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  1. I filter all Heritage auction for CGC. I haven't looked at their raw books in years.
  2. Not a golden Age book, but I was impressed by the Western Penn Brave & the Bold #54 CGC 9.6 selling for $21,600, doubling the hammer price on the Don & Maggie copy three years ago.
  3. Just one classic book today. Shipping is on me. No returns on certified books. In July, Heritage sold the Rockford 8.0 with cream to off-white pages for $4800. $4000 for this off-white to white page beauty...
  4. Wow, only 3 pages. I thought I’d find a 50 page thread. From what I’m hearing, this is way worse than it seems most of you are imagining. What happened at DC yesterday will happen at Marvel in the next few months. Monthlies are done. This video breaks it all down...
  5. My Facebook group, Secret Sanctuary, covers both comics of all eras and statues from Sideshow, XM Studios, Prime 1, and more. At the moment, the content is tilted towards statues, but I’d like to bring in more comic book collectors. Please join and post pics of latest acquisitions, pics of your collection man-cave, let us know what’s on your wantlist or pull list. Literally anything related to comics, statues, movies, TV, or pop culture of any kind. Please join and post with mad abandon! Here’s a link: Secret Sanctuary
  6. Last on this. 23, 24, and 26 still available.
  7. No, I didn’t. Not sure why they did that.