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  1. Clearly, I need to sell this book to The Canadian so he can sell it to someone on the boards.
  2. Just one book today, but it’s spectacular. Classic cover. First appearance of The Shade. White pages. Shipping is on me. No returns on certified books. Front cover presents MUCH nicer than the assigned grade.
  3. Cara Dune is up for preorder at Sideshow: Sideshow Cara Dune Premium Format
  4. The seller turned down 750K years ago. I'm sure they're expecting a higher hammer price.
  5. I filter all Heritage auction for CGC. I haven't looked at their raw books in years.
  6. Not a golden Age book, but I was impressed by the Western Penn Brave & the Bold #54 CGC 9.6 selling for $21,600, doubling the hammer price on the Don & Maggie copy three years ago.