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  1. I can't help wondering if this film needed 150 million in marketing.
  2. I would LOVE to be on the writing staff.
  3. Picked this one up with a tracking bid..
  4. I was lucky and happened to be at my computer on a slow day at work when this went up for PO and managed to snag the EX.
  5. No kidding. $5700 for a 7.5 with glue on the spine. I won a 7.0 at Heritage last year for $896.
  6. I love that Our Flag cover.
  7. Wow. I've never seen that Captain Battle. GREAT cover. Dibs!
  8. This should sell for a few bucks...
  9. I keep mine in my sock drawer. Seriously.
  10. Big congrats. I'm glad I didn't drive the bidding up on you!
  11. Did you win it? I seriously considered bidding.
  12. Very rare book. Only 6 copies graded, and a fun, dynamic cover.
  13. Here's the original...
  14. That's a keeper, Billy!