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  1. Just two books today. Shipping is on me to the continental U.S., exact shipping anywhere else. No returns on certified books. PayPal payments can be made here: . Checks/money orders also gladly accepted.
  2. 6 months later I thought I'd bump this. We're up to 450 members. Please join!
  3. Hey guys, if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, please do. Here’s my latest...
  4. I’ll be reviewing the new Tweeterhead Superman next week.
  5. I believe I’ve figured out Zod’s first appearance on a cover. If you’re aware of an earlier one, please let me know...
  6. Thanks. I just read that story. The bald guy is Jax-Ur. The other guy is never identified. He’s just a random Phantom Zone Criminal. Zod is never mentioned in the story.
  7. We all know that Zod first appeared in Adventure Comics #283, but what’s his first cover appearance? The earliest cover that I’ve been able to find is Super DC Giant #24, which reprints a Zod story first published in Action Comics #297. Is this Zod’s first cover appearance?
  8. Jon had another engagement that night, and rushed over late in the evening, just catching Lamont as he and his family were getting ready to leave. Lamont didn’t think we were crazy. I think he was pleased that his collection was appreciated by collectors. We didn’t talk about value all that much, although I do remember telling him that each one of his books was worth more than he’d paid for ALL of his books. One of the articles about him said Batman was favorite character. He liked “high adventure” more than humor books.
  9. That 3rd pic is Lamont and I. Thanks for posting those, West.