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  1. nearmint

    Stoupes22 Feedback Thread

    Great seller. Excellent communication, lightning fast shipping, and great packaging. Thanks!
  2. Hi James, very nice book. I was tempted, but I need to stay focused on Batman and Detective.
  3. nearmint


    Again, I missed that cycle girl had quoted an old thread.
  4. nearmint


    Posted in error. Didn’t realize that cycle girl had quoted an old thread.
  5. nearmint


  6. Title pretty much says it all. Looking for CGC graded copies that present well. Must be well centered and display a minimum of white on the spine or none at all. Paying GPA. Will consider 9.0 or better, but would prefer 9.4.
  7. Thanks for responding. PM me a price shipped.
  8. Why not call it The Wild Bunch? Since it's a western, little to no changes to the -script may be necessary.
  9. Anyone have a copy at a decent price for someone who wants to actually read it and own it? Either cover is fine.
  10. There are millions of people who’ve never seen The Wild Bunch, and have no motivation to do so. A remake with actors they recognize and enjoy brings the story to a new generation. I don’t see a negative here.