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  1. Edgar was alive for 16 months after the collection sold. Chuck reports that the call came in about the collection in mid-January 1977. Edgar passed away in May of 1978. Of course, it’s possible one or both of the kids had power of attorney over Edgar and had every right to sell the books. He was pushing 90 at the time.
  2. And Edgar’s kids, Richard and Doris, have both passed away.
  3. nearmint

    Comic connect winter auction

    I'm really happy with it, but I'm also on the lookout for an upgrade. Would love to find a ped of this issue.
  4. nearmint

    The Amazing Covers of Mac Raboy

    Double posting this because I'm over the moon to finally own a decent copy of one of my favorite covers. Also, this thread deserves to be bumped from time to time...
  5. nearmint

    Comic connect winter auction

    If I can interrupt the Superman #14 discussion for a moment...I snagged myself a funny book! I've never owned a copy of this issue before, but have always loved the cover.
  6. nearmint

    Statue Collections

    We’ll see. This piece doesn’t seem anymore detailed to me than Rebel Terminator.
  7. I'm adding Raboy Masters to the list. Mostly interested in issues 21-40 that present really well.
  8. So we've got Richard and Dale lined up, plus the CC auction. If we can just get Storms to post some stuff, we'll have a quality Thursday mini-con.
  9. Will this be like last year when Dale personally delivered the comics on Christmas Eve, in a Santa suit, down the chimney at 3am? I need to know whether to leave milk and cookies.
  10. I don't think anyone is scoffing at that copy. A blue label Tec 27 is a blue label Tec 27. Congrats.
  11. Badges went on sale yesterday!
  12. I want buy a Christmas present for myself, because, you know, I deserve it. Hoping to find an 8.0 or better that presents really well. Examples of the type of book that I'm looking for are Action war covers, large logo Batmans, Tecs with nice covers, Superman 5, 6, 11-15. Payment will be by Paypal, and I want to keep it less than 10K. Unless you have something crazy awesome, then I might go a bit over. Please PM scans and prices. You can post them here if you like, but I'd prefer PM. Happy Holidays!