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  1. I have nice copies of Batman #8, #9, and #11. Guess I need to find a nice #10 in 2018.
  2. Batman and Detective Show Us Yours!

    Very nice. Congrats!
  3. Statue Collections

    12 Days of Sideshow starts on Christmas Day. That's usually a mix of discounts on current product and announcements of new stuff.
  4. Statue Collections

    New preview of the Tweeterhead Superman...
  5. Definitely a pretty book. Would've kept it, but apparently my credit card company expects me to pay my bill.
  6. I saw an advanced screening last Friday. It's a fun movie. Not great, but consistently entertaining.
  7. Me, too. I don't think there's another show that I look forward to more each week.
  8. Statue Collections

    Here's a video I put together about Tweeterhead's DC Super Powers Collection. Some really nice pieces in this line...
  9. What else do you collect??

  10. Okajima pedigree

    I bought that copy off eBay years ago. It was raw and the pedigree wasn't noted. I think I paid around $350 for it.