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  1. If you ever rode the subway up to Lenox & 131st back in the day you know what it is...
  2. I'm filing this with my Harlan Ellison collection. even though this is much scarcer...
  3. Secret trials with selective leaks...sounds good to me Usually ends up bad tho...
  4. 1st edition Charles Willeford. High Priest of California. Tough to find this Royal Giant with such a square clean binding. And a whipping cover on "Full Moon" to boot
  5. I consider Blues and Jazz books to be JD ... but they are much scarcer and hard to find... especially this one...
  6. I don't know... i'll fully confess to piling on. ... Sartre said he saw it in hand and it had staple tears. If it doesn't then i\'m wrong.
  7. Stunning copy of my favorite Conan whipping cover. It's a time capsule in hand for sure.
  8. Great work. There's been plenty of quack on the boards here about how Heritage "amps" the saturation on their scans. One thing amping the saturation does is remove details such as the staple tears on this copy of Marvel #1. It's a beautiful copy no doubt, and a small fry like me would love to own just a staple from it but there is no way that a peon like me submits any book of any kind that gets a 9.4 with staple tears like that. Must be nice to be a "player".
  9. I’ve actually sold a lot of stuff over the years (and plenty of regrets lol). I did a lot of Greenberg and smaller local shows in NYC through the 90’s buying and selling mostly silver age and pre code horror back then (lot's of regret there .) I did pretty well at those shows for the time. When Ebay and then CGC started I got most of my Golden Age stuff graded and gradually sold it off as the market rose through the 2000’s. I’d love to have much of it back to sell at today’s prices but I really can’t complain too much, because I got pretty much top dollar at the time (okay, I really regret selling my Human Torch 12 CGC 6.0 for $900 but that was about 2-3x guide when I sold it). Before Ebay, if you were small time, you were really at the mercy of dealers and/or whoever would walk into a show if you wanted to sell anything. I never had too many pulps, for whatever reason they were not around too much in the world I traveled in back in those days, even though there were a ton of book shops and shows in NYC. My paperbacks were another story, I sold nearly my entire vintage paperback collection to Jon Warren when I needed money in the early 90’s before Ebay. It was 5 or 6 long boxes, including a pristine copy of Reform School Girl and tons of 1st ed mystery stuff, Jim Thompson etc.. He gave the best bid out of a couple dealers I contacted, but I did keep a box of my JD stuff and science fiction that I still have today. A few years after selling I started to buy paperbacks again and I’ve reacquired most of what I really wanted back, including a very nice copy of Reform School Girl that is only slightly lesser than the one I had. I don’t think I’ve ever posted it here, maybe I’ll dig it out. I'm still picking up paperbacks when I find the right price/desire ratio and i've been buying some pulps because the posters on this board have ratcheted up the temptation levels, and they're a cool substitute for the Golden Age itch at a price point I can live with (meaning keep my marriage intact, lol)