one of Cole's best signed vintage paperback comic book look/sleaze covers
  3. Congrats! I've never even seen that one before and it checks all the boxes! So glad you're almost done. I can start my own quest I live in the Florida swamplands so it's personal now with Harry I just got a pretty copy of the 6th out of the 8 Stork Books and I have both L. B. Coles already so am looking forward to finding the last 2 I need and closing that classic run out
  4. He earned his pay on that one. The babe is luscious but look at that wicker chair detail. That's some work right there for a commercial piece.
  5. Nice. We haven't talked about him much here but he's a giant and sooo prolific. I am really tempted to collect some of those early Carter Brown Signets just for the covers of those looong leggy femmes he did but there's so many of them i'm afraid to jump in
  6. Funny that @PopKulture posted those sweet stacks of Pockets and I had a little bunch on the way. They came in even nicer in hand today. The Connecticut Yankee is 1st print, fresh & pristine. It's one of those Pocket "classics" we talked about a while ago that is really sci-fi/fantasy The Finney is real sharp as well and a nice cover. I didn't know a mystery was his 1st novel. probably every one here has posted this one... it's got a little writing on it but not too bad Finally, I have this one but it has a lot of edgewear. This one is very sharp and fresh like the Connecticut Yankee but has that one bad crease. Kind of a qualified grade book. I'm gonna have to think about which one to keep
  7. These fared a bit better than "Torture Garden" I think it's the only Diversey #1 i've never had a copy of. Classic Driben cover of a dangerous blonde with a "stogie" And a real nice copy of one of my favorite Harry Barton Monarch covers. Just a great pose & composition
  8. I get this all the time but i'll take it over the alternative except for the "on the book" part
  9. To be fair, the seller was a pro about it, straight refund, no return, but we both lamented the fate of such a nice copy of a classic cover after surviving 60 years He did wrap it in cardboard as well that is not in pics but it just got crushed somewhere...
  10. Alas this one did not fare so well. I know we all have USPS horror stories, this one stung because it's my favorite Berkley cover along with Black Opium, and difficult to find as nice as it was with the white cover I mean, you really have to be trying, to fold a book so hard that the pressurized corner explodes into dust
  11. Finally got some more digests in A couple of George Gross beauts... A super hi-grade Belarski Nurse Digest and a "BIG" Rainbow that's a little beat on the spine but was a great add-in since I don't have one at all
  12. That's a good day sir 🤟🤟🤟 Don't think that Dell is a later print. No sure way to tell that I know of but most of these were one and done, even the bestsellers. I have seen a few of, what do look like, later printings and they're usually skinnier and they'll have later numbers advertised in the back. That's about all you got to go by.