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  1. I remember buying X-Men #101 off the spinner rack. Man, I'm old.
  2. I think everyone recognized that an entire JL team of mopey, damaged heroes would not have been received well.
  3. Statue Collections

    I love mine, too.
  4. It's natural for the hobby to evolve. Simply classifying books as universal or restored isn't precise enough anymore. We risk further damage to books if we discourage collectors from conserving them because they'll end up in a PLOD. The conserved label solves that problem.
  5. In the old days (pre-CGC), it probably wouldn't have been disclosed at all. Who benefits? I suppose anyone who owns books with cleaned covers and CGC. But is that even the right question to ask? Criteria should be established regardless of who benefits. If a cleaned cover can help conserve a book by removing mold, etc, then why shouldn't that process fall under the conserved label?
  6. Same rules for everyone, of course.
  7. The difference shouldn't be blue versus purple. It should be conserved versus universal or restored. A visceral reaction to a particular color has hurt the hammer price of conserved books for too long. Information is important, color is not.
  8. I don't see anything unseemly about this. The work done is still clearly noted on the label. As soon as the conserved label was released, it was inevitable that some former PLODS would be resubbed for the new conserved label. Plus, the seller is so dreamy.
  9. 158 million worldwide, so far. So if the film had done much better, would we have seen a sequel with the human/replicant war?
  10. I’ve definitely rewatched ET, Star Trek II, and Rocky III.
  11. Saw it last night. It's good, but not great. Kind of a thin story, really. Some fun scenes in the National offices, with Marston pitching Wonder Woman, and then later interacting with co-workers. I don't know that it will be an Oscar darling. The one standout was Rebecca Hall as his wife, Elizabeth.
  12. Trying to decide whether to see this tonight, or The Foreigner.
  13. Great episode tonight. Really enjoyed it.
  14. Actually, I have to correct myself. It was a blue label "NG" that sold at Heritage for $837. For some reason, GPA lists it as a 0.5 copy.