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  1. Found a few more, now have 22, 25, 28, 31, 34, 36. Still need the others between 21 and 40. Bring 'em on!
  2. In the August auction, so we should get to see it in San Diego.
  3. Shipping is $15 to the continental U.S. Anywhere else lets chat. No one on the hoserhead list. No returns on certified funny books. Today's my son's 12th birthday, and as we're prepping for a party, I'm throwing everything up in one post to save time. First anywhere wins the book. ACTION COMICS #26 CGC 7.5 $3600 ACTION COMICS #39 CGC 8.0 $2800 SOLD! ACTION COMICS #50 CGC 6.5 $1500 ACTION COMICS #56 CGC 7.0 $1450 SOLD! ACTION COMICS #62 CGC 7.0 $1250 ACTION COMICS #100 CGC 8.5 $1500 BATMAN #176 CGC 9.4 $700 DETECTIVE COMICS #54 CGC 9.0 $4500 DETECTIVE COMICS #108 CGC 7.5 $2100 (FIRST BAT-SIGNAL COVER) DETECTIVE COMICS #168 CGC COVERLESS $2400 (ORIGIN OF THE JOKER, 1ST APP OF RED HOOD) FLASH COMICS #33 CGC 6.5 $2500 (CLASSIC COVER, 1ST SHADE) IRON MAN #1 CGC 9.6 WHITE $6800 (LAST GPA SALE IS $7800) MORE FUN COMICS #23 CGC 9.0 $2500 (HIGHEST GRADED COPY) SUPERMAN #6 CGC 7.5 $7500 SUPERMAN #26 CGC 8.5 $3800 SUPERMAN #32 CGC 9.0 $3300 WORLD'S FINEST #74 CGC 8.0 $1750
  4. That Cap 12 went for a bargain price.
  5. He was stumbling out of a strip club in a corner of Metropolis that they don’t talk about in the comics. Let’s just say he had more than a few drinks in him when I emerged from the shadows, held up the comic and a fine point Bic and asked for his autograph. After he signed it, I pointed out his mistake, revealing his secret identity. He responded “Oops!”, giggled, and quickly added the parenthetical. Then he took flight, right through an Avengers: Endgame billboard, and I thought, “Damn, where’s a CGC witness when you need one?”
  6. Here are better scans. The CGC scans create a phantom shadow at the bottom of the slab. These are from my scannner...
  7. Probably not very many Clark Kent signatures out there.