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  1. Superman 1 Club

    I don't know. This one has so much work it looks like a slabbed masterpiece edition. I'd post pics, but it's slabbed by the other company.
  2. Superman 1 Club

    There's a massively restored 9.4 copy in the next CL auction. I wonder how much is left of the original.
  3. Anyone going to this? I don't see an exhibitor list on the website, so it's hard to tell if it's worth the drive.
  4. Thanks. I'm keeping a close eye on eBay. I'm happy paying fair market value, but I'm particular about how well a book presents.
  5. Title says it all. Show me what you've got, preferably via PM.
  6. Phillip, I have a few nice Action war covers on my website. A link is in my sig.
  7. I was hoping to snag the Startling for 10K. Great Schomburg cover.
  8. That's okay. Just means you'll have more $$ for that diet soda company you're starting.
  9. Not much talk about this auction. Anyone bidding out there?
  10. It's fine in the hall, but when I walk by the Hall H line, there's a definite odor.
  11. Don't spend too much time waiting in line. I've been going to SDCC for over 30 years, and my best memories are hanging out at dealers' booths talking comics, not spending hours waiting in line for Hall H or Ballroom 20, or waiting in line for a Comic-Con exclusive.
  12. SDCC 2017, July 19-23, San Diego, Ca.

    I usually arrive each day around 8:30 am, and traffic really isn't that bad. An uber could drop you anywhere in the Gaslamp pretty easily, then you just walk across the street to the convention center.