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  1. Thanks, I had tried that but the pic kept coming back. I didn't realize you needed to click the right lower corner of the picture in the upload box to get it to dissappear completely. Got it now.
  2. So I guess part of the new board design is that you can never get rid of an accidentally chosen photo
  3. Love that theme & I have many of those. I was thinking the same thing when I recently dug out my Time Lost books. They're easily available but the combo of early stories & new art were amazing
  4. Very nice copies These 3 cuties for Popular Library are the only ones I know of that Schomburg did in the Golden Age of paperbacks. He picked up and did some Sci Fi covers in the 60's on but not Good Girls like these. Johnson likely painted several other of the Avon Golden Age Sci Fi paperbacks. Those attributions are being worked on.
  5. "Hard Boiled" is one I always knew as a classic, I'm pretty sure it was pictured in one of the guides, "Private Life" wasn't on my radar until I saw one in an ebay auction a while back that attracted a lot of bidding.
  6. A good day for Blondes with cigarettes Obtained a pretty sick copy of a top George Gross cover for Ecstasy Novels And a very classic cover "Hard Boiled" Venus Book. I've never had either of these, which means I've been looking for them forever
  7. In the top line of Dell mystery covers imho. Just a great composition. Watch out with Lions... they are compelling! Speaking of John D. MacDonald, here's a nice new pickup. The Popular edition is said to be much scarcer than the Gold Medal 1st. It's a very skinny book so I understand why it would be tough in high grade.
  8. Very nice. I'd like to show that to my wife to bargain for such a nice space for my books but she'd say I have to keep it that neat and my current space is a mess
  9. A couple of arrivals. Finally found another pristine copy of Torture Garden to replace the one that got crushed in the mail a few months ago. Not too many surrealist torture covers in the field. And an amazing upgrade of this Bergey Pop classic. They always seem to have creases but none on this unread copy
  10. For the 1K post, here's the next dozen of Ray's finer Avons. Seeing all together how many (and different genre) top writers he got picked for, it's obvious he sold a ton of books for Avon.
  11. Loving the Avon Digests and been learning a lot about the early artists by working with Bruce Brenner and others on identifying Ray Johnson's covers and life story. We're thinking his break into Avon was as a freelancer through Ann Cantor Studios and Phillips & Troeger Studios who were credited with a couple of his early covers in the copyright office. So we're also trying to find info on these studios. I realized i'm coming up on my 1000th post so I think i'll celebrate by posting my copies of a potpourri of Ray's prime paintings of pouty princesses Here's a dozen. I'm trying to post
  12. Ditto. Especially books that aren't in my wheelhouse. I've learned about quite a few, what they are and what they go for. It's great information when you're scouring the interwebs to be able to scoop up bargains if you see the opportunity. Knowledge is power
  13. Having studied a gazillion covers lately, it's pretty funny how all of these pulp/pb artists varied up their female faces but they all had stock dude faces they broke out in painting after painting. It's almost as if they thought their audience would only be looking at the women