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  1. nearmint

    nearmint's Comic Book Spotlight

    Here’s a spotlight on Action Comics #62...
  2. nearmint

    Comic Shops in the Seattle area worth visiting?

    Pristine Comics in Federal Way has serious Golden Age. You may have to ask to see them, though, as when I was there they weren't on display. I was selling the owner some books, and spent 30-40 minutes in his office, where random stacks of key golden age were stacked around the room.
  3. nearmint

    nearmint's Comic Book Spotlight

    Here’s a spotlight on Superman #233...
  4. nearmint

    Statue Collections

    Here's my review of the new Sideshow Daredevil Premium Format...
  5. Sadly, she passed away in 2015...
  6. Here's Beverly in the 1940 census and in her high school yearbook. She was born in 1931 and married in 1957. Her dad was a machinist at a carpet mill.
  7. nearmint

    nearmint's Comic Book Spotlight

    Thanks, Foggy. I should be doing one tonight reviewing the new Sideshow Daredevil Premium Format. I'll post that one in the statue thread.
  8. nearmint

    nearmint's Comic Book Spotlight

    Here’s a new video...
  9. I hope they get things worked out soon. Some folks have reported that at least one of their fully paid orders has disappeared from their account screen. Other's are saying their rewards points have vanished. I'm just waiting for them to charge and ship my Daredevil PF.
  10. nearmint

    nearmint's Comic Book Spotlight

    No. I currently have 8-10, 16, 18, 21, 26, 32.
  11. Hey guys and girls, For a while, I've had a youtube channel. Up to now, it's been predominately statue reviews, many of which I've shared in the statue thread here on the boards. It occurred to me recently that comics are a much bigger part of my life than statues are, so why not produce videos about comics? Last night I recorded the first Comic Book Spotlight. The content will vary between Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and Copper Age. The videos will be short, and will each cover a single book from my collection, sometimes a recent acquisition, other times a book that's been in my collection for years. One of the points of these videos is to discuss topics to a broader audience that might not know the ins and outs of comic collecting, so if you hear me explaining something that feels like common knowledge to veteran collectors, that's the reason why. I thought I'd use this thread to share each video as they're produced. So here's the first Comic Book Spotlight on my Superman #16, purchased last week on Comiclink. I hope you enjoy it...
  12. nearmint

    National Comics collecting thread

    Just one for me...
  13. nearmint

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Just picked this up...
  14. nearmint

    Golden Age CGC, Mask 2, more GA

    I'm gonna text him for movie times.