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  1. The only difference between Farm Girl and Reform School Girl are one made it off the ranch to the streets...
  2. Holy Bajeezus... This bidding is astonishing to me...
  3. I'm seeing a bit more bidding on vintage paperback auctions on the bay lately. I still pick stuff up when I think they're reasonable and often used to get decent stuff with tracking type bids but not so much any more. Of course they're such a relative pittance, "manning up" still doesn't cost much. There's still lots of bargains to be had, including BIN's, but the auctions seem to be getting better bids than many BIN's.
  4. Your copy of Overboard is great. That book is tough to find without a lot of wear/creasing
  5. Avon's are what first got me hooked - I found a few at a garage sale while looking for comics and music gear back in the '80's and got the bug for old paperbacks with such exotic covers
  6. There are many runs of GGA, Headlights, Dope & JD Digests as well as classic mystery & Sci Fi that I think would have the widest appeal for slabs, especially due to the larger format visuals and the fact that they should fit right in an existing holder.
  7. It's none of that stuff to me. It's all about the fun things like comparing copies, or having a nice uniform display medium - I look at some of my copies and think there can't be a better one out there or maybe there is, and grading gets people to put their copies up for comparison, look for different qualities like reflectivity and wrap and the whole host of other things that get revealed by grading books, like relative scarcity to value etc. - not to mention the "find" stories and sharing experiences/likes/dislikes. Many people slab their not-so-expensive comics just for the nice display. You could say that people can scan their copies raw and compare them and talk about them here or on some other such board but there's been no place and no incentive for that to happen quite like the curiosity of sending your books in, getting them back, and then the discussion on these boards that I've ever encountered.
  8. Here's an all time classic cover both in composition and execution... i'd love to have this in a nice holder with all the issue info. It's in crazy condition...
  9. This is quite amazing... pure genius.l It has a woodcut feel to it... Love CL Moore