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  1. Yes, they're sending a replacement. I'll do another video when it arrives.
  2. Another Spooktacular variant from Sideshow...
  3. Which ones? I didn't think any of the high-end dealers were at this show.
  4. For their annual Spooktacular event, Sideshow came out with a Shadowland variant of their popular Daredevil Premium Format. The edition size is 150, and sold out in about 8 hours. Here's a review...
  5. Leroy at 9-years-old in the 1940 census, and in 1951 at 20-years-old...
  6. Yes, the cover shows them in civilian clothing, but the interior story shows them in POW garb.
  7. I don't believe either of those books reference the internment camps. By 1944, there were a number of both Japanese and German prisoner of war camps in the U.S. In both the Captain Midnight and the Green Hornet books, the Japanese in the stories wear blue jumpsuits with PW(prisoner of war) written on the back. As I'm sure you're aware, there was an internment camp at Tule Lake, but it was called the "Tule Lake Relocation Center". The "Tule Lake Camp" referenced on the road sign on the Green Hornet cover was 10 miles away from the internment camp. It was a maximum security facility that, among other uses, did house prisoners of war.
  8. I worked at South Coast Plaza for 11 years. You can avoid the hotel's $10 parking fee by parking at the mall and walking the pedestrian bridge over Bristol Street to the hotel.
  9. I didn't know storypapers was Joe Rainone. Picked up some gorgeous Nedors from Joe many years ago.
  10. Anyone going to this? I don't see an exhibitors list on the website, which always makes it difficult to determine whether it's worth the time and money to attend.
  11. I won this last night. Not the prettiest copy, but with only 7 graded, I couldn’t pass it up...