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  1. Strange that the auction house didn’t investigate the provenance before announcing the auction. DC is clearly still in business. Did the auction house not wonder how this widow’s dearly departed husband acquired these volumes?
  2. Picked this up in a recent Heritage weekly auction for a great price...
  3. Hey guys, I started a Facebook group called Secret Sanctuary. It will cover comics, statues, and all things pop culture. Please join and participate! Here’s a linky.
  4. Me too. It’s only 8 miles from my house!
  5. We’ll, damn, I had no idea. We spoke briefly, but I would’ve chatted longer if I’d known it was you.
  6. Was that you at the comic swap?
  7. Yes, there were markings. I should clarify, though, that it may not have been an auction where it sold last. GPA shows a sale in November, but I guess it could have been from a dealer's stock rather than an auction.
  8. I saw the Action #68 CGC 6.5 Okajima at the California Comic-Con Comic Swap on Saturday. The seller was asking 3x what it sold for at auction 3 months ago.
  9. We come up for a week or two every summer to hike and eats lots of good food. I first went in 1995, and haven't missed a year since. Whistler feels like a home away from home to me.
  10. Here’s some footage, guys. A fun show, but much of the room was a bit dark...